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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teaching Kids Right & Wrong - Then Hopefully We'll Learn Too

ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) just called for Meg Whitman's arrest and is apparently taking some heat because she is a Republican and everybody is afraid of a Jerry Brown win.

Allow me to update the parent's manual with our new code of ethics:

  1. You can break the law just as long as you don't get caught.
  2. If you do get caught, deny knowledge of any wrongdoing. 
  3. Truth, Right and wrong are relative.
  4. Don't worry about telling a lie, just claim to whoever catches you that they misunderstood you.
  5. Cheating is fine if you can get away with it, just don't get caught; Everybody cheats, you have to just to keep up.
  6. The law applies only to those that people don't like.
  7. You can do anything you want if you have enough friends who think that what you are doing is OK.
  8. When life isn't going your way, complain a lot, but do not reflect upon your own actions and whether you can make changes in your own behavior to improve your situation. Just keep complaining and doing what you have been doing all along, and society will change to accommodate you, or magic will happen and your fairy god-mother will come make things better.
  9. Never take a stand for what is right, always compromise your values because they are probably stupid and unrealistic anyway.
  10. When the situation has become so dire, and you truly feel you have suffered enough, wonder how stupid you have been following 1 - 9 and thinking that eventually something will change for the better. Run and find Grandma or Grandpa and ask either about the code of ethics they grew up with and follow that.
For all of you Republicans out there holding your nose while you vote for Meg Whitman because you are more afraid of Jerry Brown, you are just taking one more drink, before you stop drinking for good. After this, you are not going to drink anymore. You can control yourself, it'll be easy. So when you wake up with a terrible hang-over four years from now, you will be ready to start rehab once again. Again you will be able to choose one more drink, and this will continue until finally you have no more choice in the matter, and you will look around and discover you also have nothing left.

The sooner you take a stand, the sooner the recovery can start. But first you have say NO to one more drink.


Give your vote to Chelene Nightingale instead - it'll work wonders.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Note: Back in the day when I was working on my MS in Economics at that ultra-right-wing bastion of conservatism called UC Santa Cruz (yes the one with no grades and a banana slug as a mascot seen on the T-Shirt worn by John Travolta in the movie Pulp Fiction), one of my favorite professors was a developmental economist. So, I took a class or two on the topic. Back then, before the progressives had fully taken over the democratic party and the media, nobody who expected to be taken seriously would ever advocate immigration as a means for alleviating world poverty. The problem is just far too immense.

In fact, the solution, as true today as it was back then, is helping people improve their circumstances where they live. The main obstacle to doing this, however, is usually an entrenched regime that benefits greatly from the plight of its citizens and has not only no motivation to enact reforms which would benefit the population, such reforms are, or are perceived to be a threat to their own wealth and power. So they do everything in their power to derail true reform. Mass exodus of the poverty-stricken population is encouraged as it tends to prevent pressure from building up to the point where the people rise up and overthrow the government.

Mexico is a perfect example of this. Mexico is not a poor country, the richest man in the world lives there, and controls about one-third of the Mexican economy all by himself. The biggest industrialist tycoons in the US never even came close to this. Think about that when you are voting for open borders candidates like Barbara Boxer; the ones you are truly helping are the super-rich Mexicans and the drug cartels.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bilderberg Group and New World Order? Is This Credible? Think France'll Lend Us A Guillotine?

I don't know if I buy this or not yet, but if any of our elected officials show up to one of these meetings, they better tell us what is going on. Anyway, perhaps somebody should look into what France charges to rent a Guillotine or 6, just in case it does turn out to be true.

Then we'll need somebody to see about the music, I am thinking something dramatic with a nice drum roll for the actual choppa choppa, then festive and easy to dance to.

Food may be problematic, it is probably best to hold off on the food until later in the evening as some may be a little queasy from the main attraction and may need some time for their tummies to settle.

It's hard to say, though, I've never planned one of these before. Thoughts, anyone?


