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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We have got to do something. The lunatics are now officially running the asylum.

I just read about this case in Colorado, where an 11 year old boy was arrested for drawing stick figures - as his therapist told him to do. (I wonder if this kid really needs therapy or whether he is exhibiting a normal reaction to being forced to deal with lunatics daily in what we still rather cynically call "school") and then there is this case in Los Angeles of a similar nature:
L.A School Child Forced Into Psych Ward - The 6-year old San Pedro student was placed in a 72-hour hold in a psychiatric hospital. SAN PEDRO (KTLA) -- A mother of two children is speaking out about LAUSD officials placing her 6-year old son in a 72-hour psychiatric hold because he drew what school officials considered to be a "disturbing picture."

And then there is another LA case where a boy is shot in the neck, and they take him to the nurse's office while they wait for paramedics, but leave him alone in a room for 40 minutes. Imagine, you are bleeding from a neck wound and are stuck in a room by yourself. That kid could have died there all by himself. This boy is black, and I think the other two boys are white. So is this how it is now in loopy-land? Completely overreact  and behave like a crazy person when a white male is involved, and just neglect black males and if they still manage to survive, well then send them to the hospital?

I also want to know why the boy who brought the gun to school felt he needed it for protection. I am sick of the "adults" hammering kids for behaving logically in an insane environment - just because the adults have completely lost control and have created a disaster.


PS - I have come to believe that it is child abuse to send your children to public school in this country.

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