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Thursday, December 29, 2011

To War Or Not To War

  1. Mitt Romney Military Service - Mitt Romney has never served in the military.
  2. Jon Huntsman - A Personal Friend Of President Barack Obama - Military Service Unknown (Means Probably Not)
  3. Congressman Ron Paul - Active Duty Flight Surgeon From 1963-65; Air National Guard From 1965-68.
  4. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich - Avoided The Draft, Did Not Serve.
  5. Michelle Bachmann - was/is a girl
  6. Barack Obama - Yeah right.
Our next scheduled war is with Iran. Our military is now a tool of Goldman Sachs and a welfare program for Haliburton. I am kind of sick of war. My grandfather told me that people who have been to war, have seen it, and the damage it does are more likely to exhaust all other options before choosing war. Also, the military instills a sense of honor in a person. If you are a war monger, vote for Barack Obama or one of the other stooges. If you really want change, it is looking like there is only one choice. 

Notice how scared the media is? That's how you know. 

Want to be picked up and put in a FEMA camp? Don't vote for Ron Paul. Want to see the English language version of the same Internet the Chinese get to see? Don't vote for Ron Paul.

Want to have your living standard forcibly lowered, Don't vote for Ron Paul.

The worst thing about Ron Paul is that he will probably be assassinated if he wins. All the criminals won't be able to get away with their crimes if Ron Paul is president.


PS Do yourself a favor, cancel your cable TV.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxer and Feinstein Vote For NDAA

These are the senators who voted against the NDAA Martial Law bill:
  1. Cardin (D-MD)
  2. Coburn (R-OK)
  3. Crapo (R-ID)
  4. DeMint (R-SC)
  5. Durbin (D-IL)
  6. Franken (D-MN)
  7. Harkin (D-IA)
  8. Lee (R-UT)
  9. Merkley (D-OR)
  10. Paul (R-KY)
  11. Risch (R-ID)
  12. Sanders (I-VT)
  13. Wyden (D-OR)
The traitors Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein voted to give the government the ability to arrest you and lock you up forever without charges, a trial or anything. Both these women should stand trial for treason.

The cowards voted using a voice vote hoping you wouldn't notice.


PS number 1 financial donor to Mitt Romney...GOLDMAN SACHS!

Support Planned Parenthood

Have you always wanted to be a Nazi but were born too late and missed your chance? Never Fear! Simply write a check to Planned Parenthood and help them in their quest to reduce the US Population!

Table 1. Examples Of Proposed Measures to Reduce US Fertility...


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Citizens Of Canada and Mexico

I am an American citizen, and am watching a video on the North American Union. I am getting the impression that Canada and Mexican citizens are well aware of plans to create this union, and I would like to know whether this is common knowledge in your respective countries, or is it just a rumor?

Most of the Canadians and Mexicans shown in this video are no happy about this development, and I fully understand and empathize with your feelings concerning the North American Community.

I must inform you, however, that Americans are largely ignorant of these plans, and I am fairly confident that most US citizens will share your feelings should this turn out to be true.

I propose that the citizens of our three countries do our best to keep each other informed, and work together to prevent this from happening. You will need to help educate US citizens, because the mere mention of this here will get you branded as a conspiracy theorist, a fruitcake, batty, off of one's rocker, etc.

You may have heard that our politicians and media are fully and completely corrupt, so this must be a grassroots effort if it is to be stopped.

I hope this is just a silly rumor, because otherwise I am going to have to be seriously pissed-off.

US Citizen and Planning On Staying That Way, Neighbor To Sovereign and Independent Nations Canada and Mexico.

Friday, December 23, 2011

TSA screenings aren't just for airports anymore

TSA screenings aren't just for airports anymore I think I will be voting for Ron Paul...

California Per Pupil Education Spending Lies

Often we hear about how little California spends on K-12 education when compared to other states, such as in this article I found on the Silicon Valley Education foundation's site:
The $8,852 spent per pupil in 2008 – before the full impact of the recession hit California’s schools – was $2,371 below the national average of $11, 223. It will probably be headed lower once 2009 and 2010 figures are out. California is  squeezed between #42 Washington, just ahead of Arizona, and a freefall behind top-spending, low-cost Wyoming’s adjusted figure of $17,114.
 The number cited, $8,852 is from 2008, and the implication is that this number is set to decline in forthcoming years. According to the California Legislative Analyst's Office, however, California spends $11,405 per participant in the K-12 education system (2009-2010), which is well above the oft-cited number and is above the 2008 national average.

California Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) chart of 2009 - 2010 Cost Per Participant for Major Government Programs shows average cost per participant in the K-12 education system as being $11,405.
If we had any sort of worthy news media in this country, they would look into the discrepancy between the number reported which makes California rank near the bottom of the barrel in spending per pupil and the actual number reported by the bean counters. The reason they would look into this discrepancy if they wanted to justify their existence and paychecks, is because the lower number is used to try and wrestle more money out of California taxpayers by appealing to their conscience and feelings of guilt.

It also allows the education establishment to continually churn out poorly educated students with the excuse that it is a funding issue.

Unfortunately, we have no such worthy media, they are as incompetent and corrupt as their cohorts in government. That explains why they fail to report on or play down other items such as insider trading by members of congress, laws passed granting dictatorial powers to the President and setting the stage for martial law, and former Goldman Sachs Chairman and Governor of New Jersey's theft of over $1 Billion in client money (not unlike a hypothetical scenario where Charles Schwab would claim ignorance if you should one day log into your account and find it empty...)

Keep on voting for those higher taxes and patting yourself on the back for socking it to the rich. It is only fair that liars and incompetents get to get rich too.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pigeons and Smoke Signals are what the world will be using to communicate if the fascists get their way. Internet Censorship is on it's way - in the form of the Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R.3261) or SOPA for short, and other similar bills:  S.968 Protect IP Act, S.1228 (Thomas says this is related).

This is, of course, about money and power - the making and keeping of both - it turns over even more power to the Federal Government and various business interests and will allow them to shut down any site they want. Too bad Anonymous has decided it wants to be a total TOOL and agitate for leftists instead of being useful and good by preventing tyranny.

The only think left for the people to do to try and prevent this is to VOTE OUT THE SPONSORS of these bills and cancel your cable, stop buying music, videos, and going to the movies.

Otherwise, expect to see a similar internet as the people of China do, rumor has it that is what they are aiming for.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Establishment Criminals Scared To Death Of Ron Paul

Hey Everyone,

If you vote for Ron Paul, you are in real danger of hearing the truth for once, and that is really bugging the powers that be.  Probably because more than half of them - from both parties - they are all stinking, crooked, filthy, arrogant, criminal liars - will go to jail if the American Public finds out the truth. There are most likely a group who will have earned the charges of treason - for which our Constitution specifies the death penalty.

These sleazebags are going to try everything to get rid of Ron Paul.

