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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sweeping Blacks Under The Rug Or 'Token' Humiliation

Yesterday in Los Angeles a crossing guard was brutally beaten by two Hispanics, Jose Hernandez and his passenger Vanessa Martinez who were incensed that the crossing guard had tried to get them to stop for the school children. I listened to the reporting of this all day on the radio, and then read the article in the LA Slimes ("All the news that fits our leftist agenda"), and I noticed that there was no picture of the victim, nor mention of her race.

I emailed the two "reporters" who wrote the article and asked them what her race was, because I suspected she was black - and that was the reason there was no mention of her race, nor a picture. They didn't bother to answer.  There is a concerted effort to suppress any mention of Hispanic racism against blacks - I suspect because it would upset the "people of color" coalition assault on whites.

Today, I was able to track down a picture of the crossing guard.

The 59 year old crossing guard who was beaten up on the job in Los Angeles.

I also would like to point out that in the process of "throwing the bums out" in our federal government, it is notable that the only bums that manage to get caught in their net are black. This despite the fact that our treasury  secretary is a tax cheat (oops, he says) as is our former wanna-be president, John Kerry, tax cheat - (now where did I park that darn yacht) but for some reason they are not hauled up in front of their peers and publicly humiliated.

Why is that?

(Hint, I know why that is, you bunch of hypocrites.)


PS - I think the Wikileaks business is being used to embarrass Hillary Clinton - so that she can be taken down a notch or two, and/or dumped as SOS. Not that I care much, because I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but that is what I suspect is going on.


Pickhradt said...

Why the hell does it matter if she's black? She's a person, that's all that really mattered. You racists make me sick.

Retro Housewife said...

It matters because they are trying to hide that she is black. I suspect that her color was the reason the two perpetrators dared to assault her in the first place. It is just politically incorrect to acknowledge that there exists racism amid the grand unified people of color coalition.

This means that the problem will be ignored and blacks will suffer because of it since Hispanics are in the majority and in control.

Many blacks in Los Angeles feel it matters a great deal.