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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

California Gives Blank Check To State Government + Thinks It's Green

So you think California's problems are going to be solved by giving a blank check and unlimited power to the state government and an unelected group of people calling themselves the Air Resources Board? How does that work? Does anybody out there understand that it is impossible for everybody to work for the government?

Here is what this election means for me: Get my little, home based business out of California before they have a chance to destroy it like they have tried to do now twice in the last 2 years. The only thing that saved my business is Schwarzenegger's veto.

I know, who cares, right? I employ only me and don't make tons of money, but it enabled me to pay college tuition for my daughter, helped pay our property taxes and I send a check each year to the State Of Kalifornia in the form of income taxes. The state legislature thinks they can catch bigger fish, like Amazon, in their tax net, so to Hell with all the little guppies.

I will be looking into the issue of whether I can legally domicile my business in another state and live in California, or would I have to move.

Here's the funny part: if we decide to pack up and leave, we will sell our houses. The new owners will pay property taxes on the new market values which are easily 30% less than what we are paying now. Hardy, Har, Har. We will lose our shirts, of course, but can we survive on one income? Dunno.

I can find another job, as members of my own family have told me, as they proceeded to vote for Moonbeam. Yes, another job - a green job. The problem with this is that those green jobs exist only in the LSD addled minds of the bunch of hippie acid freaks who are running this state and are currently mistaking a flashback for a good public policy idea. Real jobs don't come in different colors.

God I hate Hippie Acid Freak Politicians.


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