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Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Good Hippie Boomer Draft Dodgers Still Sticking It To Vietnam Vets

The city of Los Angeles, as you may know, declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and allows them free reign of the city. According to one LA city council member, Los Angeles doles out roughly $1 billion per year to citizens of other countries who are unlawfully present in the USA (and their anchor babies). Meanwhile, there are roughly 20,000 homeless Vietnam Veterans "living" on the streets.

These men are the ones who, when called to duty by our country to fight the cancerous spread of communism throughout Asia, not only answered the call, they showed up for duty. The shirkers of duty like to portray themselves as the heroes, claiming the moral high ground and yapping about unjust this and that, but let's face it - they took the easy way out. There is nothing noble about the self-absorbed - and how much character do you need to attend protests with all of your hippie friends, take drugs and have sex with anything that moves. They also smelled really bad.

In 1888 or abouts, a big piece of prime real-estate in Los Angeles was donated to America's veterans. Since then, it appears that greedy freeloaders have been doing everything in their power to use the land for their own purposes, instead of respecting the actual purpose of the gift, which was to provide those men and now women who fought for our country, with a sanctuary - a place to heal the wounds that were inflicted upon them in our name. Regardless of what you may think of the Vietnam war and our reasons for fighting it, you should never forget that some men did their duty, and some ran off to Canada or played protester in the park until their buzz wore off. A few even set off bombs in the United States and spewed putrid, nonsensical sewage from their well-fed pie holes and called it ideology. (Those types were rewarded with prestigious positions at acclaimed universities by their contemporaries, the cowardly shirkers of duty. Strangely enough, these shirkers are also the same bunch who are currently speeding us to economic ruin with their increasingly frantic attempts to create something out of nothing and the very same ones who continue to stubbornly cling to the belief that functioning economies can be pulled out of their rear ends.)

But I digress.

For once in your self-absorbed, self-centered lives, hippie boomers, do the right thing. Give the veterans back their land in Los Angeles, and focus your squawking on raising money to provide them with a place of refuge. If you still haven't been able to face up to the reality that those vets are the heroes, not you, former smelly hippie acid freak, then think about your children - and how you have created a society for them in which to live, where those that give of themselves are relegated to the gutters while the grand duty shirkers navigate their shiny SUVs around the pot-holes on the crumbling streets.

Your parents handed you the keys to the kingdom and you trashed the place. Perhaps because you never seemed to be able to grasp that the kingdom didn't appear by magic, nor did your parents pull it out of their rear-ends. The kingdom was built with blood, sweat and plenty of tears. That is what made them, your parents, seem stuffy, straight-laced and a tad intolerant - hard work and sacrifice can have that effect on you.

You hippies are getting old now, you do not have much time left to make things right, so you had better get cracking.

Chop, Chop,



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