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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Lady Is A Tramp

I just got back from the dentist - not my favorite place to go, despite having the nicest dentist on the planet. I have to go back on Monday, which is usually the case it seems. It is not all bad, because I get to read the gossip magazines and catch up on what has certainly been occupying the hearts and minds of a significant percentage of the population.

I have a few belated comments on items I read in the October 2010 issue of People magazine (I intended to read the November or December issue, but stupidly left it sitting on the table where it was picked up by another patient. I thought tackling her and grabbing the thing out of her hands would be inappropriate.)

First Comment: Christina Aguilera looks good both as a blond and in the gorgeous Versace gown she wore to some shindig. I am also grateful to her that I have no idea what her views are on global warming, gay marriage, mosque building or American foreign policy in the Middle East. Please keep it that way, dear - I like your music.

Second Comment:  Lady Ga Ga should change her name to Lady Gargoyle, as her picture in People magazine was truly horrifying - enough to cause heathens to repent, lest they are forced to join her in the 7th circle of fashion hell. Why this woman chooses to parade around looking like a two-bit hooker is beyond me, but that is how the paparazzi encountered her and documented for the world to see. Most people caught out in public in that get-up would have the sense to dive behind the next garbage can or parked car, some might even prefer a confrontation with a moving vehicle, but Lady Gargoyle appears to have posed for the picture.

I think the gutter-slut look is officially passé; it isn't even rebellious or shocking anymore. Like the originators of this mode of attire, it is tired, worn out and reeks of desperation.

The world can also do without being lectured by Ms. Gargoyle on any topic beyond whether or not we feel like partying tonight.


1 comment:

Pickhradt said...

Screw off lady. Agulara can't have a damn opion on something just because it disagrees with your dumbass-republican agenda?
Lady Gaga is a bad person because she is unattractive? That's unbelievably and disgustingly superficial.