Follow Up: This is what comes out of a late-night surf-and-blog session; all the monsters start to come out of the closet and dance shamelessly on the coffee table. It started innocently enough, I had heard a crazy story of six retired military folk who are "breaking their silence" about space aliens (presumably illegal) interfering with US/British missile launches. I wanted to see if this was some sort of joke, or whether England is once again ground zero for a scary new dementia causing disease, I shall call "mad colonel disease". I never managed to read the alien story, as I got side-tracked with the global cooling story, which naturally took me to global conspiracy theory territory, which somehow turned me into the queen from Alice in Wonderland as all I could think was "off with their heads". I fell asleep before it came to flamingo/hedgehog croquet. I have to say the alien story is most likely an attempt to focus the public's attention away from something else that is going on. But we'll see.

Global Cooling? WTH? Who Should We String Up First?

Is this a joke? They think they are going to go from global warming to global cooling and remain in one piece?

Didn't that heinous creature from San Francisco tell us that scientists are unanimous? This has to be a joke...I must look into it further. California is about to commit economic suicide by forcing a carbon tax on businesses, to be administered by some group of eco-freaks.

These clowns need to be locked up. California, if you put Barbara Boxer back in office you deserve everything you get.

Confused RH

The Guilty: Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Gates, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tim Yeo, Michael Mann, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Phil Jones, Chris Huhne, John Howard (Yes Really, He Was Supposed To Be A Conservative, But He Was The Man Who Kicked Off Australia’s ETS), Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Yvo De Boer, Rajendra Pachauri….The List Of The Guilty Goes On And On.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mill Valley Tea Party - Yes That Mill Valley - In The SF Bay Area

My mother, an avid reader of the LA Times, informed me once again today that the Tea Party people are extremists. It is very hard for her to accept the notion that the Free press is no longer a trustworthy source of news and are doing their best to ignore and malign the Tea Party.

They published an article yesterday apparently talking about new groups that are springing up "because they are sick of all the extremists in the Tea Party". Translation: "Jeepers comrades, we can no longer ignore the anger of the bourgeoisie, let us do our best to pacify them by coming up with new, non-extremist groups that do not threaten our plans". If they actually do exist outside the imagination of the LA Times, then I say, "Congratulations! Welcome to the democratic process!"

The LA Times has a columnist who accused the original Boston Tea Party of trying to frame Native Americans for the great tea toss. There's a guy who loves his country. Note to Native Americans - you should be at the tea parties, you should be hosting tea parties - especially those tribes who have found wealth and independence from the government opium drip. You are now a threat to the "progressives" who will not shirk from putting someone with matching skin color in place to claim that indiginous peoples have "retaken their land" and therefore there is no longer a need for reservations and by the way hand over all that money.

Just take a real look at what is happening to black Americans in places like Los Angeles. Black Americans are showing up at tea parties, despite all the alleged "racism" harbored there. Realize that any time more than two or three white people happen to be standing together in a group, the newspapers of this country scream "racists".

California's Other Option For Governor - Chelene Nightingale offers Californians a real choice - Meg Whitman spends a lot of time telling Hispanics she isn't really different than Jerry Brown. She also thinks Van Jones is great and campaigned for Barbara Boxer.

They sure look extreme, don't they? Tea Party in Mill Valley, California.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beverley Hills Tea Party

Thank You Pat Boone - You Are My New AMERICAN Idol!

Star Parker is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 37th Congressional District in Los Angeles County, California. Star Parker talked about how 70% of black children are now born out of wedlock to single mothers. Absence of a father is the number 1 predictor of whether or not you will be poverty stricken or not. Before we start feeling smug as white people, Star had another statistic - 30% of white children are  in the same boat. If these statistics don't scream societal destruction, then I don't know what does. We share the same destiny, remember that.
PAT BOONE IS THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL - works with reverend Peterson in bond.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the Founder and President for the past 20 years of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, an organization, whose purpose is “Rebuilding the Family By Rebuilding the Man” So far one of the few people I have encountered trying to do something about fatherless families.

Cute Patriot Boys

Andrew Breitbart

Thank You Beverly Hills Tea Party People!

Machete - An Ugly, Obvious Propaganda Flick Made To Incite Violence

This is the last movie with Robert De Niro I will ever watch. What an ass. He makes a fortune off the American public and then turns around and spits on us by participating in this cheap, pathetic hate-flick. Other Hollywood stooges and puppets for an unnamed evil include: Steven Segal, Jessica Alba, That incredible twit extraordinaire Lindsey Lohan, (jail is a good place for her) and the obnoxious one from Lost.

