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Friday, July 30, 2010

Off To Arizona

I am off to Arizona to check things out for myself and attend an Immigration Policy Summit in Phoenix. So, I will be out standing with Arizona, in Arizona. Plus, I can't wait to have a real summer day what with this Global Ice Age weather we've been having all summer.

Today I was sure it would snow.

But tomorrow, I will attend various talks, rallies and events to learn more about the "issues". I have to say that I would rather not be this involved, but it appears I have no choice because things just keep going from crazy to thumb-sucking insane. So, I will get off my self-centered rear and drive to Arizona to participate in this thing called democracy which we seem to have momentarily misplaced.

That part makes it easier, because it is really a beautiful state, even if you are not wild about big holes in the ground... which are impressive, but can be hazardous if you are not paying attention. I think my favorite so far is Sedona. Quite spectacular is Sedona, despite being overrun with new-age hippies. There are some great art galleries for browsing and dreaming and all that.

The last time I was in Phoenix we went to this steak house where everybody enters through the kitchen, Mafia style. I wish I could remember the name because I would like to go there again. OK, It's late. Got to get some sleep before I drive off and get myself hopelessly lost in the desert.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Government May Confiscate Gold - Altoona, PA., Tuesday Evening, January 16, 1934

Note from Yours Truly: I have read conflicting accounts of whether "the government confiscated gold" back in the day, so when I came across this article, I thought I should bring it out of retirement to shed some light on the matter. So, the answer appears to be Yes, the government confiscated gold in 1934, for all practical purposes... They made it illegal to own gold, and told everyone to take their gold out of their sock drawers and trot it over to the treasury to "redeem it". Back then, the US was on the Gold standard, meaning each dollar was equivalent to (backed by) a fixed amount of gold, and woe to the government which found itself coming up short on the shiny stuff. 

It seems they were having a little banking problem of their own back then, coupled with what we now affectionately call the Great Depression, and the boys running the show were trying all sorts of CWWAAAZZZY things to try and jump start the economy. (Oops, I mean turn that cranky thing on the front to get the economy rolling? No wonder they were having trouble...lousy soundbites and no Prozac for another 50 years...)


Tomorrow Midnight Set as Deadline for Redeeming Gold Coins, Certificates and Bullion at Par.

According to the interpretation placed upon the latest ruling of the secretary of the treasury in a bulletin issued to all banking institutions in the Third federal reserve district, by local banking officials and post office authorities, the government of the United States may at any time after midnight tomorrow, Jan. 17, confiscate any gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates found in the possession of any person living within the jurisdiction of the United States.
The order from the secretary of the treasury reads in part: "Whereas, on Dec. 28, 1933, Henry Morgenthau, jr., as acting secretary of the treasury, issued an order under authority of section 1I of the federal reserve act of Dec. 23, 1913, as amended by section 3 of the act of March 9, 1933, entitled an act to provide relief in the existing national emergency in banking, and for the other purposes.
"Whereas, in my judgment such action is necessary to protect the currency system of the United States.
"Now, therefore, I, Henry Morgenthau, jr., secretary of the treasury, do hereby fix midnight of Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1934, as the expiration of the period within which any gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates may be paid and delivered to the treasurer of the United States in compliance with the requirements contained in such order or Dec. 28, 1933, as amended."

"In the event that any gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates withheld in non-compliance with said order and of this order are offered after Jan. 17, 1934, to the secretary of the treasury, the treasurer of the United States, any United States mint or assay office, or to any fiscal agent of the United States, there shall be paid therefore only such part or none of the amount otherwise payable therefor as the secretary of the treasury may from time to time prescribe, and the whole or any balance shall be retained and applied to the penalty payable for failure to comply with the requirements of such order  and of this order. The acceptance of any such coin, bullion, or certificates after Jan. 17, 1934, whether or not a part or all of the amount otherwise payable therefor is so retained, shall be without prejudice to the right to collect by suit or otherwise the full penalty provided in section II of the federal reserve act, as amended less such portion of the penalty as may have been retained as hereinbefore provided."

