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Monday, November 01, 2010

Barbara Boxer Sucks

I am in a real pisser of a mood. It hasn't been a good day and I feel like taking it out on someone. Then I see this pathetic ad for Barbara Boxer and I turned into a big, evil grin. All of me. Like the Cheshire Cat.

I suggest that you skip this one.

  1. Boxer harping on Fiorina's outsourcing of jobs. When Carly Fiorina was CEO of HP she was obligated to act in the best interest of the HP shareholders. Many companies outsource part or all of their operations in an attempt to cut costs and remain competitive, not an easy feat in the low margin computer industry. One can argue that by outsourcing a portion of HP's production, she saved many jobs because HP is still in business and seems to be doing pretty well. But that is not the point because it wasn't Carly Fiorina's job to keep jobs in the US. It was to make a profit. It may seem like a strange concept to take one's obligations seriously and honor them by taking steps towards fulfilling said obligations, but there is really no dishonor in that. It can further be argued her ability and willingness to make decisions for the good of the company is a sign of character, showing that she can be trusted to stay on task regardless of whether it hurts her chances at taking the Miss Congeniality crown in the next popularity contest.

    In contrast, we have Ms. Boxer, who is elected to be a representative of the citizens of California to the Federal government, yet spends most of her energies granting benefits and special favors to a large population of people who are not even supposed to be in this country. Carly Fiorina may have outsourced jobs, but Barbara Boxer in-sources cheap labor to fill those positions which cannot be outsourced.

    The important distinction here is that Barbara Boxer has taken an oath to uphold the laws of this country and it is absolutely, 100% her job to protect jobs for American citizens, and put the interests of American citizens above other interests, and that she as a matter of course fails to do this is arguably grounds for a charge of treason, rather than something to criticize others about.
  2. Boxer Saying Fiorina Will Cut Social Security Payments - Yet another positive for Carly Fiorina. Social Security is already technically insolvent and if there is a snowball's chance in Hell of saving it, cuts will have to be made - even if contributions are increased.  Either Boxer is lying by implying that she would not make cuts to Social Security, or she is so mind numbingly stupid I can't imagine how she makes it out her front door in the morning. 
So now I am bored, and I have to be honest, I absolutely detest Barbara Boxer. Mostly because I have always voted for her and just assumed she was taking her responsibilities as my representative seriously instead of pursuing her own grandiose idea of what the world should look like. Instead she is apparently trying to do away with the United States so she can become queen of the world. I do not appreciate that at all - and as far as I can tell, pursuing a globalist agenda isn't in her job description, and applauding a foreign head of state at the expense of besieged American citizens is truly grounds for a charge of treason.

In short, Barbara Boxer sucks.


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