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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - And Your Political Connections - And Skin Color

This morning I turned on my little retro radio by Tivoli Audio as I thought I would listen to KFI as I work at my computer. I caught the tail end of the news and I thought I misheard, because I could have sworn the newscaster said something about commuting the sentence of Esteban Nunez, the murdering son of the powerful reconquista politician, Fabio Nunez. So I googled "Esteban Nunez" and "commute" and lo and behold my ears had not failed me. Our outgoing RINO Governator had actually commuted the sentence from 16 years, which he felt was excessive, to 7 years. That is apparently how much time a person deserves to spend in jail for murder - oh, excuse me, voluntary manslaughter, when one's father is a member of the ruling class.

Prosecutor Jill DiCarlo has said that Nunez, Jett and two others became angry in the early-morning hours of Oct. 4, 2008, when they were kicked out of a fraternity party and went “looking for trouble” at SDSU. They challenged Santos and his friends to a fight on 55th Street.
DiCarlo argued that Jett fatally stabbed Santos and Nunez was legally liable for the death as an aider and abettor. Nunez stabbed two other victims, one in the left shoulder and one in the stomach and back. Source

And, it seems he plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid a murder charge:
In court filings, prosecutors argued that Nuñez’s claims lack merit. They note that Nuñez accepted the plea bargain to avoid a possible murder conviction — and life prison sentence — at trial. Source

Apparently the former governor thought it was OK to reduce his sentence because he did not actually stab the victim in the heart. - So, the fact that he stabbed two other people is irrelevant, because, you know, they lived. The law must read something like "what you intend to do is irrelevant if fate intervenes on your behalf". Got it.

So as I was reading all this, I noticed a headline that said "Christmas miracle as Bay Area Google engineer pays $50,000 to spring student from jail" Hmm, I thought - what is that about?

Well, watch this video and see the horrific crimes being committed. One of the people in the video spent 8 months in jail for crimes which are alleged to have occurred in the scene you are about to watch. See if you can choose the right bad guy. (Hint - it is not the police officer).  The 8 months in jail, by the way, are before any trial - his mother couldn't afford bail for her son which was set at $50,000 - to hire a bail bondsman it would cost Mom around $6,500 - non-refundable.

Is it even legal for a person to spend 8 months in prison without a trial? Wasn't there something about a right to a speedy trial? Never mind.

Well, do you feel safer knowing that the dangerous criminal was apprehended and locked away in jail? I am sure you were able to easily identify the criminal...but just in case, I pointed out who Jeremy Marks is - based on the description I found underneath the video at the LA Weekly. Here is my choice:

I am sure you will sleep better at night, knowing that high-school boys who use their cell-phones to videotape a police officer are off the streets.

8 Months that kid spent in jail - based on something the law lady claims he said.

Justice is Served - somewhere in the universe perhaps but not in California


PS - I actually voted for that dope Schwarzenegger. I am beginning to think I am an idiot.

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