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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Marxism in America - General Jerry Boykin + Happy New Year

He leaves out the final step of the takeover, and that is when the opposition is killed. My grandfather avoided this fate by being out of the country when the Soviets took over. Thousands of Bulgarian government bureaucrats were shot, including the majority of the recalled embassy staff where my Grandfather worked. I grew up listening to this story. He made a decision not to return to his homeland, instead choosing to stay in Berlin - as a man without a country - not really an ideal status to have in Nazi Germany. Then there was the added irritation of the twice daily bombings by the allies. Still, better than communism - and the Bulgarians got off lightly if you consider the 25 million of his own people that Stalin killed.

These people are evil incarnate. We really, really don't want these creeps.


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