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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas + Hope You're Well Rested - There's Work To Be Done

Good explanation of unintended consequences of the nimrods of government getting involved in anything.

We were out to dinner with friends of the family (same family from the New York Trip) - and we got to talking about airport security or something, and Mom 2 says to me -

"Nobody thinks about the 4th plane anymore - we have got to remember the 4th plane!"

and I say, confused, "What do you mean?"

and she says:

"That's the only 9/11 plane that didn't get to attack its target - and it wasn't the government, or any number of security measures that stopped it, it was the passengers on the plane that protected us. It was the people who took matters into their own hands, made a plan - said those now famous words - "Let's Roll" and carried out their plan - they gave their lives in the end to do it, but that fourth plane was not allowed to destroy the Capitol in Washington D.C."

and I couldn't believe how I'd missed that - so obvious, really - think about all the money we spend on transportation security - even back then - bombs on planes were nothing new - just planes AS bombs was a new twist. Add to that the efforts of the FBI, CIA, layer upon layer of bureaucracy, pork projects, boondoggles, swalliwiggs, and nimperbuffalo (ok I made the last 2 up)  - and all of that failed!

ALL OF THAT FAILED. When the time came, the government and the billions of dollars we have wasted FAILED. It was "We the People" - those brave souls on that plane that was forced down in a field in Pennsylvania that came through for us.

If only we could come through for them now by showing just half of the bravery they mustered that day. The next time you start thinking the government should be doing something else in our lives, think about the fourth plane.

Think about what would have happened if those passengers had sat obediently in their little seats waiting for the government to rescue them.

The same government which had not even managed to notify the pilots that they might want to secure the cockpit door.

Merry Christmas

Now Get Up And Stand On Your Own Two Feet!


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