Besides an absurd amount of violence, which makes it annoying to watch, it is just a poorly made propaganda reel. Leni Riefienstahl it's not. Here are a few highlights of how Americans are portrayed.

  1. Men who are supposed to be the Minute Men, shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach as they laugh, make nasty comments and then shoot her young husband.
  2. The obnoxious one from Lost makes statements referring to a "warped sense of justice" of those trying to protect our borders.
  3. The apparently stupid Jessica Alba who at first plays an uptight border patrol agent who realizes how wrong she has been "turning in her own people" after the obnoxious one recites a few lines off the Raza Rant. Jeepers Jessica, if you are so concerned with the welfare of your people, perhaps you should make a movie that exposes the corruption and racism in Mexico that is the reason these people are wanting to leave by the millions. That is usually considered to be a problem by caring individuals such as yourself.
  4. No white person appears in the movie who isn't the worst of the worst racist, arrogant buffoon.
  5. Except for the white women who are merely sex crazed whores.
If it wasn't for the current political climate and tense situation, this movie wouldn't be worth mentioning. As is the nature of propaganda films, this movie was made with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose is to enrage the illegal alien population and incite them to violence against whites. The movie isn't good enough to be intended for entertainment purposes. (After 45 minutes it just got repetitive and boring, so we watched something else.) If it should come to violence, De Niro et al should be hauled off to jail not unlike if they yelled fire in a crowded movie theater when there was no fire.

Here is a page out of the plan for the retaking of Aztlan i.e. Southwest US written by a Professor Navarro at a certain UC Campus - Just in case anybody starts to fall for the propaganda. Just check and see if your house is actually in Aztlan before you start feeling sorry for poor Mexicans.
What I really want to know is who plays Hitler to Robert Rodriguez's (poor quality) Leni Riefenstahl?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

John & Ken See The Light Of The Nightingale

Could it be that money not only can't buy love, it can't buy the office of the California Governor? Chelene Nightingale, candidate for governor of California to appear on the John & Ken Show - More Stimulating Talk Radio - You Betcha
"I have just confirmed that I will appear on the John and Ken Show (KFI AM640 - In Los Angeles) on Tuesday, September 28th at 5:00pm! 
First, I have to thank each and every one of you who have supported my efforts to be heard and to give my position on the issues that matter most to all of you.  I could not do this without your support, love and prayers.  
Second, please - tell your friends, neighbors and anyone you can to please spread the word - and to listen! 
Third, I must thank KFI, and John and Ken, for giving us the time.  They have heard from you - and they listened.
Lastly, I know that this will be a tough interview.  Make no mistake, John and Ken are well aware of the issues that are most controversial, and that are important to you.  They are pragmatists and will ask hard-hitting questions.  I'm ready to answer.  You are my motivation and I love this State. 
Be ready, California... the tide is turning.  'We the People' are here to take back what is rightfully ours.  And I, as your Governor, will never forget that the people of California, not the special interests or politicians, are most important. 
Now.. let's get out there, and spread the word!"


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Retro Housewife School Of Civics & Public Finance - The Plot To Get Your Money

I am not an expert but I can read. I learn best by teaching, but at the same time, I am also a student because the last time I took the time to read laws and regulations pertaining to finance was back in 1991 or so. The reason I am now reading them again is because I know there is going to be a grand money grab, the likes of which we have never seen. I know this because the government is broke but still wants to spend money. It has maxed out all of its credit cards and is now applying for new ones. Right now, our government is working on its new credit card application which it will submit to the Bank Of We The People. (You, Me and the 364 million other citizens, minus those who work for the government.)

You will probably never see the credit card application, although you can if you want to and there will be more than just one. But I think that the government is going to start passing a series of new laws which will eventually allow them to get their hands on the $14 Trillion or so that we have socked away in IRA and 401(k) retirement accounts. I did not come up with this theory, I subscribe to various newsletters written by folks who have been predicting this for some time now. Everybody in my family makes fun of me for reading these newsletters because "they are just trying to scare you so they can sell you something" and while it is true that they are always trying to sell me something, and what they say can be frightening, it doesn't mean that what they are saying isn't true. I am now in my third year of subscribing to my "wacko" newsletters and so far my wackos are batting 1000.

