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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elderly, Disabled and Insane Should Be Allowed In Combat, TOO!

Since we have decided that the US military is more of a social club, or a jobs-creating device, it is only fair that we remove all barriers to entry and let the elderly, disabled and insane participate in the fun, too. These groups have long occupied the ranks of our civilian leaders, and that we deny them the opportunity to "be all that they can be" is simply unjust.

A new report issued by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission concluded that "The Armed Forces have not yet succeeded in developing leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve". Since actual combat experience is deemed a prerequisite to career advancement in certain areas of the military, not allowing, for example, wheelchair enabled soldiers, the blind or the clinically insane to participate in combat or even barring them from the military altogether means that these groups of Americans will not be represented amongst our military leaders.

We should drop all tests of physical or mental ability as eligibility requirements for entrance into the military!  These tests have been designed from the ground up to discriminate against those who are unable or unfit to serve. Furthermore, such tests should not be used as a basis to discriminate against our fellow citizens in matters concerning career advancement. If a person wants to be a general in the army, why that's good enough for me. From now on, anyone who can indicate by using their words, or any other means that "they wanna" should be allowed to.

Brig. Gen. RH

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