Look at what the whining scumbag republicans in IOWA are blathering.: rabblerabblerabble - yes, it is apparently very damaging to Iowa if the citizens of Iowa vote for who they want to in the caucus.  Can you believe the absurdity?
Conservatives and Republican elites in the state are divided over who to support for the GOP nomination, but they almost uniformly express concern over the prospect that Ron Paul and his army of activist supporters may capture the state’s 2012 nominating contest — an outcome many fear would do irreparable harm to the future role of the first-in-the-nation caucuses. Read

So be a good little slave, citizen of Iowa and vote for one of the chosen stooges.


Don't Forget To Keep A Few Candles & Some Matches...

So when you are wondering why you are suddenly sitting in the dark you can read up on Agenda 21 and how the traitors among us managed to implement it right under our noses, with our permission even.

You will feel really stupid because you wrote off the people who tried to warn you as crazy conspiracy theorists, and no matter how illogical and contrary to the evidence it might have been, you believed the propaganda put forth by the criminal state run media.

It might also seem like a mistake not to have grabbed a pitch fork and run Very Berry Jerry And Schwarzenegger right out of town, when they stood up and gave a lecture of lies on the virtues of the imaginary green economy and the plethora of jobs therein. Maybe it was opposite day - when Arnold praised the wonders of Green in Germany - since it somewhat coincided with reports that the Germans had shut down their miraculous green wonders - deeming them colossal failures...

Perhaps, with 2020 hindsight, you will ponder whether it was wise to emulate the European model of fabulous Green Jobs such as was tried in Spain - where for every green job created, two other jobs were lost, and that created green job came with a price tag of roughly $500,000 paid for by taxpayers.

Yet, despite the fact that Spain is now on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse, in debt up to its eyeballs and beyond, the US marches proudly down the idiot path, managing to ignore every scrap of evidence and warning from others who preceded us.

On second thought, don't bother with the candle - it appears you are quite content to sit in the dark.


I on the other hand will be using good old fashioned Thomas Edison light bulbs, as many as I can. I am buying more lamps so I can use more light bulbs - just because.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Black Genocide in Libya - Going On Now

This is sickening. Has anyone heard Hillary denouncing the racial cleansing occurring as a result of her handiwork? They are killing black people in Libya. Our government is evil. All of them. Still trust these people?

That UN sure looks out for people. Boy, I bet you are all sure happy that your local government is implementing UN policies right under your noses.


Read about it here:

Libyan Rebels Accused of "Ethnic Cleansing," Black Genocide
Black genocide in Libya - why the silence?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Last Chance - Lord Give Me A Sign

Section 1031 of the NDAA bill

15 Subtitle D—Detainee Matters

(2) A person who was a part of or substantially
10 supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces
11 that are engaged in hostilities against the United
12 States or its coalition partners, including any person
13 who has committed a belligerent act or has directly
14 supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy
15 forces.

Definition of BELLIGERENT
1 : waging war; specifically : belonging to or recognized as a state at war and protected by and subject to the laws of war
2 : inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness

KBR is a subsidiary of Haliburton - They have been contracted by our government to find sub-contractors to staff temporary FEMA camps. Our Congress just passed the Defense Bill which authorizes them to pick up citizens and incarcerate them without a trial, or even charges being filed. We are soon going to be living and dying under a military dictatorship.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Newt Gingrich Is A Progressive And Progressives Are Communists

If A = B and B = C then A = C. 

I will not vote for this man, he is another liar. When are you people going to learn? It has to be Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman or Rick Santorum. Somebody with honor and character. Do you really think that a liar will do the right thing? There are issues with all of these candidates where I do not agree with them, but those issues pale in comparison to the major issue of trust. Our major problem is corruption. The entire government is corrupt. From top to bottom, they are enriching themselves, and turning the rest of us into paupers.

They just passed a law allowing the government to put you in jail whenever they feel like it, without charges, a trial or any chance of getting out. Why are you worrying about stupid things like a person's religion or the ability to debate? They may sound nice to you, but we need somebody who will pull the country back from the edge of the cliff. We are on the edge of a cliff. Get it? Once we go over, it is too late. We have one more chance, and even with that chance - there are no guarantees.

Ideology is irrelevant at this point - corruption has made those discussions pointless.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Public Schools To Teach About Transgenders

Sending your kids to a public school is tantamount to child abuse these days. The Progressives are engaging in the final stages of their demoralization campaign, designed to destroy the last remaining morals and values of this country, in preparation for the collapse. As is usually the case amongst those who believe "the ends justify the means" they are far more concerned with their ability to grab power than the welfare of children. There is no other way to explain the desire to teach elementary school children about a mental illness and call it normal.

It is terribly sad - because adults should consider the welfare of children before their own aspirations - but Progressives are driven by envy and greed, and take great pleasure in causing hurt to others. Progressivisim is truly a mental illness. If you are not too far gone, consider putting your children in private school or home schooling.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Glen Beck Highlights Possible Total Cure For Cancer

Sounds unbelievable, I know...but then again, maybe not. Read about it on Supposedly this has shown a 100% cure rate in animals. They are waiting for approval from the FDA to start human trials, and Glen Beck held a fundraiser in NYC last night to "squeeze his rich friends" to fund the research.

In any case, it should be tested ASAP....

Pass it on.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

 And for kids...

 Complete with dance instructions... aus Österreich...(Austria)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Is Wrong With Penn State Students?

Germany is famous for its great cars, and if you have ever had a chance to drive one in Germany, you know that it is one of the few places in the world where you can really drive a German car. The German Autobahn is built for speed, and it is quite common to see cars whiz by at speeds well above 100 mph. If you are a car lover, Germany is the place for you.

Hitler built the autobahn system. He is also responsible for one of the world's favorite cars - the people's car - the VW Beetle or Bug - Star of multiple Hollywood movies, and near and dear to the heart's of many. What a great guy was Adof Hitler! He did so much for the automobile industry. Don't you just love him? Perhaps we might say that if Herr Hitler had topped out his career as Secretary of Transportation, and had limited his accomplishments to matters of mobility. He also painted pretty pictures and loved dogs and children, by the way.

Unfortunately for any would-be Hitler fans, he killed millions and millions of people. He had Jews searched out and slaughtered not just in Germany, but throughout the better part of an entire continent. I don't know if he ever personally killed a single human being, but that is irrelevant because he was the party in charge.

So nobody really cares whether Hitler liked dogs, children, painting or the construction of motorways. His crimes against humanity erase whatever good the guy did 1000 fold. That's how it should work. When leaders kill their people, it is hard to still call them leaders. We choose leaders and endow certain members of society with responsibilities and privileges to serve a particular purpose - the head of a nation is supposed to protect the people and do what is in their best interests so that they may pursue productive and reasonably happy lives. Murdering them is not in the job description.

Which brings me to Penn State. Penn State is a school, by the way - it is easy to confuse it with a professional sports organization because recent events focus on coaches and football. But it is, in fact, a school where parents send their children to receive an education. Football is an organized sport which is pursued for recreation and entertainment - a leisure activity - a luxury our prosperity allows us. We do not build and finance schools for the purpose of playing football. Organisations like the NFL and AFL exist for football. We have schools to educate and benefit our youth.