I come from a very well-educated family who are used to seeing information written in a certain way, and my wacko newsletters are not written in intellectual speak. There is ample usage of over-sized fonts, bolding, and exclamatory punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!

This reminds me of a joke one of my econ professors told in class once, it goes like this:

An economist and a businessman were walking down a busy street when all of a sudden the businessman shouts: 
"Look! There's a $100 bill on the ground!!!!!" (was $20...I adjusted for inflation) 
The economist launches into a discussion of why it is not possible for there to be a $100 bill on the ground, because somebody would surely have seen it and picked it up already. 
So the businessman reaches down, picks up the $100 and sticks it in his pocket. 

While this joke was meant to illustrate a point in a discussion of efficient markets, I think it does a good job at highlighting the disadvantages of intellectual snobbery. There is a price attached, and in this case it was $100.

Here are some basics before we get started:

  • The US Government is running an enormous deficit which is not a death sentence by itself, we have had large deficits before, but there is a bigger problem called "entitlement programs" or Social Security and Medicare and some unlucky demographics in the form of an enormous group of baby-boomers who have just started to collect that to which they are entitled.
  • There is no giant piggy bank sitting in Washington containing all the money we have paid into social security, current retirees are paid from the payments made by current workers, and I am pretty sure that the surplus funds have been spent as well. This year marks the first year that social security is also running a deficit. Meaning that the government has to come up with the difference from other places than what we pay in SSI. 
  • The way the government is able to spend money it does not have is by borrowing money from the public. It does this in the form of government bonds like T-bills, people with extra money can buy those bonds as an investment and they have mostly been considered safe investments in the past.
  • China owns a ton of US bonds and is starting to get a little nervous about having so much money in US debt - China made Japan buy a bunch of the US bonds it had so that now China and Japan are our biggest creditors.
  • As long as the US government is running a deficit, it will need for there to be people out there willing to buy government bonds. If nobody wants to buy those bonds, then the only way it can spend money it does not have is to print more of it (buy a wheel barrel) or raise taxes.
  • In an economy in a recession, raising taxes will make things worse, so this would be the beginning of a death spiral.
  • Printing money will lead to hyper-inflation, and this is an area that economists don't really argue about as there are enough examples of regimes which have done this just prior to their collapse to cut short any claim to the contrary.
  • So, what's a broke federal government to do?
  • Meet S. 3760: A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to expand personal savings and retirement...
  • tbc

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am not trying to be cryptic... this is a charge I and a steadily increasing number of others have found on their Bank Of America credit card statement, that they do not recall ever authorizing. It is some sort of privacy service that has already been the target of one class action suit, which did not seem to stop them from continuing their little scam.

There is a lawyer who is looking into this now, to see if anything can be done.

I am updating the original posting because that is where most people land, but just in case you are cruising by and are also a unwilling customer of this MP PRIVSRCE, or would like to know the status and landed here...

see my original post on this topic here: Link To MP PRIVSRCE Post for instructions on how to proceed.



The Difference Between Grown-Ups and Children and the Proper Usage Of The Word NO

How many of you out there said something like "When I grow up, I am going to let my kids eat as much candy as they want!" when you were a kid? I did.

How many of you who can remember making such a statement as a child, actually followed through? I didn't.

Now why is that? Were we being insincere back then? Or, did we grow up and realize that eating too much candy is not healthy and it is our responsibility as parents to say "no" much of the time when our children are demanding candy. Saying "no" isn't always easy, especially when our child is throwing a major fit at the grocery store and other people are tossing us looks that are not of the friendly sort. 

It is at that point that our parenting skills are tested - do we give in, and let junior have the lolly, or do we pick junior up, screaming and kicking, abandon our shopping cart and plans for the nights dinner and walk out of the store? The former will teach junior that throwing fits in public places brings rewards, the latter that such behavior will not be tolerated and nothing good will come of it, and when mommy says no, she means no. 

