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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Althea Rae Shaw, Candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 10

Still No Justice For Jamil Shaw: June 2011 Doug McIntyre: Our Council Cares More About Bulbs Than Justice Any politician from Los Angeles who says they care about anything but themselves is a big fat liar. This case is such an egregious miscarriage of justice, it makes me want to walk right into the LA Mayor's office and puke all over his desk.

This post is about doing what I can to support Althea Shaw's candidacy for a seat on the Los Angles City Council in the upcoming March election. I don't live in LA, but I live close enough to eventually be affected by the state of things in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, which means they shamelessly violate the laws of the United States by providing a safe haven for people who do the same. Althea Shaw understands the cost of LA's sanctuary city policy better than most of us. Her nephew, Jamiel Andre' Shaw II, was brutally murdered a block away from his home by an illegal alien gangster, fresh out of the slammer where he had been sitting for the trivial little crime of assault with a deadly weapon. Jamiel's mother, btw, was risking her own life in Iraq in service to this hideously ungrateful country of ours at the time of her son's murder.

Althea Shaw's message is simple. She wants to make her community a safe place to live. A place where children can play outside without fear of being shot. I support that. That is what I demand for myself and my own family, as do most white, wealthy liberals in the state of California. The difference is that white wealthy liberals live in places like Santa Barbara, Montecito, Marin County, Beverly Hills, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey, Cupertino, Napa Valley - you know, places where kids can play outside without fear of being shot. They also support politicians who support sanctuary city policies like the one which murdered Althea Shaw's nephew.

White, wealthy liberals support gunning down black kids because they are black. That is why Jamil Shaw was murdered, in case you were wondering. He had no gang connections, he had a bright future, was a Football Super Star, at Los Angeles High School. The dirty little secret of the California liberals is that black people are being used for target practice by the Latino gangs, but nobody wants to talk about that.

As a recovering white, wealthy liberal myself, my new political philosophy is to ask myself, am I voting for this because the negative aspects won't affect me whatsoever, but I get to run around pretending to be a magnanimous, caring person at the private school fundraiser luncheons I attend, or am I asking other Americans to tolerate that which I wouldn't tolerate for twenty seconds? I only vote for things I would want for myself, even if I can temporarily avoid the negatives of the pat-myself-on-the-back-and-feel-superior policy or candidate.

(Liberalism is the new, exclusive country club membership in California - it is a status symbol - like, I am so friggin wealthy and successful, I can afford to be a leftist. How gauche it is to concern oneself (publicly) with the preservation of one's wealth and status...)

The truth is, actually, that I am acting in my own self-interest by supporting Althea Shaw. As I said at the beginning, I don't live in Los Angeles, but I live close enough to eventually be affected by the state of things in Los Angeles. So, since I am letting her do all the hard stuff, I figure the least I can do is support her.

Have a nice day, I know you will.


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