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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smart Green Thoughts

Smart Green Thoughts
By The Retro Housewife

It occurs to me as I sit here at my desk pouring through these fascinating regulatory documents on my own time, sadly neglected and forgotten by seemingly every dirty Big Oil Company on the planet (Big Housewife not yet having established itself in the vernacular of the rabid progressive movement) that there is another thing that is really bad for the environment.
is bad for the environment.
Think about it.
WAR is messy, stuff gets spilled. Bad Stuff. Good Stuff, even Sticky Stuff. 
What is one thing you need after a war? Soap. Lots of Soap. Strong stinky soap.
All the things the Air Resources Board wants to have less of.
The first thing we should do to save the environment in California is not have a war.

This would also set a good example for the rest of the world who will then say:
"Look at California over there not having a war and protecting the environment."

I heard a quote on the radio awhile back.

It went something like this:

A society is three meals away from a revolution. 
(Like, missed meals)

Unemployment +

Like, Do You See What I Am Saying?


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