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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out Walking For...

Today I dragged my sister out and the two of us joined two other ladies I met at Tea and we walked for candidates who have common sense and thus far seem to be immune to the mass suicide bug which has plagued our current set of politicians.

We quickly learned the spiel, today we were walking for Tom Watson who is running against "I live in Montecito and my world is just spiffydoodle" Lois Capps for the privilege of representing the citizens of California's 23rd Congressional District aka the Ribbon Of Shame. Our script went something like this.

"Hello, we are walking for Tom Watson who is running for congress. Tom is a fiscal conservative and believes Congress is broken." 
Then we hand them a brochure which compares Tom Watson to Lois Capps on the key issues and ask them to read it before they vote... then we say: 
"We would like to have your vote on November 2nd."

Mostly a pretty uneventful afternoon, I must say. One lady answered the door and listened up to the part about fiscal conservative then emphatically proclaimed that she is "Not A Fiscal Conservative". My sister and I spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out why anyone would say such a thing...

Her two early-teens were standing at the door (most likely staring at my purple hair and wondering what kind of wacko was trying to talk to her mother about the need to maintain prudent finances) and all I could think of was,

"Just how can you justify that to your kids standing next to you?"

I mean, political ideology aside, these debts we are racking up will have to be paid back. That's just how it works. I really wonder if that mother understands that she basically just said,

"my two children standing here will start working in 10 years or so, they will be happy to pay back whatever I spend..."


PS... For the record, my kids are going to complain bitterly about being burdened by mountains of debt...


Jennifer said...

You showed great restraint. I fear I would have strangled front of her children.

Jennifer said...

Sorry...guess I didn't figure out the "moderated" process and reposted my comment multiple times (oops).