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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Governor Jerry Brown - 1978 California (Government) Ueber Alles

Governor Brown said if voters approve Proposition 13 he will cut government services and lay off employees rather than raise other taxes.

Brown told a group of fire chiefs last week, "I ran on a pledge not to raise state taxes and I'm not going to do it." From the first statement it is obvious that Brown believes he is a dictator and not answerable to the people who voted for him and pay his wages.

The second statement, as you should know, is a pledge he has already broken. When he assumed office the budget was $10 billion. This year it is $18 billion, an increase of 80 percent in just four years.

Co-incidently, while he was making his threats to the fire chiefs, the Los Angles Fire Fighters Association was directed by their union to oppose Proposition 13, but instead voted by a margin of 2-1 to favor Proposition 13. They said they had been threatened with the closing of 36 fire stations and other things.

Brown's cavalier attitude is reflected in that of the legislature and the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.

The legislature has passed a bill, signed by Brown, that eliminates the business oppresive inventory tax - but written into the law is the stipulation that it will self-destruct if Proposition 13 passes. It has been admitted by many members of the legislature that this is blackmail - designed to prod the business sector into opposing Proposition 13.

And we thought they had sunk as low as they could get before but this is a new low.

But why would our Board of Supervisors, our legislature and our governor use the peoples' money to try to defeat the peoples' bill?

There must be something threatening their livelihood in the effects of Proposition 13 that caused them to completely destroy their integrity and chance of re-election by their actions.

It could only be one thing. A politicians proliferation of government and its insidious destruction of government is for one purpose - to perpetrate himself in office.

And, how better to do this than to make more people beholden by hiring them, putting them on welfare, state paid abortions and the like, and opening the taxpayers purse strings to any and all dogooder's suggestions.

This has alienated government from the people with the result that we are now adversaries. Young Brown's bitter threatening statements, the members of the legislature, the members of the school administration, the members of the boards of supervisors and others that are predicting the end of the world if Proposition 13 passes are really telling us they are not capable of administering our business within our ability to pay.

You see, they have never had to administer within a budget and therefore do not know how. Heretofore, they have set their own budgets then set the tax rates to conform to those budgets and without any taxpayers restraints they have steadily increased the number of government jobs which require more tax monies with the benefits there from largely accruing to them in the form of job insurance.

To apprise you of now many votes our politicians bought with our tax money in 1977, Brown's Unemployment Development Department reported state and local government hired 58,900 new employees in 1977. That can be multiplied by the number of voters in each family which would result in that many votes from their benefactors.

That's why those in office stay in office. The fact that they are bankrupting the country is secondary - - their main concern is to secure their own employment and generous pensions. It might well be that without those pensions they voted themselves the politicians wouldn't be so handy with spending the public's money because even they can see downstream to the oppressive taxes they would have to pay when they are a part of the private sector.

Police Magazine reports, "the accumulated pension debt for all federal, state and local jurisdictions taken together is said to exceed $5 trillion - an amount equal to the federal budget for the next 20 years at it's current level." (It also equals the entire worth of everything in the country.) California taxpayers are $24 billion in debt for pensions promised teachers, policemen and other public employees. Reportedly, Governor Brown will receive $47,000 per year pension when he retires this year for only four years in office.

According to the U.S. Ceasus Bureau, California, with 10 percent of the country's population and a third in size, provided 15.68 percent of all property taxes paid in the United States in the 1975-76 fiscal year. Of the $57 billion paid in that fiscal year, $8.9 billion was paid by Californians.

Saying it another way, schools, cities, counties, and special district, together in California, collected an average of $415.23 from every citizen in the 1975-76 period. In the other 49 states the average was $248.87 per capita. Californians have achieved the dubious honor of being nearly 67 percent above the rest of the people in this country that pay property taxes.

These figures were supplied on the 1975-76 fiscal year and are nearly two years old, so we can assume it has gotten worse.

Proposition 13 is more than a mere attempt to seek property tax relief - it is in fact an effort by the citizens to regain control of their destiny by reminding those on the public payroll that they are servants, not the masters of the people.

If passed, Proposition 13 may require public employees to live within the constraints of the peoples' ability to pay. It also has been envisioned as leading to a national initiative in its image.

It has long been my belief that when we pay more than half our earnings in taxes that we will have a change of kind of government.

Recently, Gerald Ford said that if taxes continue to rise at their present rate our form of government will change by year 2,000. The country and the world's attention will be focused on California June 6 and what we do here. We can prove to them that our form of government, although somewhat indisposed, will survive and immerge with a new strength. Source: INTER MOUNTAIN NEWS MAY 25, 1978 - Burney, California

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