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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Housecleaning Item: Bill Ayers And Bernardine Dohrn - Justice For All

Bernadine Dohrn has a message for you:

There is a little matter of a pipe bomb murder in San Francisco...she says now "it is preposterous" - perhaps she forgot about telling people to "guard their children" around the same time, and the whole pipe-bomb slipped her mind as well. Maybe the students she teaches at  the Leftist Terrorist Employment Center aka Northwestern University can get her to do a lecture on building pipe-bombs.

Weather Underground terrorist group co-founder Bernardine Dohrn responded to allegations her husband, co-founder William Ayers, recalled her placing a pipe bomb outside a San Francisco Police Department building Feb. 16, 1970.
The shrapnel from the bomb's explosion killed Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell. Another officer, Robert Fogarty, was wounded in the face and legs and was left partially blind.

Unpunished Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn
“Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” Bernardine Dohrn On The Manson Family Murder of Sharon Tate, Clinical Associate Professor of Law Director, Children and Family Justice Center
November 8th, 1970 - Picture of This Professor at Northwestern University - Formerly on the FBI's Top 10 most wanted list.

Unpunished Terrorist Bill Ayers
 All told, Ayers and Weatherman were responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the U.S.  "I don't regret setting bombs," said Ayers in 2001, "I feel we didn't do enough." Bill Ayers, Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago 

It is testimony to the sick, sad, sorry state of this country's higher education system that these two vermin have been given positions in academia. They both deserve the same fate as Timothy McVeigh, who distinguishes himself from these two only in that he (McVeigh) was competent.

It is unconscionable that these two violent terrorists, and traitors to their country escape justice. It is up to GenX to make sure that justice is served.


Timothy McVeigh: Motive: Retaliation for the Waco Siege, Ruby Ridge, other government raids, the Turner Diaries, as well as general U.S. foreign policy Crimes: Use of a weapon of mass destruction, Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, Destruction with the use of explosives, 8 counts of first-degree murder, Penalty: Death by lethal injection.

Bill Ayers: Motive: Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents. Crimes: In his 2001 book Fugitive Days, Ayers recounts his life as a Sixties radical and boasts that he “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.” Penalty: Faculty member at UIC.

Would be Mass Murderer Cathy Wilkerson - Incompetence (hers) saved the victims from their date with her pipe bomb. She and some of her terrorist friends were making pipe bombs in the basement of one of daddy's Greenwich Village flats. Although 2 of her little buddies were blown to smithereens, and they intended on killing many more people, she spent a total of 11 months in jail. Isn't that special? 
Cathy Wilkerson: "On the morning of March 6, 1970, there was an explosion in the sub-basement of a townhouse owned by Wilkerson’s father, located at 18 West 11th Street in Greenwich Village. The blast killed three people, but Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin were helped from the rubble and they immediately went underground.. The townhouse was being used by the Weather Underground to make bombs, in particular a nail bomb that was to be used against soldiers and their dates at a non-commissioned officer's dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey that night."  Source  Comment by RH: Ms. Wilkerson ultimately spent a whole 11 months in jail for "dynamite possession" - what I would like to know, is why she was not charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and is there a statute of limitations on this, and can we still get her on this charge? This monster was going to blow up soldiers and their dates - and now she is an "educator" in the New York public school system. Are they out of their bloody minds?

This mega twit, who has never actually done anything in life other than visit communists, blow up a few of her friends and bitch and complain, is now spreading her incompetence unabated. Is it a wonder that this country is such a mess?

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