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Monday, December 06, 2010

Darn, We Were Cool...

It's My Car - I'm Going To Do The Driving Driving
Actually, This was my best friend's mother's groovin' station-wagon that she got to drive until she got her own car. We did a lot in this car, ran out of gas a few times - then we would stick our hands down between the seats and look for change to buy more gas. I got pretty good at putting 35 cents or so worth of gas in the car.

My fondest memory of this car is seeing it blast out of the fog in the mornings at 70 mph or so, slow to a rolling stop, my cue to jump in the front seat - and then high-tailing it off to school. We were always late, but we didn't really care much - life was fun with a big green station-wagon with wood paneling on the side.


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