That is why the recent events at Penn State are particularly obscene and inexcusable. In an institution set up specifically for the benefit of the young, we learn that it is a haven for those who would abuse and torture them. It negates the very reason for its existence.

From the janitor to the president of Penn State, the sole reason for their employment is to enhance the well-being of our youth. It is not to create or preserve a reputation, generate resources or win a football game. Reputations are earned through deeds. The best way to acquire or preserve a good reputation is to perform good deeds. Instead, we have adults using the school's reputation to do evil.

The really troubling thing is that there seems to be a large number of students who have no grasp of right and wrong, and no understanding of the purpose of the institution they are attending. So enamored are they of their charismatic coach, that they are willing to overlook the fundamental evil which was allowed to fester under his watch. Instead of stepping up to the plate and accepting the responsibility which justifies his paycheck, Joe Paterno thinks he can cruise through the rest of the season and retire on his own terms, despite the fact that he has been utterly derelict in the duties his position demands. He has not furthered the well-being of the youth - he has allowed for the total destruction of the lives of at least 20 young boys.

The trustees of Penn State did not do this to Joe Paterno, Joe Paterno did this to himself. We do not put people in positions of authority to idolize them, we put them there to serve a purpose, and they are compensated well because we expect them to make the difficult calls, not just bask in the glory afforded to their position.

It does not bode well for us as a nation when our youth is willing to defend corruption and evil, just because the guy is a favorite coach, just as we don't forget the Hitler horrors when we drive speedily down the German Autobahn. There is not enough good in the world you can do to justify this evil.


PS: To the board of Trustees at Penn State: Every last one of those students who are participating in those riots should be expelled immediately. If you allow them to earn degrees from Penn State, you will deprecate the value of a degree from Penn State to be equivalent to used toilet paper. Starting right here. Until the students are expelled, a Penn State degree is garbage. What sort of animals are you keeping there at your institution, anyway?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So You Put Up With TSA At The Airport, Get Ready For TSA On The Highway

TSA Releases VIPR Venom On Tennessee Highways
If you thought the “Transportation Security Administration” would limit itself to conducting unconstitutional searches at airports, think again. The agency intends to assert jurisdiction over our nation’s highways, waterways, and railroads as well. TSA launched a new campaign of random checkpoints on Tennessee highways last week, complete with a sinister military-style acronym--VIP(E)R – as a name for the program.

The military dictatorship is here.


Dennis Kucinich - "Al-Qaeda Flying It's Flag Over Libya"

So, anybody think it is a good thing that we installed Al Qaeda in Libya? Cuz we did. Probably Egypt, too. Our Government is so corrupt and evil it makes me sick. Kucinich here seems like a decent guy. I guess since he is posting on youtube, this is not in agreement with the puppet master's plan.

Wake up people. Get rid of the TSA, Homeland Security, the EPA and 90% of the rest of the government. They are evil.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Why - Coming Economic Crash Intentional For Purposes Of Agenda 21

This woman is a liberal. (Her Site) She explains the why. This started with the traitor GHW Bush who got us into this. This is why we vote for people and nothing ever changes. This is why Obama invaded Libya, this is why we have that BS AB 32 in the state of California. This is why unemployment will not go down, because they do not want it to. They are trying to bring us back to the CO2 output levels of 1934.

Scared Shitless.

This is everywhere:
Can you think of another organization that has this many local chapters?
  1. United Nations Association, Davis Chapter
  2. UNA-USA East Bay
  3. United Nations Association Midpeninsula Chapter
  4. United Nations Association of the United States of America Monterey Bay Chapter
  5. United Nations Association of the USA - Orange County Chapter
  6. United Nations Association :: Pacific L.A.
  7. United Nations Association :: Pomona Valley Chapter
  8. The Sacramento Chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States
  9. United Nations Association of San Diego
  10. United Nations Association of San Francisco
  11. UNA-USA Santa Barbara County Chapter
  12. United Nations Association of the United States of America Santa Cruz Chapter
  13. United Nations Association of Southern California
  14. United Nations Association - U.S.A. Whittier, California
ICLEI - - Local Governments for Sustainability (And the obliteration of private property.) The plan is for everyone to live in centralized high-rises. Much like the Soviets did in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is littered with hideous concrete high-rises. Bulgaria was an agrarian society until Joe decided everyone should move to the city.

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Urge To Purge - When History Is Bulemic

Some Iranian guy saw a picture on the wall in a restaurant in Texas and instantly got the wedgie of his life. This kind of stuff makes me want to become a professional offender. I am talented in this respect and it has often chagrined me that I can't think of a way to monetize it. Then I calm down and am nice again. But I cannot stand the perpetually offended. In fact, it makes me long for the days when one could easily get away with beating up the annoying nerdy kids after school. Not that I ever did such a thing. But I want to. The whiners, the tattletales, anybody who was likely to grow up and become one of these meddling, incompetent politicians. A young Janet Napolitano for example.

But that has little to do with the sign in the Katie, Texas restaurant. First of all, you morons, Iran is a country, not a race. And the people beyond the initial complainer don't give a hoot about who is offended, this is about forcing some Texan to do what they want. Yet another technique to subdue the enemy, and we are the enemy. Anybody who kinda likes the USA and wants to keep it, they are the ones who are under attack by the Progressives. May I say it again? Progressives are go-slow communists. I am not exaggerating even one little bit. That is not hyperbole, hysteria or hallucination. That is just what they are. Go do some research.

They want to control history, too. History is their enemy. History contains secrets they do not want you to know. So they come up with one ruse or another to erase history. This time it is history offends. But history is real. History hurts sometimes. People fight, people make up, people do all kinds of things. History has all kinds of fun stuff in it. What the progressives want to hide is the evolution of events which lead to very bad things, because they are to trying to bring about very bad things and they do not want you to notice. Finally, pretending evil does not exist is about the worst way to prevent evil from occurring that I can think of, short of embracing it outright. So, instead of getting offended by everything, do the unthinkable, and think.


ps - jon stewart is a wus.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fun With Banking Collapse

Here is my current thinking on the state of things:

  1. Steven Lerner's stated goal of the OWS picnic was to "bring the crisis to the rich" by collapsing a bank or two. I watched the video and I saw and heard him say that.
  2. It is questionable whether the rabble rousers have enough funds in the bank for BofA or Chase to experience any significant liquidity crisis if they withdraw their money and close their accounts.
  3. If they do, the collapse of a major bank is no trivial matter and you should prepare for VERY BAD THINGS.
  4. Since the media and the politicians are a bunch of liars thieves and whores, I would not put it past them to use this as an excuse, regardless of whether it is true or not, to impose some sort of draconian measures "for our safety".
  5. The final stage of the endgame goal is to create chaos and anarchy, and produce a crisis of the magnitude such that the sheeple scream for the government to do something.
  6. The something that results will be a power grab that would not have been possible under normal circumstances. This can include martial law, suspension of elections, the rounding up of the trouble makers, the freezing of all assets in the banking system... use your imagination. I don't know what it is yet, but there will be something. We are watching a well-choreographed play, and the directors have a definite goal.
  7. Whatever it is, it is not going to be good for anyone but the directors. We the people are the extras in this production, and should it turn into the blockbuster they hope it does, we will not share in the rewards.
  8. I suggest you do not withdraw your money out of the major banks, not for the love of major banks, rather for the love of your own personal safety and well-being.