Source: Altoona Mirror, Altoona, PA., Tuesday Evening, January 16, 1934

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Hollywood Smut - 1934

"It is absurd to think that any government would allow the continuance of any industry which daily and hourly was holding up to a vast majority of our citizens ideals of conduct, ideals of moral behavior, customs of undress or habits of common morality which, if adopted by a majority of our people, would change this country, of ours from a country of homes and home-loving people into a country of libidinous immoralists."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sec. 342. Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

Dear Dodd & Frank,

Just where do you get off including me in your list of charity cases? Do you think by pandering to half the population it somehow makes it OK for you to mandate discrimination against white males via your "financial bill"? I demand that you stop referring to Women as a group to justify your racist and sexist proclivities. If I may offer an alternative, how about renaming your newly minted waste of more of our money the "Office Of Minority and Feeble-Minded Women Inclusion"? I am sure feeble-minded women will have no objection whatsoever to their inclusion on your list of inferiors.

I, on the other hand, have too much self-respect to expect to be given something I have not earned. I also have a white male son, and I cannot tell you how much I loathe what you are doing. I am powerless to stop you, but do not use me as an excuse to do it.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Boomers Give Themselves Another Big Freebie

Just wanted to mention that the inheritance tax this year is 0%, ZERO PERCENT, you did not read that wrong. Yes, despite the huge deficit, and increasing taxes on absolutely everything else, including health insurance, baby boomers are making sure that they get to keep all of the money their hard working parents left them.

Now that the great generation is nearly all gone, we can expect to start hearing noise about keeping the death tax nice and high... at least until the baby boomers themselves start to croak and they want to leave an inheritance to the millennial generation (their children).

Up until then, expect to hear lots about leveling the playing field by taking away any assets your older relatives may have accumulated. We have to pay for the boomers' retirement somehow!


How I Became A Fearmongering Nutcase On Interstate 5

...Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station  ... Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord - Lyric snippet from Faraway Eyes by the Rolling Stones

In my world, there is no such thing as a colored radio station, so I guess that's why this verse stuck in my brain as "AM radio station" and somewhat explains my fondness for listening to AM radio when driving long distances, like those that can, and occasionally must be driven on Interstate 5. (Careful not to miss to fork after the Grapevine, or you wind up in Fresno. Yup, It happened to me.)

I feel the need to explain why I was listening to AM radio despite a seething disdain for it (which I now recognize to be radio wavelength bigotry) instilled in me by years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area and 4 years of higher education at UCSC - you know - Santa Cruz - the one without grades and a banana slug as a mascot. With such a background, I really should be a full-on Progressive, espousing nonsensical gibberish on a wide variety of topics I know nothing about. Or maybe I actually did get an education at Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp, because back in the day there were still people at those bastions of knowledge who understood their mission was to teach people to think, rather than to crank out armies of Progressobots programmed to respond with the phrase "Social Justice" to every inquiry made of them.

What would you like for dinner, dear?
Social Justice.
I don't feel like cooking, mind if we just pop some in the Microwave?
Yes, Lets.

So there we were, cruising up Highway 5 at some odd hour of the night, listening to AM radio. I think the program was Coast to Coast with George Norey, an interesting show in that it explores everything that is not considered mainstream. It gives the newly-hatched, the far-out and the far-fetched a chance to dance, and is always a reminder that true diversity is alive and well in the USA, if you ever care to explore it. (You may be shocked to hear people express opinions that do not correspond to their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs... and as such can be considered radical and not for the faint of heart.)

The guest of the evening was Neil Howe, one of the co-authors of The Fourth Turning, an American prophecy. Now, many people tune out when they hear "prophecy" thinking they are about to get predictions foretold by Nostradamus, Mayan Indians or oddly garbed fortunetellers equipped with a deck of cards and self-professed connection to spirits and other worlds. So, in an effort to convince you that not a single crystal ball is involved, I give you Neil Howe's condensed bio: Howe grew up in California, received his B.A. at U.C. Berkeley, studied abroad in France and Germany, and later earned graduate degrees in economics (M.A., 1978) and history (M.Phil., 1979) from Yale University.

Plus, I have seen videos of him on youtube, and he is always wearing a suit. He also comes across as the type who thinks more than he speaks.

Anyway, after listening to this interview, I purchased and downloaded the Fourth Turning on audio book and listened to it. Then I spent about a month moping about in general hopelessness and depression, until that got old and I decided I had better start getting ready.

Subsequent events, especially those occurring in the economy and political arenas, have only served to bolster credibility of Howe and Strauss in my view. I have also started subscribing to a variety of newsletters which provide me with second opinions and interpretations of world events. In case you are interested, they are: The Trends Research Institute newsletter written by Gerald Celente. The National Inflation Association, and Independent Living.