I regularly go to the grocery store, and I can testify to a distinct lack of screaming and kicking children throwing fits in the candy aisle, so my guess is most parents have figured this one out. Those parents are the backbone of our society because they are willing to be the bad guy for a little while in the eyes of their children because they can see the bigger picture and understand that a society full of people kicking and screaming when they don't get what they want is not going to go anywhere but down the drain.

As a  society, we have granted parents certain perks and rights which allow them to carry out their duties as a parent. For example, when junior screams "I hate you and you are not the boss of me", parents can calmly inform junior that actually, in fact, they are. Parent's rights to be the boss of their children also come with the responsibility to act in the best interest of their children, which most of us try to do without any additional encouragement from the government anyway. For those parents who abuse their children in one way or another, society has devised a plan to intervene on behalf of the child, because we in general don't like it when kids are suffering.

When we elect a leader, we are giving that leader a certain amount of power over us and we expect those leaders to sometimes play the bad guy on our behalf. We can do this with a fair amount of confidence that we won't be abused because we have a system of rules in place that defines just what they can and cannot do (we call it a legal system). We expect them to act in our best interests and remember that their responsibility is to us, the citizens of this country, past, present and future. Hopefully the leaders we choose have enough humility to recognize that while they have been elected to a particular office, they themselves are far less important than the office itself. They are expected to return that office in as good or better condition than when they got it, and for this, we will place their picture on a wall and they will become one of many people who have been chosen to serve.

When we have elected officials who consider themselves and their new found power to be more important than the system itself, we have trouble with a capital T. If they decide that they are not bound by the rules that have been put in place to limit their authority, and think they somehow "know better" and therefore can ignore the collective wisdom of the thousands of people who have come before them, because that is what our laws represent, now hundreds of years of wisdom of thousands of elected officials guided by millions of citizens, we are witnessing what the Greeks called hubris. Hubris doesn't travel alone, nemesis, the downfall, is never far behind.

In the meantime, however, somebody afflicted with hubris can do a fair amount of damage. One of the most famous in modern history who was guilty of hubris is said to be Adolf Hitler. While he eventually perished as one can expect, the suffering he imposed on the world is not something that we need to repeat.

Today, Harry Reid of Nevada is attempting to circumvent the laws of this country for his own benefit. Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans are against rewarding illegal aliens, Mr. Reid is attempting to do just that. He is trying to attach what he calls the dream act to a national defense bill. This amendment will hurt those he has sworn to serve and protect, and will reward people who have violated our nation, and continue to do so to this day by availing themselves of the resources and benefits to which they have no right.

In doing so, he is putting in jeopardy everything he claims to want - fairness in society, help for the poor, access to higher education for lower and middle income families - every single public assistance program in the country. How? I don't have to tell you we live in a world of limited resources or that right now we are experiencing the limits of those resources rather acutely. As a steward of those resources, the responsible thing to do would be to guard them like a miser, defining in advance who is eligible and who isn't and then insisting on the strictest enforcement possible. This is the only way to ensure that those who sacrifice to make those resources available, will continue to be willing to do so.

While the political rhetoric often tries to describe those that enable us to even have a public school system or a welfare program as greedy, unwilling to "pay their fair share", the reality is that they are in fact the ones who created the wealth where there once was none, and nothing on this earth, not Harry Reid, nor Barack Obama nor any of the current "do-gooders" in power can make anybody create more. They have the ability to take it all if they so desire, but they get to do that only once. When they have consumed the fruits of their exploits, there will be nothing for anybody.

So, when I see Mr. Reid and Barbara Boxer and the rest throwing open the doors and saying come one come all - it's a free for all, I have to wonder what their actual motives are - because it looks to me like they are trying to destroy every last  shred of public welfare we have in this country. If you saw a parent allowing their child to eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and setting no limits, would you conclude that the parent has the child's best interest at heart? Probably not. The same logic applies to the champions of social welfare - if you don't set limits and stick to them, then you are not acting in the interest of what you claim you are for. 

So that begs the question, what do you really want?


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fwd: Public Service Notice From The Center For Disease Control (CDC)

Information about Gonorrhea Lectim

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease that has surfaced in America . The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim. It's pronounced "Gonna re-elect 'em."

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving inserting your cranium in your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2008...but now most people, after having been infected for the past 1-2 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.

It's sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout. You take the first dose in 2010 and the second dose in 2012 and simply don't engage in such behavior again; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it in America.