This crisis started in government. The first signs of trouble were seen in the near collapse of FANNIE and FREDDIE. They were the ones which allowed underwriting standards to go to hell, which meant money was lent to people who could not repay it, and when they started to not repay it, the bubble collapsed.

If you ask me, Goldman Sachs is in collusion with the Federal Government. They took the worthless loans, chopped them up and re-sold them to everybody. They did not do this without full knowledge of FANNIE AND FREDDIE - BOTH QUASI GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS.

Don't be stupid.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Singing Radical Leftist Terrorist Song

The final nine months of Diana Oughton's life were absorbed almost entirely by the disintegration of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the growth of a new, much smaller organization which turned to terrorism as the Weathermen. In June, 1969, the SDS, long troubled by deep differences on questions of ideology, suddenly burst apart at a chaotic, slogan-shouting convention in Chicago.

When the SDS was founded in 1962 it was a fluid, open group which emphasized persuasion, community organizing and broad popular participation in all important decisions. By 1969, however, the organization was locked in a power struggle between the Progressive Labor Party, a highly disciplined offshoot of the Communist party, and a more militant faction which became the Weathermen.

By the end of the Chicago convention the Weathermen had captured control of the SDS national headquarters in Chicago's West Side ghetto. The new SDS leadership was committed to action and over the summer of 1969 gradually worked out a plan for turning student radicals into a "Red Army" which would fight the establishment in the streets of America. Late one night during the convention Diana called an old friend from Bryn Mawr, asked if she could spend the night and finally arrived with eight exhausted SDS members after 4:00 in the morning. One of the people with Diana that night was Alan Howard, who had been working for the underground Liberation News Service (LNS) in New York since leaving Guatemala.

Before returning to the convention the next day, Diana and Alan went for a long walk down Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. They talked about the impending split in SDS and the Weatherman manifesto, partly written by Diana's boyfriend, Bill Ayers. The 25,000-word manifesto - named after a line in a Bob Dylan song, "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way the Wind Blows"  - argued that white radicals in the United States could help bring on a worldwide revolution only by fighting in the streets of the "mother country." Howard, who had first started Diana thinking seriously about revolution in Guatemala, now found himself in the awkward position of trying to restrain her, to convince Diana that a premature attempt to bring on the revolution would be suicidal. Diana insisted the time had come to fight.

While the SDS was beginning to plan for a four-day series of antiwar demonstrations in October, Diana's relationship with Bill Ayers and her family both came under increasing strain. Ayers had been elected one of the three national officers of the Weathermen, along with Mark Rudd and Bernardine Dohrn, and was spending most of his time in the national office.

Sandusky Register - Sandusky, Ohio - October 1st, 1970

Monday, October 31, 2011

Smearing Herman Cain

My husband told me a year or two ago that the female boss at his job has a mouth straight out of the gutter. She drops "F-Bombs" like the Allies over Berlin, and brags about it. Nobody does anything about it, despite how tedious such language can be. Women get away with anything in the workplace these days - from bringing their children to business meetings, to leaving early to pick up children at daycare while demanding the same pay as the others, (both male and female who put in twice as many hours) to overt discrimination and harassing behavior.

Then the poor little hot house flowers have near apoplexy if a male co-worker even looks side-ways at her. Sure there are extreme situations that should not be tolerated, but simply because somebody feels uncomfortable should not be grounds to sue. Women have made enough strides in the workplace regarding acceptance, attitudes and advancements, that is about time they learn to deal with whatever behavior they may face without running off to a lawyer.

Back when I went to an office to work, I encountered my fair share of sexism, and I dealt with it myself if it bothered me. Back in the 1980s and 1990s there was a lot more in the way of sexism than there is now; so get a grip and quit whining.

Regarding the stupid allegations being reported by the stupid media - it occurs to me that I find it much more relevant to know things like candidate Obama has a lengthy history with a known leftist terrorist whom he regards as a mentor than whether or not Herman Cain made an alleged offensive comment.

I had never heard of Bill Ayers until 6 months into the Obama presidency, and if I had known about it, there is no way in Hades I would have voted for the man. In fact, this little omission on the part of the Messed Up Media was a key factor in my own realization about how disgustingly corrupt and biased they are.

I now know that the MSM will dig into every aspect of Herman Cain's background and will lie, twist and half-report anything which can be remotely considered suspect. If this is all they can find, the guy must be a veritable boyscout.


PS - The smoking commercial? I get it... It says - if I want to smoke, I am going to smoke, it is a free country. And to that, may I add...If you have a problem with what I do, what time should I come over to your house to make a list of all the things YOU do wrong? MYOB America.

Bill Ayers and Friends in the 1970s

Bill Ayer's Girlfriend Diana Oughton, rich girl who blew herself up trying to make bombs to blow up a  dance for military boys who were deploying to Vietnam the next day. Nice girl. Luckily, she had far more in the way of opinions than competence. I read that she was Bill Ayer's true love. Which makes his terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn sloppy seconds. Sucks for her. Lowell Sun - September 17, 1970.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Diana Oughton, rich girl turned revolutionary, became deeply involved in 1969 with the fanatically militant Weathermen who vowed to carry their revolution against society into the streets. Her father recalls that she developed an "intellectual hysteria" and grew even more deeply estranged from her prosperous family. This is the fourth in a series of the life of the young woman -who was killed in the explosion of a "bomb factory" in Greenwich Village.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Agent Jesus Diaz

Folks, we cannot let this happen. Jesus Diaz is an AMERICAN border patrol agent who was just thrown in jail for doing his job. If we say nothing about this abuse of power, this will soon be the policeman doing his job, the fireman doing his job, the volunteer handing out food to the hungry.

The only reason this man is in jail is because they want to scare our heroic border patrol agents into not doing their job. The Mexican government is behind this - Agent Diaz had the nerve to interrupt a drug smuggler carrying drugs into the US.

Agent Jesus Diaz is bearing the costs of our complacency. This man is having his life destroyed because of you, and me and everyone else who does nothing to free him.

Help him. Please, help him.


