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Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA = Total State Abuse

I am dreading my flight to New York next month. This horrendous abuse of power in the name of safety has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with humiliating the general public into submission. They want you subdued and compliant.

I am listening to the radio right now, hearing story after story about people being sexually assaulted at the airport, women being reduced to tears after being violated in the most disgusting ways. A flight attendant and breast cancer survivor is forced to remove her prosthetic breast. One woman reports her TSA assailant stuck her hand down into her underwear and then patted her genitals with the other hand. Either we put a quick stop to this or you can expect the full body cavity exam to be next.

This is the beginning of your lesson in why our founding fathers worried about abuse of power and excessive power concentrated in one place (such as the federal government), and sought to build safeguards into the system - checks and balances. This is why the powers of the federal government are restricted to those specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Our founding fathers were no idiots. They knew about Barack Obama et al long before B.O. ever existed. Our Constitution is not outdated, and never will be. Not until greed and hunger for power is no longer part of the human condition.

Here is what I want in airport security: Forget The 'Porn Machines' How Israelis Secure Airports. Nobody has brought down an El Al plane from the inside. I want what the Israelis have. The government there cares about its citizens and is serious about safety. They are the best in the world. Since we are now exposing ourselves to be nothing more than a barrel of monkeys, let's play a little "Monkey See Monkey Do" while we're looking at Israeli security measures.


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