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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sick, Cruel Joke Of The Billionaire Boys

I would like to request that Bill Gates, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Al Gore, George Soros and any other self-proclaimed billionaire do-gooder contribute $100,000,000 each of their own money to a trust fund which can be used to support those people who lose their jobs as a result of AB-32, California's Global Warming Final Solutions Act.

If nobody loses their job due to AB-32, then every last penny of your money will be returned to you. This is only fair, since you are funding and publicly supporting the NO On 23 campaign. I ask that you agree to this before people vote on November 2nd.

You should have no problem doing this, because as you say, AB-32 is not a job killer. I will feel much better because there will be help available to those who need it, in the (unlikely) event that you are wrong. This will give the public all the more confidence in proceeding with the very worthy goal of saving our environment.

I look forward to reading your expeditiously issued press releases affirming that such a trust fund has been set up.

Thank you for your speedy attention to this matter.

Yours in green,


Note: I have emailed Bill Gates, Al Gore, and James Cameron (via the LA Times comment section on a story about the 2 Avatar sequels) Arnold Schwarzenegger via Govenor's office, Robert Redford via The Sundance Institute and George Soros via his website. I am sure we will be hearing from them all shortly.

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