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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Insidious Agenda - National Geographic's Pathetic Plucking Of Heart Strings

I just watched the first installment of "Border Wars" by National Geographic. Most of the first segment was only slightly sympathetic to the illegal alien - until the the last few minutes, which were obviously meant to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. Barf alert.

One of the favorite ploys of the Mexican Mafia is to sing the sad song of separated families. Oh Boo Hoo, they wail, the children, think of the children... (oops that's Teachers' Union)

Try it again...Oh Boo Hoo, the poor families, torn apart by the meanies in the US Government! (snivel, snivel).

Of course, that is utter nonsense, the US Government does not tear apart families. The families tear themselves apart with their absolute refusal to obey the law. Not to mention the obvious fact that the illegal alien parents are still the parents of their children, regardless of where the children are born. The US Government does not hold US citizen children hostage in the US.

I had both my kids here in the US, then I moved to Germany for 5 years. I took my children with me. See?

The US born children of illegals are not going to be fed to wolves, they will live in Mexico until they are 18, then they have the option of moving up to the US, and most likely petitioning for their parents to come too. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Maybe not the instant gratification solution they were hoping for, but nothing to cry about. You do realize that Mexico is an actual country with roads and stuff? Many people live there by choice and are quite happy. They have a poverty problem to be sure, and maybe National Geographic should spend a few seconds pulling the Mexican Elite's heart strings about how corruption and systemic racism keep people poor, boo hoo.

Instead, National Geographic shows a family sitting on either side of the border fence, passing greasy chicken back and forth through the little holes - while they lecture us in authoritarian tones about the need for immigration reform. It is the boy's 15th birthday, boo hoo, and he wanted to spend it with his Mexican mother, boo hoo.

These cretins actually want you to believe that this is the only way this is possible. So what is stopping this kid from going to Mexico for his birthday? Nothing. As a US citizen, he will have no trouble coming back, either.

The real question is, what did you do to make National Geographic think you are such a complete and total brain-dead moron that they can play you for such a fool, and the even way more realer question is, why is National Geographic pushing the Mexican Mafia agenda?

Lots of work to be done. Many weeds to be pulled, many, many.


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