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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Was Here - And Heard Reverend Wayne Perryman Give This Speech

Just a little reminder that skin color should not be what unites or divides us. I would much, much rather hang out with Reverend Wayne Perryman than the obnoxious white lady you hear in the background heckling continuously, trying to drown out the Reverend as he speaks. (She later started screaming "Black Nazi".)

A union bussed these people in from Los Angeles solely for the purpose of this disruption, (which continued, unabated for at least 4 or 5 hours). I could tell, because all of a sudden it was quitting time, and the protesters marched off and were gone. The only other time I have seen that  type of behavior was at the Denver Airport, where I and my daughter ended up spending two nights trying to go from the West Coast to the East Coast flying with United Airlines.

On both evenings, promptly at 10:00, every single United Airlines employee would disappear, leaving a line of at least 150 - 200 stranded travelers to fend for themselves. Our trip was not supposed to take 2 days, that is how long it takes with United Airlines, because of the union. Needless to say, I will never, ever fly on United Airlines again, and I will also oppose unions every chance I get, because their behavior is so over the top rude, counterproductive and inhuman, I have come to regard them as a force of evil.

But Reverend Perryman is an excellent speaker and presents a view of the state of things that you will never hear in the Messed Up Media.

And if you don't think our Media is Messed Up, you are not paying attention.

It took me awhile to first see, then believe, then get angry... but as much as I did not want it to be true, it is.


PS Don't fall for the race baiting. Remember, we share the same destiny. By we I mean Americans.

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