Meet Nobody

"Niemand hat die Absicht, ein Mauer zu errichten" - Nobody intends to build a wall

Es begann mit einer Lüge. DDR-Staatsratschef Walter Ulbricht versicherte am 15. Juni 1961, es werde keine Mauer gebaut. Fast 30 Jahre lang sollte sie Deutschland trennen. It started with a lie. GDR Head of State Walter Ulbricht gave assurances on June 15th 1961 that no wall would be built. For almost 30 years, it would divide Germany. Die Zeit Online (Translated by me) Am 13. August 1961 begann die DDR mit dem Bau der Mauer in Berlin. The GDR started construction of the wall on August 13th, 1961 (Slightly less than 2 months after claiming Nobody intended to build one.)

Meet Nobody

Picture of the wall Nobody intended to build shortly after the speech...
The Wall that nobody intended to build in later years - also showing the mine fields which kept pole vaulters from getting any bright ideas.


Reality Check - 1989 East Germany

September 1989 - 70,000 people demonstrate peacefully in Leipzig.  -  Their mantra: "We are the people." Incidentally, they were demonstrating against the actual "social justice" that had been inflicted upon them for the last 30+ years.
The red sign says "Gorbi Gorbi Help us" - the white "Visa-free ? Rostock Shanghai " - probably meaning they would like to travel more freely.

Sign Says: If the (West German Deutsche Mark) DM comes here, we'll stay - if not we will go to it (DM). It rhymes in German - catchy - they are basically saying they are sick of only having East German funny money and little to buy with it and if they do not bring the West German Mark to them, they are going to blow this Popsicle Stand, and move to the West. Which they did.

So, given the evidence of this little experiment in "social justice" - they used that phrase in East Germany et al quite a bit, too...and the miserable failure it was, why are the OWS kiddies screaming for more? The system they are agitating for would have none of their present behavior, the usual reaction of the government they want would be to quickly arrest each and every one of them and lock them up somewhere where they would never be heard from again. Seriously.

Do you really want a system that has to lock people in to prevent them from leaving? Cuz, like, I don't.


Saturday, October 22, 2011





Project Mana - A hunger relief agency

PS - I am not going to worry about whether my local agency is a den of leftist commies - at least not for the time being. I figure if we can keep people alive and healthy, we can still argue about it later.

Perhaps My Anonymous Critic Is Right

Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser. One point of clarification, however, Anonymous critic... I do not think there is a Soviet takeover under way - I might have slipped into that model because there is a small amount of comfort and familiarity in the been-there-done-that method of world domination - it gives one a tangible foe and allows one to formulate a plan.

But this is not a battle of left and right. There are too many contradictions and inconsistencies. I was reminded of this when I found myself agreeing with Putin concerning the topic of "Who gave NATO the right to kill Ghadafi?" Nobody, that's who.

Why are they going to such great lengths to allow these former dictators to be humiliated in death? Sadam Hussein pulled out of a hole and hanged, Mubarak caged like a rat at his own trial, Ghadafi shot and dragged through the streets half-dead. They allowed him to bleed out - which is consistent with how one goes about killing an animal for food in those parts.

Sure those guys are not the nicest people on the planet, but it is doubtful their replacements will be much better.

And then there is the matter of our Peacenik President, who has this strange predilection for starting new wars - totally the opposite of what he said he wanted to do.

Everything is a contradiction, and none of the usual suspects are behaving in a way that is even in their own interests. It is as if they are creating one big dog fight out of the world's population. They want all of the dogs to fight and kill each other, and then they will just kill the victorious dog with the justification that he was a bad dog - just look at how many other dogs he killed.

Then there is the matter of the financial systems of the world. Both Europe and the US are headed for total implosion of their financial, and thus economic systems. That this will cause worldwide death and destruction on a scale never seen before on this planet doesn't seem to bother anyone. Our oh-so-efficient, just-in-time inventory systems, especially favored by grocery stores, will mean there will be hunger very quickly, then fighting and ultimately starvation.

We are extremely dependent on our modern systems. Few of us are capable of living off of the land. The animosities between different groups are being fueled and heightened, our traditional enemies allowed to take up residence among us and fortify. What is going to happen if mere survival becomes an issue?

Then there is the matter of John Holdren. Our science czar. This is a guy who has written large books on the topic of overpopulation. Back in the 1970s he thought there were way too many people on the planet, and was advocating forced sterilization and other methods of controlling populations. He thinks there should be no more than 3 billion people on the planet. Out of all the scientists in the world, why on earth is a guy like this in such a position of power?

Why did Bush sign a treaty with the Canadians allowing the use of Canadian troops on American soil in the event of civil unrest? What are all of those coffins for?

I don't know the why. But I do know that something very bad is in the works and that it is no accident. Societies are being deliberately structured to harness the dark side of human nature, and no good is going to come of that. At least not for the majority of us.


Friday, October 21, 2011

To Create Or Destroy

As society continues to unravel, you have a decision to make. Some people will spend their time complaining, protesting, deriding and decrying the faults of others. That's what they do, and they are very good at it. Our media is full of these negative Nellies, and they usually come with a pedigree from one ivy league school or another.

I was just over reading the New York Times Op Ed section, where vipers like Maureen Dowd spew venom with such vengeance one wonders what terrible things befell her to turn into such a bitter old hag. She has a very high opinion of herself, as do most of the old blowhards over at the NY Times which is amply demonstrated as they celebrate their literary achievements in snide.

These people are not creators, they do not have that in them. Without the constructs of an affluent society which affords them the luxury of sitting on the sidelines, earning a living by throwing excrement on society's achievers, and producers, they would starve.

Maureen Dowd writes editorial after editorial calling every conservative she can think of stupid. She did an absolutely vicious number on the Mormon religion, painting Mormons as freakish weirdos who spend most of their time undertaking sinister activities. Ostensibly, this attack of hers was somehow a discussion of religion and politics.

It struck me as ironic that Haggatha (aka Maureen Dowd) chose Mormons to slime because my own experience with people of the Mormon faith has led me to regard them as some of the most wholesome, hard-working and principled people around.

If a storm were on the horizon and I was unprepared, I sure hope I happen to be in a Mormon neighborhood instead of Haggatha's.

Now I am listening to Glen Beck's show. Here the overwhelming theme is about serving your fellow human being, reaching out to others, honesty, honor, integrity, hard work and humility. With malice towards none. I have heard him say that at least 50 times in the last several weeks. That was Lincoln's policy after the civil war.

Haggatha's crowd spends an abnormal amount of time ridiculing Glen Beck. That is not surprising, because that is all they can do. Glen Beck is a threat to the Haggathas of the world because he is a do-er, a builder, a creator. Glen Beck has actually created jobs. He employs people. He puts food on people's table. He never went to college, but he is neither ignorant nor stupid and now that we are collectively lost in the forest, I can assure you that it will be the Glen Becks of the world that will lead us out safely.

It will also be the Glen Becks of the world that will organize the rescue party to go back into the forest to retrieve Haggatha and friends who by now are surely starving to death because they insisted on staying behind and screaming at the trees. (Trees are kinda dumb...)

Remember, talk is cheap, and it is far, far easier to destroy than it is to create.

