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Friday, October 22, 2010

LA Times Continues To Ignore Black Church Set Afire By Illegal Alien

Follow-Up: June 7, 2011Feds Accuse Gang Of Targeting Blacks In Calif City - A Latino gang conspired to rid a Southern California city of its black residents through intimidation, threats and violence dating back to the early 1990s to exert its influence and show its loyalty to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, according to a federal racketeering indictment unsealed Tuesday.  (You don't say!)

When I started hearing talk of "racial cleansing" taking place in Los Angeles, I found it hard to believe. Conventional wisdom says that all "people of color" are created equal in they eyes of the propaganda rags such as the LA Times. So when I got an email from my friend Ted Hayes, lamenting that the Messed Up Media was ignoring the August arson attack, I figured he must be exaggerating.

So I started doing various searches on Google and the LA Times looking for anything on Church of Greater Works, Pastor Edwards, arson, Ricardo Aguilar Martinez the illegal alien who set fire to the church while around 40 people were inside.

That's right, 40 people inside. I can't find a peep about it in the LA Times. Why is that? Because this was a HATE CRIME committed by an illegal alien against blacks in Los Angeles, and this is not an isolated incident. Now that I have my eyes and ears open, I have heard blacks talking about being pushed out of LA, crimes against blacks committed by illegal aliens being ignored by the authorities and the press (I met two ladies in Arizona who were working to get Jamiel's Law on the ballot again, who told a heartbreaking story of their fight to get justice for this boy gunned down a block from his house by an illegal alien.)

So, LA Times, care to comment on why you have completely ignored this story? Could it be that it reveals a little too much about the Conquistadores, and how they usurped blacks' civil rights legacy for their own benefit?

Your staff seems very concerned about Islamophobia in far away corners of the country, but not at all about the racial cleansing occurring in your own back yard. Why is that?

Mexican/American War Not Over - On (Sir, perhaps articles like these have something to do with Homeland Security paying you a visit...if that is true)
Illegal Aliens Canvasing for votes in Washington - Votes for Democrats that is - because Democrats represent non-citizens in our government?
Juan Williams Is Fired From NPR - There's a budget cut that's a no-brainer! NPR Funding Buh Bye - Mr Williams, Bill O'Reilly is right - we do like you.
I have emailed Barbara Boxer on more than one occasion, asking her how she can ignore this type of rhetoric and subversive action occurring in California. She has never bothered to answer. Instead, she persists in voting for every grab attempt and giveaway for illegal aliens and the furtherance of the Reconquista movement. There is an active movement to "take back the nation of Aztlan" led by some of the worst racists I have ever heard, who make no attempt to hide their hatred of whites and blacks and Jews and... Is it because they also have this extreme leftist agenda that she continues to allow the flood of Aztlan supporters into our country? I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me. I have a hard time believing that anybody can hate this country so much that they betray the people who elect them to this extent, but her voting record says otherwise.

The members of the Baca family are not the only politicians in office who are sympathetic to this movement. As one of the Baca's says in the video, the future of Aztlan will be decided by the children of the invading army of supporters of Aztlan, "depending on how they are treated". Since I can only assume that the expectations of how they wish to be treated will be similar to what they are now, does this mean Spanish is to become the dominant language, and special rights and privileges are to be granted to "the rightful owners" of my homeland?

I have watched as more and more Mexicans cross the border and settle in California. 20 years ago it was a different story; there was more of a willingness to become American, and I knew plenty of Gonzales's and Rojas's who were just as Americanized as the Stevenson's, Smiths and Reilly's. This has now changed. Yet have you heard one of our "representatives" in government address this issue of Aztlan? I certainly can't seem to get an answer out of them, and now the blacks are being pushed out of Los Angeles.

Their fate will soon be mine, and yours. We share the same destiny.


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