Note: I do not make any money from any of these organisations and have no relationship to them other than I have subscribed to their newsletters. Both the Trends Research Institute and the Independent Living subscriptions are paid subscriptions. I forked over money to them, they send me their newsletter. Independent Living most likely sells its client list to similar companies because I have started receiving lots of people's  newsletters in my mailbox, which I put into a special file called "solicitations". As far as I can tell, the others don't. Again, merely my opinion formulated entirely in my own head.

See you in the funny pages!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pravda: The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See

One thing I like about the Russians, is that they don't mince words. I thought this editorial was interesting, if only for the somewhat bitter irony that we are now being made fun of by the Russians for heading down the path to socialism.

I don't know anything about the author, but it makes for a good read. His assessment of Cap and Trade was sort of fun: Cap and Trade. Never in the history of humanity has a more idiotic plan been put forward and sold with bigger lies.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry. 

см. вас в смешных страницах


MSM - Messed Up Media

This post is for my mother who never believes me when I tell her that the so-called news sources are simply propaganda of one sort or another, and why she shouldn't trust them. It is really a travesty, but I guess people like to be lied to.

So, it's reported that GM paid back the government loans.

On MSNBC: Source says GM to pay back U.S. loans early - nice touch how they mention repaying loans in the context of the earnings report. (CYA "Source says" - by using "Source says" it is not MSNBC that is lying to you, it's that durned source.

On ABC: General Motors Pays Back $8 Billion to Taxpayers Ahead of Schedule - actually, taxpayers paid back $8 Billion to Taxpayers... I don't think they even had a schedule. "$8.1 billion in government loans repaid, five years ahead of schedule and nine months after the troubled auto giant declared bankruptcy, signaling that the auto maker may be on the path to profitability" If you use one credit card to pay off another credit card, does that signal that you may have found a job? Or maybe it signals that you are having clam chowder for lunch? This is just pathetic.

Well here's a surprise!

Mother Jones : GM Will Pay Back Gov't Loan...With Gov't Money?   - Mother Jones has more journalistic integrity than ABC and NBC.

Letter From Charles E. Grassley to The Honorable Timothy F. Geithner

Furthermore, Exhibit 99.1 of the Form 8K filed by GM with the SEC on November 16, 2009, seems to confirm that the source of funds for GM’s debt repayments was a multi-billion dollar escrow account at Treasury—not from earnings. In the 8K filing GM acknowledged:
  •  Of the $42.6 billion in cash and marketable securities available to GM as of September, 30, 2009, $17.4 billion came from an escrow account with Treasury,
  •  $6.7 billion of the escrow account available to GM was allocable to the repayment of loans to Treasury,
  • $5.6 billion in cash would remain in the Treasury escrow account following the repayment by GM of their loans, and
  • Upon repaying Treasury, any balance of escrow funds would be released to GM.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dear Folks, Hyper-Inflation is no fun. Do what this guy tells you and each time you go to the store, buy a little extra and stick it in a closet. I have been doing this for about 6 months now. I get made fun of a lot, but a quick risk/reward analysis will tell you that it really does make sense.

The risk? Your friends and family make fun of you and you tie up an extra few hundred dollars in non-perishable food items.

The reward? Not going hungry or thirsty should such a scenario come to pass. Our budget deficit just passed the $1 Trillion dollar mark in June. Our congress is stacked with Democrats and even Republicans who spend money like they own the printing press. Which they do. Which is what will eventually lead us into this situation of hyper-inflation.

I don't mind so much when people make fun of me. If it happens to you, come tell me and maybe we can start a support group or something. Be stubborn. Don't be afraid to look silly for awhile. I am pretty sure you will not regret being prepared.

And as much as I am irritated with Obama at the moment, he is only 30% to blame in my estimate, at the moment...(as time passes, that number goes up, depending on what Feds do.) This situation has been in the making long before we had even heard of Obama.

Why am I saying this? One first has to understand the problem before one can solve the problem. As a voter, I would vote for anybody brave enough to cut spending. If you find such a person, let me know. In their absence, think twice about voting for people who want to place further restrictions on firearms. Guns, I mean.

I don't own one, hope I never have to, would rather there be fewer rather than more in normal times, but we are not in normal times. I want to be able to legally possess a firearm should the situation warrant it.