Please pass this important message on to all those bright voters you know.

This totally cracked me up... I found it in a comment on the Washington Post, and just had to share.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Christine O'Donnell Won - Boomers, Meet GenX

I just watched Christine O'Donnell give a speech, and now I know why she won and why just about everybody who is part of the establishment is trying to smear her. They must be shaking in their boots, all that common sense coming out of somebody with a microphone.

I am sure she has her faults and is not perfect, but so do I and neither am I. That's OK with me because all I really want my elected officials to do is take care of business and represent me and my fellow citizens, so that we may have a say in how things work. You know, like it is supposed to work.

I don't want my representatives to feel obliged to be the next Ghandi (turned Ghengis Kahn). I don't want to be led anywhere, I can figure that out on my own, and so can most people if left alone to get on with business. For those who can't, I don't mind lending a helping hand, as long as it is appreciated. It is really that simple, but Christine O'Donnell seems to be one of the few in politics who get that.

Common sense provided by the generation which is no longer putting up with the baloney the baby boomers keep trying to feed us. Gen X.


PS. California has a Christine O'Donnell, too!

Add this to the list of why we are throwing the bums out.  Top to bottom, bums out. Watch this video. These poor protesters. Who ARE YOU that uses people like this? Show yourself you COWARD!

Ventura, California - Vote No On Measure H

Measure H: To maintain/improve academic programs including reading, writing, science and math; fund computer technology, music and arts; retain highly qualified teachers and minimize class-size increases; shall Ventura USD raise $4.5 million per year for four years through a parcel tax at a rate described in the voter pamphlet, provided there is independent citizens’ oversight, senior exemptions, and all funds are spent on neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the State and used elsewhere?

I support public education in principle. If we want to save our public education system, those that administer public schools need to understand that we live in a world of limited resources, and budget within those means. I am tired of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in property taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes, usage fees, along with the small print taxes that are attached to every single utility bill, only to have that money squandered instead of being used for what it was intended. Then, the Board Of Trustees show up again, hat in hand, proposing a very specific tax for "our children" and counting on their propaganda machine to spread the sob story of schools with leaky roofs and 500 children sitting on cold, damp floors taking notes on scraps of tree-bark and using their own blood as ink.

My son is a senior in high school, and it is very important to me that he get a quality education, so I would like for there to be money available for things they want to pay for. It has become clear to me, however, that giving these people more money, only serves to embolden them in their squandering pursuits. As far back as I can remember, teachers have been "buying classroom supplies out of their own money" - poor little teachers - yet no matter how much we give them, they never buy any glue or pencils.

What they do buy, however, is power. The $1 Million spent by the teacher's union to fight Prop. 8 would have gone a long way at OfficeMax. Not to mention the gall of using taxpayer's money against them (and it is our money, collected as "dues" from teachers) or the $28,000,000 the Teacher's Union has spent on the traitor Barbara Boxer's campaign. See? Right there would have been all the money to pay for the programs they have listed.

The teacher's union fights every effort to close the flood gates from Mexico, and as a result, we are now having to pay to educate Mexico's children. In the last 10 years the proportion of Hispanic children in California schools has grown to now exceed 50% of all public school children. They outnumber whites by more than 1 million. Does that sound racist? I agree. See the thing is, that American children of Hispanic descent are the same as American Kids of Whatever descent in their deserving of a quality education. I would love to be able to say X% are foreigners here illegally, as quite a few are, but we are not allowed to know that information. The teacher's union and leftist groups posing as "Hispanic Interest" groups put up a huge fight when such questions are asked. All that we get to know, is how much more money we should pony up.

