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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Election 1978 - 75% Voter Turnout?

Ukiah Daily Journal 
Ukiah, Mendocino County, California - Tuesday, June 6, 1978 - 32 Pages - 2 Sections 15 Cents
How Now Brown Candidate?

Assuming the large voter turnout indicates Prop. 13 will be approved overwhelmingly, we then must assume the elected officials will consider it a bonafide mandate. 

At least those officials who sincerely crave re-election, that is. 

Gov. Brown, who started with "there'll be no taxpayer revolt," ended his unsuccessful anti-Prop. 13 campaign with "we'll learn to live with it." 

At a dinner party Sunday evening, a friend offered "give Gov. Brown two weeks and he'll have us convinced he authored Prop. 13." 

Hopefully, Prop. 13 will accomplish what should have been standard procedure, in public budget-making circles for years. 

Each year our cities, counties and state governments should be required to start at ground zero and prepare sensible budgets. 

Each line item should have to be justified by the department head responsible. 

Do we really need all the services now being offered? Is it possible to economize our governments? Just because we have $6,000 left over in a school budget, do we really need that extra audio visual center? No one uses it, but the money had to be spent. 

Successful businesses go through the ordeal of preparing detailed budgets each year. They do not just slap 10 percent on last year's figures and hope things will somehow work out. 

The nation is keying on today's Prop. 13 vote. It probably will sweep from coast to coast. 

And isn't it better to have a ballot box revolution rather than what will follow if this monstrous bureaucracy isn't curbed?

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