Build something, find the good in people, do for others. That is our only way out of this mess, and that is the American way.

Somali Immigrant Driving Cab + Studying Biology Textbook - wondering what the heck the people in the next photo are up to...

More photos of Occupy Denver,
Americans practicing the fine art of signage and demand making. In an odd coincidence, all appear to have interrupted their regular chores of cleaning out the basement to attend this gathering.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Brand New Way To View Israel

I have been trying to conduct a little informal poll of all the Jewish people I know on whether or not they perceive a threat to Israel or not. It is not going very well, because absolutely not one person got back to me. I must have phrased something in a way that gave me away as some sort of right-wing nutcase, and now all of my former Jewish friends and acquaintances are shaking their heads at the depth of my stupidity.

I did manage to get the mother of a high school friend on the phone, (sneak attack) and as non-chalantly as I could, I posed the question of whether there is an increase in antisemitism (there is, big time and now it is suddenly acceptable - not quite sure why yet), although in retrospect, I think the fact that I hadn't spoken to her in at least 10 years detracted from the casual air I had hoped to project and probably added another nut to my case.

She was not as sympathetic to the plight of Israel as I had hoped, informed me she was not a Zionist, and lamented what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. This is a person who I have known a long time, and whom I know to be intelligent and well educated, so I pondered this for much of the day. It was the one comment she made which kept buzzing in my head. "Israel has got to stop building in occupied territory". That one used to really piss me off, too. It makes it seem as if Israel has no intention of giving it back.

But then it just dawned on me. So what? Why should they? Are we out of our bloody minds? There are people in this world who are actually going to great lengths to convince us that giving more land to the people who seem to excel at nothing but convincing their youngsters that to take a ticking bomb for a walk is a good idea.

Seriously, the absurdity of this notion is infinite. On one side you have civil, cultured society who have proven to be worthy custodians of some of the world's most cherished sites, and the other side you have Chaos plus incessant, rather annoying if you think about it, chanting and calls to Kill All The Jews. And people are actually saying we should turn over strategically important to Israel land because it is "the right thing to do"? In what world? It seems to me that the population of Palestine would be far better off if we gave the rest of it to Israel as well.

Plain and simple: The Israelis behave themselves and are much nicer to people than their nutcase neighbors. They win. If I had to chose to live in one place or the other, the answer is obviously Israel. So, how is it in anyway moral to make more people endure a situation that I wouldn't be willing to endure myself?

It ain't.


Why are we putting up with this?
Just because a certain faction of society fancies themselves worldly sophisticates and likes to show up to work with their lunch pail full of humus and tabouli, does not mean we as a nation have to go looking for trouble by allowing in the mortal enemies of certain segments of our citizenry. Especially when the dumb clucks in charge are always ready, willing and able to douse any sparks of trouble with gasoline. I feel that our leaders have an obligation to consider the welfare of the current citizens and to put our welfare first. They also need to take measures to ensure that our culture does not take a back seat to that of the newly arrived. I do not want cultural diversity in the US, that is what my passport is for. I want American culture. My family gave up languages and cultural traditions when they came here, but they got far more in return - peace and prosperity, for example. That sure beats the heck out of hiding up in the mountains somewhere waiting to shoot Serbs.

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Who Says Russia Has No Sense Of Humor...


"Russian women tend to be much more family-oriented than their American counterparts. While many successful American women seem to put their jobs first, Russian women consider their jobs only as a means to support the family. Their husbands and children come first. 
    Russian women do not think it is wrong to believe that women and men are different. Not that one is better or worse than another, but equal in different ways. They are not slaves, but equals. Russian women believe that men and women have different roles in life, and these roles seem to reflect the roles which existed during the 1950's here in the US. They want to keep the house, cook the meals, etc. 
    Russian women are less materialistic than many Americans. As long as they have a roof over their heads, and, surprisingly enough, a car (not necessarily a good one, but anything), that is enough. "



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Who Is Really To Blame - Get A Mirror, Paper + Pencil

I have written this up before, but it seems this is going to be something I end up writing a thousand times. You will not find me down there at the Occupy Wall Street nonsense because I have an aversion to being used as a pawn in somebody else's chess game. Also, while the idea of revolution seems like the perfect antidote to chronic boredom, the bloody mess it actually is, is tedious and a waste of our rather limited time on this planet.

Here is a simplified, most likely not complete, list of how we got where we are today.

  1. Idiot voter: I include myself in this category, because I was not paying attention either. Democracy takes work on our part, and by that I do not mean listening to propaganda on the radio, TV or which shows up in your mailbox in high-glossy format. You have to look at the voting records of incumbents and career politicians, research who owns them and consider their character. All of this information is available online so this is not as difficult and time consuming as you may think.
  2. Idiot Consumer: If you are not smart enough to figure out whether you can afford a house, don't buy one.
  3. Skanky Mortgage Brokers: Bad credit is not OK, your responsibility is to bring lenders professionally underwritten, accurately documented loans according to a set of sound underwriting principles. For doing this job, you will be rewarded well, but the job must be done. This does not mean take any sack of crap and wrap it up in fancy paper and put a bow on top and call it a gift from Tiffany's. That is called fraud.
  4. Skanky Realtors: Yeah, you know who you are - guiding your little sheep to the skanky broker to collect your 5% on a way inflated and over-priced house. Between 2002 and 2008 we bought 2 houses and had more than one realtor tell us to make up an income number to get the loan. We resisted and bought something we could actually afford instead. You won't be seeing either house in any "House Beautiful" or "Better Homes and Gardens" issues, but so far we have still made every payment on our loans and intend to continue doing so until they are paid off, despite the fact that they are both "upside down".
  5. Skanky Consumers: As just stated in 4. both of our houses are upside down. We owe more than they are worth. We will not walk away from them, we will continue paying the loan. We went to them and asked them for the money, nobody forced us to do this. We signed papers saying we would pay the money back, and God willing, that is what we will do.
  6. Some Mix of Lender SKANK and FANNIE AND FREDDIE SKANK: I am not a banker and never have been, so the details are kind of fuzzy and not fully understood by yours truly. I think it basically goes like this. BANK lends you money to buy house, do all the paper work, wraps it up all nice and pretty and turns around and sells it to F&F. F&F now actually bear the risk of the loan, or perhaps a major part of it, though you never see this because you get your statements from BANK. The problems started when F&F SKANK was created by POLITICIAN SKANK and F&F EXECUTIVE SKANK.
  7. POLITICIAN SKANK: As best I can tell, the SKANKIEST POLITICIAN is BARNEY FRANKS but he probably had lots of help. (From the Republicans, who repealed Glass/Steagall, the regulatory law put in place after the GD.) Basically what happened is that they gave the orders to F&F to lower their underwriting standards and accept loans from people who might not be able to pay them back. They claim they did this to help lower income people afford their own home, which is not necessarily bad if it is done carefully and with the proper oversight, but it was not. In fact, BARNEY FRANKS SKANK actively worked against the Republicans who tried to point this out in 2002. The Republicans, lacking moral conviction, balls/backbone/spine, gave in like little girls. Republicans are little girls.Democrats are lying, thieving whores. Do we really want either running our country? You Won't Believe Who Newt Gingrich Wants To Throw In Jail For The Financial Crisis
  8. F&F MEET GOLDMAN SACHS SKANK: Probably because they knew that they were sitting on a big pile of CRAP, F&F allowed Goldman Sachs to take all of the suspect loans, chop them up into pieces put them in a pretty box and call them Mortgage Backed Securities. Now, this can be a clever thing, or this can be a big problem depending on the soundness of the underlying asset - which is your loan, my loan, Betty's loan etc. In a grown-up, honest sort of world, there are things called ratings agencies which put a rating on financial investments to help buyers pick the investment which is best suited to their financial goals and is indicative of the level of risk of the particular investment vehicle.
  9. RATING AGENCY SKANK - This whole mess could have been averted right here, but for the fact that the rating agencies such as MOODY'S &  STANDARD & POOR'S seem to be composed of nothing but idiots, liars, thieves and whores. This is where I would start out with my indictment pad and several sharpened pencils. I would start here because the whole reason for these guys to exist is to stamp an investment with a letter indicating how risky that investment is. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON THEY EXIST. IF THEY HAD DONE THEIR JOB, GOLDMAN SACHS COULD NOT HAVE SOLD THEIR SHARES OF THE DUNG HEAP. MUNICIPALITIES WOULD NOT HAVE TOUCHED THEM, OTHER BANKS WOULD NOT HAVE TOUCHED THEM, THE CRISIS WOULD BE LIMITED TO A BUNCH OF BAD LOANS. BUT THEY GAVE THEM AAA RATINGS!
  10. FED SKANK: This business of keeping interest rates way low. My personal opinion is that they are doing it so the US Federal Government does not go bankrupt. We are so in debt that if the FG had to pay normal rates to borrow, we would be using 60% of the budget just to pay interest. We are so screwed.
So I hope that helps. I welcome criticism from people who know something and can set me straight and help me fill in the details or add to the list. I am also interested to know whether there is anyplace on the globe which will be left untouched by the current Marxist takeover, and if i go there and keep quiet will you just leave me the Hell alone? Memo to Webster's - Please put the word SKANK in the dictionary, because it is a much needed word and it drives spell check crazy.