It would be nice too, if we could shore up the borders so we only have to fight each other for whatever resources are left. Barring that, get a bigger gun.


PS, Smile, I could be wrong!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not Tolerating, No More - Intolerant and Darn Proud Of It

I am sick of tolerance. So, I am officially declaring myself to be intolerant. I plan on being intolerant of many things. What fun I shall have! Perhaps I shall start a club of intolerance. Maybe you can join, but we'll have to see if I can tolerate you first.

I plan to use my new found intolerance for my own benefit, and that of my family. I also don't care whether things are fair or not, as long as they are unfair to somebody else and not me. I tried the fairness thing for awhile, but I find it is just not working out for me, so I'm just going to leave that one at the station as I climb aboard the intolerance train.

The first item on my new intolerance agenda is to help stop the building of a gigantic Mosque a block away from Ground Zero. You might as well piss on the graves of the people who died that day, if you even give this hideous atrocity serious consideration. So that is the first thing I will not tolerate. I don't care one iota if I offend Muslims, and don't give me any bull about "not all Muslims are terrorists", just how would you know? I can't recall any outcry from the so-called Muslim community concerning the bloodshed, death and destruction that seems to follow wherever they go. I hear a lot of complaining about our intolerance, but now with my new found intolerance, I don't ever need to argue. My response? You don't like it, leave.

They are big on tolerance in Europe, too. You might even say they are tolerance Nazis. The interesting thing about European Tolerance Nazis is they never have to bear the brunt of the fallout of their decrees. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed opening the morning paper to find yet another story of some poor Turkish, Armenian or otherwise Muslim girl who had her throat slashed by her father or brother for wearing blue jeans. Those little stories just warmed my even littler tolerant heart; how refreshing it is to live in a society which respects others' cultures and age old traditions of honor killings.

It makes me proud to know that my society is such a tolerant place, it allows Islamic culture to demonstrate time and time again that the promotion of my gender, the female gender, to that of a full status human being is not to be confused with having attained full scale human rights. Deference to other cultures and religions trumps in matters female,  so one girl after another must resign herself to have sharp metal objects stuck repeatedly into her body, to restore the all important family honor.

Tolerance Nazis make a big showing of hand wringing after the fact, but never try to think up any preventative measures, since that could offend the religious and cultural sensibilities of their newly acquired cool friends.

I am not going to tolerate that, either.

Shariah The Future For UK
I do not want to be confronted with the tent creatures, either. It is an insult to every Western woman who chooses not to wear the family tent over her head on trips to the market. They wear the tents because THEY consider it indecent for a woman to be seen in public. The implication of which is that any woman not wearing the tent is an indecent whore. Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want it. I don't care about their rights, I care about mine. When the two are at odds, I will unapologetically fight for my own rights.

In fact, I think we should put a moratorium on immigration from Islamic countries while we consider the likely effects on society and think about whether we want to subject ourselves to them. What do we have to gain? I do not want to live in a multicultural society, I want to live in an American society. Islam is in no way shape or form compatible with western society. Don't take my word for it, ask them. They're not really shy about telling you what their plans are.

Screw Tolerance.


Video: This is a rare Brit who has managed to retain common sense and reason despite the best efforts of the hippie-acid-freaks who are currently running the country over yonder. I like him, and his British accent makes him sound smart. Next Up, Ban The Boomer!

