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Friday, October 22, 2010

League of Women Voters An Embarrassment To Women - Change Your Name!

Dear League Of Women Voters,

I would like to request that your organization refrain from using the all encompassing, unmodified "women" in your name, as it is intentionally misleading and carries with it the implication that your organization represents the views of the entire female gender.

I can assure you it does not. Furthermore, given your hostility towards this great country of ours, it is clear that your organisation represents only the views of a disgruntled minority of the extreme left who seek to debase and eventually obliterate every last vestige of patriotic display, while ridiculing the very things that most American women hold dear.

I call on you to adopt a new name for your organisation that more properly reflects your membership, and which will not cause the rest of us to cringe in shame.


How about, "League Of Bitchy Women" ?


❥ said...

Amen Sister!!❥❥

Pickhradt said...

Sorry honey, but most women these days have discovered the wonders of free thinking - I bet if things were your way, women wouldn't even be able to vote.