ps. i voted for obama - i thought he would go after the skanks. so far, he has not. why not? mc cain was one of the keating 5 - of the S&L crisis. 'member?
June 12, 1933
San Antonio Express - March 3rd, 1933 - "President Roosevelt plans to ask the new Congress for the broadest powers possible under the Constitution to permit him to slash government costs."
Progressive Movement in 1914? You Betcha!
(makes you wonder what happened to them...)
An Advertisement for the Progressive Movement from 1914 - As usual being deliberately vague about what they are about - still for PROGRESS! What else was going on in the world around this time?  
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - aka Lenin
"But there are many and varied reasons for the crushing defeat administered to Gov. La Follette and the progressives on Tuesday. One need only peruse the returns from the agricultural counties to spot the spirit of revolt and discontent which existed there. Farm prices, particularly milk, are down. The farmers of Wisconsin of German and Scandinavian descent were raised on traditions of thrift. They have become skeptical of the governmental spending program as the best way to bring back recovery. They read the stories in the newspapers of the increases in governmental debts. They read the stories in the papers about the government maintaining an army of WPA loafers." Wisconsin State Journal, November 13, 1938

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The Ends Justify The Means - Buy Primatene Mist Asthma Inhaler at before it's gone!

Buy Primatene Mist Asthma Inhaler at before it's gone! Due to new FDA regulations (environmental purposes), Primatene Mist will not be available for purchase after 12/31/11. It will be an indefinite time before an improved version can be FDA-approved and available for sale. We have a limited inventory of this top selling customer favorite, so stock up while you can! 
Here is an example of how the left works. I do not have asthma, but it seems to me that these inhalers can be the difference between life and death for some people. This does not stop the regime from banning the use of these relatively low cost inhalers - which can be purchased over the counter - forcing asthma sufferers to get a prescription from their doctors to obtain more expensive inhalers.

The justification for this is that these inhalers contain CFCs which damage the ozone layer . This can't be contributing too much to the problem, however, because the hole closed up (Natural holes occur at the poles). The FDA page informing of this new ban on asthma inhalers specifically cites adherence to the Montreal Protocol as the reason for the ban.

In short, the FDA is putting the health of Americans in jeopardy to satisfy the UN. I suspect that this is also a ploy to force people into supporting a single payer health care system, fully under Obama Control. If you think it is bad now, when they government does not do anything to help you. Just wait until you get a load of what it is like when the government is out to get you.

This is the socialist mindset - the end justifies the means. A few hundred, thousand, million lives lost is but "a small price to pay" so that the ones who know better get their way.

This is called Tyranny. This is why the founding fathers advocated for a smaller government - not because they did not care about the poor, but because they had experience with tyranny and knew they must protect against it.

In case you haven't noticed, they are putting a stranglehold on food distribution and production. Both Mao and Stalin used this tactic to control the population. Mao outlawed keeping food in your own home. Stalin placed soldiers near crops so that when hungry children attempted to get a grain of wheat to eat out of desperation, the soldiers were there to stop them by shooting the kid in the head.

North Korea is slowly but surely starving its population to death. If you are weak from hunger, you are not likely to make too much of a fuss at the government's incompetence.

Those at Occupy Wall Street have no idea what they are walking into. If you think things are bad now, just wait until the most incompetent people in society try to run things - you won't care so much about not having money because there will be nothing to buy. I have seen this with my own eyes. Not only that, trying to fend for yourself will be considered a crime against the people - no individual rights, and you are arrested or killed or both. That is how things work in socialist societies, and all the building blocks of the foundation are being laid piece by piece. It can happen here, and from the looks of things, it will.



  2. THE UKRAINE FAMINE - The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor) + The Holodomor -Famine-Genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933. How many dead? Estimates range from three million to four million deaths up to 10 Million.

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Breaking News - Female Homo Sapien With Spine Discovered In Colorado

 Once thought to be extinct, a female Homo sapien Americanus appeared out of nowhere recently in Colorado with spine fully intact. Further investigation revealed that she also has guts as well as nerve. It is unclear how she managed to survive the last 20 years without succumbing to the plague of spina gummibearous; it has been hypothesized that she avoided contact with the roving clans of Homo progressivus which are known to spread spina gummibearus, as well as many other deadly diseases.

