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Monday, October 04, 2010

Fascism In The Netherlands - Muslim Show Of Strength In Paris

On Trial for Criticizing Islam - Speak Up - Get Locked Up

Paris becoming increasingly Islamic


A.C. said...

Dear RH,
first let me say I'm european and live in Europe. Second, I would be branded a Democrat in the US. I stumbled upon your site as I love all things retro, and couldn't resist checking your blog. I don't always agree with your posts, but some of them are downright common sense.
so, I will tell you a story.
It was in all the news today.
In Modena, Italy, a 19 years old Pakistani girl, opposed her dad's wish to enter an arranged marriage. Her mom stood by her, as all moms would do. So the girls dad, flanked by his older son, chased them in the garden, grabbed a stone and punched his wife to death. Meanwhile, the son took an iron slugger and punched his sister unconscious. She's alive because some neighbor called the police.
Meanwhile, in my Country,we're being attacked by the media because some representatives are trying to pass a bill stating that immigrants should be thrown out of the country when convicted of a crime.
this monster in Italy will likely be sentenced to ten years, then given parole after a few. These are the lessons of tolerance we are giving to our children.
Once again, I'm a Democrat: free healthcare? Public schooling? tax raises for the richer? heck, yeah! butI'm ashamed taxpayers money will be used to lodge and feed these two monsters. The sacrifices I make should be serving the honest, the hardworking, the ill or disabled.
US citizens: don't make our mistakes, and support our resurrection from the mistakes we made in the past!
God bless,

Retro Housewife said...

I hate hearing stories like that, it is just so unfair. This is happening here now too.

BTW, I used to be a Democrat, until I realized they are spending us into the poor house. We will be lucky if we have enough to eat at the rate they are going.

If you want social programs, you have to be responsible with the money you are spending, because it IS somebody else's money.

We hate our media here because they are no longer news agencies, they have an agenda of their own... as you have just experienced with the way this is being reported.

The question is WHY? WHO is behind this?


Anonymous said...

I Dare you to publish this.....

You say "BTW, I used to be a Democrat, until I realized they are spending us into the poor house."

But who's administration actually got us into this mess? Our budget was fine when Clinton was in office then it mysteriously went in the dumper over the 8 years that followed. Remember?

Retro Housewife said...

Dear Anonymous,

There is no need to dare me, I publish everything which isn't spam.

I did not vote for Bush, and did not want to start a war with Iraq. You are right, Bush didn't mind the purse strings very well. If you didn't notice, people were not so happy with Bush, and are not happy with the spineless republicans either.

Which is why I joined the Tea Party. Somebody has to stop the spending and incessant regulation and big brother control of citizens and full freedom for people not supposed to be here.

If you really care about the poor and middle class, then your only priority right now must be fixing the economy, deficits, borders - enforcement not amnesty.

Rich people can fend for themselves, have options in hard times, the rest will be ruined. I don't care what you call it, but I know what needs to be done and that ain't inflating ourselves out of our debt.

That means everybody who has worked and saved will watch that evaporate into thin air. The super rich are all buying metals like crazy, because they know what Quantitative Easing means.

If you think I care about political affiliation, you are mistaken. I am simply trying to promote whoever has the right answer.

I would much rather be bopping around Europe by train than sitting here reading the finer points of every bloody piece of regulation or trying to figure out what to stock up on before things crash, but I can't because I do not trust the ones in power. Actually, We should NEVER trust the ones in power because power really does corrupt.

So, quit arguing semantics or trying to place the blame. We have a Tsunami coming towards us and arguing about who caused it just wastes precious time.