In prior years, I always voted yes on anything school related. As a reward for this, the once top-of-the line California public school system is now competing for last place in the country. You want more money Ventura Unified School District? Throw the Union OUT. I will never again vote for another dime for public schools as long as those crooks are able to get their hands on it. Why throw good money after bad? My one regret is that I didn't send my son to private school as I did my daughter. She now attends Columbia. I will forever have to live with the guilt of the disservice I have done him. But I am sure as heck not going to aid and abet those thugs any longer.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dedication - Save California Walk - Daily Diary/Day 7 and 8

This is the diary entry from the last day of Chelene Nightingale's Save California Walk

Sorry for the delay, however day 7 was not only the toughest day, but also the longest day!  We did not arrive to our final destination until around 10pm...we ate a very late dinner, then it was off to sleep.  Day 7 was the fourth (and thankfully final) day in the wheelchair.  By this day I was frustrated and wanted to just walk.  The trek was the longest miles in one day and also the most dangerous roads of all the days.  We actually had a couple near accidents and even people stopping to say this is dangerous.  For me the highlight was seeing the "Galt, CA" sign.  My first words.."Where is John Galt".  We took photos underneath the sign.  The sign was another reminder of why we took this journey.

Day 8 was inspiring!!  We only had 14 miles to walk!  And I did walk!  I could not stop...I did not stop once for any break...I was in a tremendous amount of pain, so I needed to remain focused and determined.  Stopping would have taking me out of the "zone".  By this day Charles and Chris were also in pain.  In fact Charles went to urgent care after the walk.  Alicia, who wore walking sandals for the journey was in the best shape!  I wore walking sandals on the final day.

This was also the day we received the most support from motorists and pedestrians.  People were delighted to see another choice and were very encouraging.  We had many, many thumbs ups and hugs!  Thank you Sacramento!

Many people joined us for the walk..some just walked the last mile and others walked the entire 14 miles.  Thank you to each of you!  We were interviewed by ABC, NBC, Sacramento Bee, and News With Views.

Thank you to everyone for caring enough to be at the Capitol when we arrived.  Charles, Alicia, Kris, and I each spoke and felt such a personal sense of accomplishment!  We did this walk to give hope to Californians, but there was actually one person who gave the three of us hope.  A homeless man insisted on giving us a $5 donation.  We each were moved by his actions...he would not keep his money....we tried to give him his money back and he would not take it. He was thankful for the stand we were taking, so a few miles later, we gave the $5 to a homeless woman.


My feet are still sore, but I would do this all over again!!



The Other Guys - The First Really Funny Movie I Have Seen In Years

I just realized how long it has been since I have laughed so hard that my tummy muscles hurt afterwards. The cast of this movie is great and they are all just cute as little buttons. If you need a laugh, this movie should do the trick.

I think there may be some potty-mouth involved, but I don't really notice it any more so watch it before you let youngsters see it...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010 - My Thoughts + Goose Feathers

It is hard to believe it has been 9 years since that awful day. It is harder still to believe that we are considering building a monument to those who harmed us within the fall-out radius of the wreckage.

We have spent trillions fighting wars in foreign countries, yet millions pour over our borders each year, unknown, unquestioned and unable to be stopped. US citizens, legitimate residents and visitors endure absurd, even comical "safety precautions" at airports and legal immigrants are subjected to Kafkaesque bureaucratic regulations and procedures which seem to be more sadistic in nature than designed to perform any useful function.

At every level in society we punish those who play by the rules and reward those who blatantly subvert the rule of law. No matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, the political class maniacally cling to the delusion that every newcomer's motives are pure and intentions are good and chastise their citizens for having the audacity to question otherwise. Indeed, it is the citizen who is automatically presumed guilty.

Now feathers are flying amid bickering over new stimulus packages, wealth spreading and fair-share paying. Our leaders, possessed with the notion that the worst injustice in society is to allow those who make poor decisions to be burdened with their outcomes and regard success to be evidence of guilt rather than being something worthy of emulation and praise, should take note.

Those feathers are goose feathers of the golden egg laying variety. Once this goose has been plucked, dressed and eaten, said feathers are all that shall remain.

Many have said we are on the wrong track as a nation. I agree. It is time for us to stop looking to our government for answers and it is time for our government to have faith in its people.


PS: Tolerance is crap. Screw tolerance, toss it out the window. Tolerance implies putting up with something that is harmful or bad. When you tolerate, you turn yourself into a doormat and I am sick and tired of being a fricken doormat. What we want is respect, and respect is a two-way street.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Hardship Walk Day 1 - The Plight Of The Central Valley - Chelene Nightingale

Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Chelene Nightingale

Chelene is collecting hardship letters to bring to Sacramento. If you are suffering due to the state of the state, email Chelene's campaign - they'll print out all the emails and present them to the powers that be when they get to Sacramento.