Reporting Live from the comfort of my own home,


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Assemblyman Donnelly's Referendum to overturn AB 131 & AB 1081:

Recall Jerry Brown: FACEBOOK

Impeach Jerry Brown: FACEBOOK

Californians to recall Jerry Brown: FACEBOOK

Stand with California:

John & Ken:

John & Ken on KFI:

We the People California's Crusader :

Immigration 911:

STOP AB 131 :  (site will be up Oct. 17)

Read more:


"We Will Shoot More Police In Arizona Until We Get Free"

Memo To Occupy Wall Street

Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters:

Please consider the following points as you continue to occupy cities, towns and hamlets across our fair land.

  1. You are what is commonly known as "Useful Idiots" in Marxist parlance. You are being used to achieve somebody Else's goal, which is a collapse of the system. Don't expect to enjoy this much, because system collapses involve very bad things, which are generally considered to be No Fun At All.
  2. Some of your fellow protesters are being paid to be there. Is that fair? I think not. You are participating in a protest full of Haves and Have Nots. All of you should demand from the SEIU YOUR FAIR SHARE. Add up all the hours you have been there, and demand they pay you. Do not forget to include back pay, overtime pay, double time, triple time, holiday pay, walking time pay, jail time pay, reimbursement for expenses, contribution to your pensions and full health care benefits (protesting is a full time job!!). The SEIU is loaded! They can afford it! They have billions just sitting around - why should you work for them for FREE?
  3. Some of you think you are recreating the 1960s, and like, how cool is that? There are a few little differences you should keep in mind, however. In the 1960s, there were adults running the government and the dastardly corporations. These adults were capable, honest people for the most part. They could afford to indulge their spoiled brat children with their national tantrum and still ensure that food was delivered to the grocery stores, paychecks were in the mail and hospitals and other vital systems remained open for business. Today, those spoiled brat children are running things, and they have no idea how to keep things running so their solution is to collapse the system, which, as I pointed out in 1. is really No Fun At All.
  4. There are Very Valid Reasons to be angry, for a fraud has been committed upon the American people, but you are not even protesting against any of the guilty parties! Goldman Sachs was the prime beneficiary of this fraud, as was AIG. The politicians in Washington are the ones who set the stage for the financial crisis - they looked the other way as FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC took on loans like crazy people. Barney Franks, Chris Dodd did this to America, as well as the ones who got rid of Glass SteagallGramm-Leach-Bliley - The law put in place after the Great Depression to prevent collapses. Being mad at corporations in general is silly, and those corporations are the ones who are putting food on the tables of millions of American families. You want more corporations, not fewer!
  5. President Obama's administration is responsible for prosecuting the bad guys. For him to stand up there and try to garner support because nobody has gone to jail is like a fireman standing in front of a burning building and complaining that nobody is putting out the fire.

Thank you for your time, dear little protesters. Please do try and make sure you protest the ones responsible for our current plight, and not just any old company that happens to be near the restrooms. Also, if this does turn out to be a Marxist revolution, keep in mind that after they take over, a process of "Normalization" comes next. Unfortunately for you, agitators are no longer welcome and you will most likely be killed. Sucks, I know.


Noteworthy: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's wealth grows 62% to $35.2M

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Calling Any Legal Citizen Or Immigrant NOT Accepted To California College Or University

Calling Any Legal Citizen Or Immigrant NOT Accepted To California College Or University. I would like to start a list of students who were denied entry to any of California's public colleges or Universities, or who were unable to attend because of lack of money. It is time your stories are told, too. The media refuses to do it, so I am going to.

Send me an email with the particulars of your circumstances: whether you met the minimum requirements of the school, and which school you were turned down from. You can include whatever else you wish, too but please include those 2 items. I will not publish anybody's name or information other than in summary format, or without asking you for permission.


Memories Of The East - Lessons For Occupy Wall Street Protesters

There is much to be angry about these days. I am angry. Most people I know are angry. I am also fearful. I know that despite the colossal failure of communism, there are still plenty of people who would have it back, this time world wide. In times of hardship, communism and socialism can be an easy sell. People are weary and the buzz words of communism are comforting. They are also complete Bull Doo-Doo. You will have buyer's remorse, only to find that the one who sold you the goods is no longer to be found. There is no going back. Your life becomes a dreary comedy of errors, malfunctions and hollow utterances of allegiance to the party. All of my relatives save my parents' immediate families lived behind the iron curtain. On my mother's side, in Poland and Bulgaria on my father's. We lost all contact with relatives in Poland, however after the end of Soviet rule, I had the opportunity to visit Varna, the birthplace of my Grandmother, and meet some relatives.

During the cold war, I visited the DDR, or what we called East Germany, and traveled through Yugoslavia by bus on my way to Greece. In 1991, 3 years after the turn, I had the chance to go to Poland and Czechoslovakia. In fact, I found myself in the latter country on the day that Vaclav Havel was being sworn into office - which was just a coincidence - my husband and some friends of ours had just decided to zoom over from Nuremburg for the week-end for something to do. The country was still very much in transition - you still had to go to the bank and exchange your real money for an equal amount of fake money which would cause you to dedicate several hours of your trip searching for something to spend it on. Since we were staying for two nights, this was not a problem for us, however, because we could use it for hotels and such. Still, we exchanged only the minimum amount required, because everybody knew that you could get much more on the black market, and we did - about 15 times as much. The real economy of Czechoslovakia was taking place in the country's taxi cabs. If you needed something, especially as a foreigner, the Cabbie was your go-to guy. This is also how we found a hotel in a city overrun with press and foreign dignitaries feting Vaclav Havel.

It was this trip that caused me to lose all sympathy for communism, socialism and big government. The difference between the claims and promises they made and what I now could see in reality hit me like a slap in the face. It made me angry. This was the first time I was able to travel freely in one of these countries - on my visits to East Germany, you were not allowed to leave the Autobahn until you reached Berlin-West. If you did, you would be stopped and likely arrested as a spy. You couldn't see much from the Autobahn, and they made sure everything was kept clean and tidy if it was going to be seen by Westerners.

Driving through the countryside in Czechoslovakia, the damage done by 40 years of Communist rule was there to see plain as day. If you ever have the illusion that Communism is somehow good for the environment, you need to dispel it now. The system is so utterly inefficient that the environment is the first casualty as all efforts are needed just to keep the population from starving. It is a cruel joke.

My first hint that something was amiss in the USA was when I heard reports of Van Jones, who President Obama made our "Green Czar" being a Communist. I was dumbfounded. How could anybody claim to care about the environment and be sympathetic to communism? The environment was raped for 40 years in Eastern bloc countries.

Which brings me to my final point, a clarification of what free markets are all about. The only real claim made by free market economic theory is that this system will produce the most efficient outcome in the distribution of goods and services. Think about that. Efficient. Efficient implies the least cost, the least amount of waste. The best allocation of resources used in such a way as to maximize output.

Free markets are natural. Free markets happen. In the Soviet Union and friends, there were plenty of free markets, only they were called Black Markets. Any time 2 or more people come together for an extended period of time, they will automatically engage in free trade to better their own circumstances. When you stray from a system based on free markets, you are by definition reducing the total output or GDP. Your pie is getting smaller. There is less to go around.

Please remember that.