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Monday, December 13, 2010

Progressives Worry Women Of Color Having Too Many Brats - Cheap Abortions Could Fix That In A Jiffy

I wonder. Suppose I woke up one morning and decided to exercise my right to obtain a frontal lobotomy - perhaps because I would like to pursue a career as a progressive politician and a dormant frontal lobe is a prerequisite. Would my health insurance cover this procedure or would I be forced to pay for it out of my own pocket - thereby taking food from the mouths of my children and/or forcing me to part with objects dear to my little heart?

Of course, even if my insurance didn't cover elective frontal lobotomies, I, being of the privileged skin color, could afford to jet off to some fancy Gulag in the former Soviet Union and have the procedure done there. Pity the poor black and Hispanic women who would be forced to have some back-alley lobotomist drive a rusty nail through their forehead using a common, everyday sledgehammer. Obviously, these women need to stand up and demand their right to safe, affordable, elective frontal lobotomies - social justice, you know.


I dunno - too obvious? What do you think? Hard to say because there are some who might have found the preceding two paragraphs just as un-subtle with the word "abortion" substituted for "frontal lobotomy". Don't you just start to cringe when people start going on and on and on about making sure you, black lady or you, Hispanic lady, have all this great and wonderful access to cheap abortions? Did it ever occur to you that maybe the people advocating so vehemently for your "rights" are secretly trying to make sure there are fewer of you? Not only that, they are pushing the method that will be most destructive to your own sense of worth and well-being. Let's face it - they are fighting for your right to have a baby ripped out of your tummy.

I am pro-choice, but definitely not pro-abortion - and I am really suspicious of people who trumpet too loudly on the topic of a women's right to have an abortion. These Harvard educated Besser-Wessies know darn well that when you subsidize a good or service - you get more people partaking of that good or service and since the Lefty Ladies from the Center For American Progress are advocating subsidized abortions for Women Of Color - one can only conclude that they believe that Women Of Color are not aborting enough of their children.

So, the Center For American Progress Says Black Women and Hispanic Women Should Have More Abortions. Y'All must have done something to piss them off.


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