Some Interesting Developments From Europe

  1. "Math In The Mornings, Prostitution In The Afternoon" - This is a story in Germany's (Left Leaning) Weekly magazine Der Spiegel. Apparently, In Holland, Dutch schoolgirls are being systematically sought out and seduced by young, Moroccan men. In the trance of their "first love", the girls are forced into prostitution by their new boyfriends. It seems it is OK to do this because the girls are not Muslim.
  2. Schools to get guidance on how to help fasting Muslim students during Ramadan - How British adapt to Muslims (Not the other way around)
  3. Obama finanziert Israel-Gegner: Amerikanische Steuergelder für die Gaddafi-Stiftung - This was news to me... The Title says "Obama Financing Opponent of Israel - American Tax Dollars For the Gaddafi Fund." Didn't Gaddafi blow up Pan Am flight 103 over Scottland? That was the plane that had an entire class of American high school students aboard. Seem odd to anyone that we're giving him money?
  4. Schweden: Mohammedaner haben in Malmö jetzt fast alle Juden vertrieben - Jews reluctantly abandon Swedish city amid growing anti-Semitism -  Now here's what I don't get. Isn't Bloombugger Jewish? Given that there appears to be a few unresolved issues between Arabs and Jews, why is he pushing for them to build this monstrosity? In Malmooooo in Sweden, Muslims were behaving in a way that some might call antagonistic, perhaps even threatening. The German article describes Malmoooooo as now being "Judenrein". A catchy little German word. - You'll love this: Juden means Jew, and "rein" means pure. Put them together and it means "free of Jews", or "cleansed of Jews". So, did I fall asleep and miss the part where we don't care about Jews anymore? If this happened in Sweden, might it not happen in NYC? Can anyone imagine NYC without Jews? You know, like Jerry Seinfeld, or Woody Allen? I was mad at Woody Allen for a bit, but I am over that now. I would like to keep our Jews, please. 90% of the comedians are Jews. Have you considered how un-funny we will become without them? Somebody please talk to Bloombugger about this, OK?

  5. This video shows some kids who belong to some Christian group; being Catholic myself, I am not so familiar with the many varieties of Christianity out there. Catholics are usually swell people, except for the perverted, scumbag, childmolesting, freakazoid, devil spawn who run the church like Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, who loves illegal immigration because it keeps a steady stream of little victims streaming into his lair. Sorry, wrong rant. Anyhow, the kids seem like nice enough kids, and they are well behaved youngsters, and are off battling what they perceive to be injustice. They are not being treated very well. Granted, this is one side of the story, but what the heck are free speech zones? The only free-speech zone I know of runs from sea to shining sea.
  6. Our biggest problem in this country are our baby boomers. We need to shut them down. The problem with them is they have many opinions but not much in the way of character building experience. They are self-righteous, self indulgent and completely incompetent. Their parents were awesome, but boy did they screw up the kids. An entire generation of spare the rod, spoil the child.

Europe Goes Under - Politically Correct Idiots Will Kill You And Your Civilization -

Some US Honor Killings

  1. Honor Killing: Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18. Yasser Abdel Said, wanted for the murder of his two daughters, has eluded authorities for almost a year. The bodies of the young women - Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18 - were discovered in the back of a taxicab in Irving, Texas, on New Year's Day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Just Donated $100 To The The Arizona Defense Fund

I feel obligated to help undo some of the damage I caused by donating to the Obama Campaign. I certainly never intended to elect a candidate who sides with foreign nationals residing in this country illegally over US citizens. This makes a farce out of everything I understood to be consistent with the principles of democracy.

To those who are cheering the federal government's actions, keep in mind that it may be convenient for you to ignore their utter disregard of the will of the people, but that doesn't mean you have a choice either.

Here is the website to donate to Arizona:


My family thinks I'm crazy too, Victoria. My own sister called me a nut-job.

What Every Movement Needs, A Catchy Tune For An Anthem...quite good.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other, One Of These Things Is Not Quite The Same!

Mexican Ruling Class - Blue-Eyed Secretary of the Interior (Former - Died in plane crash)
Mexican Ruling Class - Some Regional Politician - Brown, Or Not So Brown?
Mexican Ruling Class -Calderon
Mexican Ruling Class -Politician
Mexican Ruling Class -Politician
Mexican Migrant Worker

 At a welcome ceremony earlier in the day, Calderon spoke of migrant workers, saying "many of them, despite their significant contribution to the economy and to the society of the United States, still live in the shadows and, occasionally, as in Arizona, they even face discrimination."


Purple Hair

I Dyed My Hair Purple.  At first I was a little freaked out with the results, but I've gotten used to it and now think it's kind of fun. My daughter wasn't too happy, and tried to lecture me. I told her to knock it off and let me have some fun once in awhile, sheesh!

It's not like I have to go work in an office, so really, what difference does it make? Anyway, rest assured that my color purple isn't any hippie henna purple, it's NEON

So far, my son hasn't said boo about it, although that could be due to the fact that he hasn't seen it and is currently being Our Very Own German's Very Own American in Germany.

Speaking of Our Very Own German, the entire time he was here, I tried to convince him to dye his hair cobalt blue, but to no avail. (I wanted to see how it looked, but these darn kids are so sensible these days.)

 They have such nice colors, it just amazes me that people stick to boring shades of black, brown, blond or gray, when instead could be living life with electric green hair.