Friday, September 03, 2010

This Can't Be True - And Yet It Is - Flight 93 Memorial To Islam

I thought this was a sick joke, but if it is, our national park service is in on it as well. I went there to learn more about the design of the memorial and discovered that they are indeed going ahead with the red crescent design. As I am sure you are aware, a red crescent is the symbol of Islam. We have for example, The Red Cross, whereas the Islamic version is termed The Red Crescent.

The red crescent memorial to Islam on the Flight 93 crash site allegedly points to Mecca

Work has begun on Phase I of the permanent memorial. Read the weekly update and learn more about what will be completed this year. The site will remain open to the public during construction. Hours are from 9AM-7PM in the summer and 9AM-5PM in the winter. View our construction webcam provided by the National Park Foundation.
 This hideous monstrosity brought to us by Paul Murdoch Architects.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My First Tea Party

I attended my very first tea party this evening. I've been with them in spirit for awhile now, but this was my first actual meeting. What got me out of the house, into my car and over to the meeting was a chance to hear Chelene Nightingale speak and as it turned out, to meet her afterward. I also volunteered for her campaign. I figure I have to vote for somebody for governor,  and it sure isn't going to be somebody who is a big fat liar or nutty Jerry Brown.

Here's a funny little story about Jerry Brown which has absolutely no significance whatsoever other than it is my funny little story and I get to name drop. Way back in the day, 1988 or so, I was at an interview that would land me my first real job - the kind where they no longer refund all of your taxes. We were in the middle of the interview when all of a sudden the door opened suddenly and a man stuck his head in wanting to know where he could find more printer ink. My future boss told him, and he closed the door and scurried off. My future boss chuckled and said something about Jerry Brown and it took me a few seconds to realize that the man in desperate need of printer ink was, in fact Jerry Brown, the former Governor of California and soon to be candidate for president. Turned out he attended Jesuit seminary together with the the big boss who was letting him use an office for a spell. Later that year, Governor Brown turned up as the keynote speaker at a symposium my company hosted and gave a hilarious talk, although now I can't remember a word he said. We all got to shake his hand and say howdy afterwards, which at that time I thought was really neato.

Told you it was irrelevant.

But back to the tea party. Contrary to how the tea party is portrayed in the Messed Up Media, those in attendance were simply normal, everyday people - most of them a good 10 or 20 years older than I am. They sat in chairs and listened to the speakers and then asked questions during the Q&A session when a given speaker had finished. We raised our hands, waited to be called on, then asked our question. Some people shared stories about how our Final Solutions Act, AB 32 is going to put them out of business. So much for right-wing terrorists plotting to blow things up. I recommend you attend a tea party before casting your next vote or forming an opinion on the tea party movement. Your vote does matter, especially when you consider that fewer than 500 people voted in the city of Bell election that allowed their Council members to raise their salaries to 100K a year. Out of city of around 40,000.

I learned a few interesting little factoids, too - of particular interest was the fact that I am most likely going to spend at least the next 30 years working to fund the cushy retirement of the thousands upon thousands of public employees who have taken this state to the cleaners. Here in my town we had four such employees retire this year, and each one got lump sum payments of $324,000 from accrued sick and vacation pay (they will get pensions on top). Did I mention they shut down a public library? One of those payments could have kept it going. In fact 80% of  government expenditures in this state goes to pay our public employees.

Next time you vote, consider these figures:

  • Average salary in the public sector $75,000 + $30-$40K in benefits 
  • Average salary of public safety employees $90,000
  • In Ventura, there are only 6 firemen making less than $100,000 year (rookies)
  • 50% of our police retire on disability - which means that 50% of their pension is tax free.

Chelene Nightingale for California Governor 2010
Chelene Nightingale - candidate for the California Gubernatorial race of 2010
Chelene Nightingale for California Governor, 2010
The state of California has roughly $600 Billion in unfunded liabilities related to all these pensions. This means the money we would normally use to pay for schools, roads and paper clips will increasingly be gobbled up by pension costs. They will want you to pay more, of course.

That's why I'm voting for Chelene. She is the only one willing to address the bloated monster that is California government.