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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Janet Napolitano Has To Go

Janet Napolitano is either an idiot or a liar. We need neither of those in positions of power, therefore she should resign or be removed forthwith.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said U.S. communities on the border with Mexico are safer than most Americans believe.

This is what our CIA thinks:
A serious impediment to growth in Latin America remains the power of criminal gangs and drug cartels to corrupt, distort, and damage the region’s potential.  The fact that criminal organizations and cartels are capable of building dozens of disposable submarines in the jungle and then using them to smuggle cocaine, indicates the enormous economic scale of this activity. This poses a real threat to the national security interests of the Western Hemisphere.  In particular, the growing assault by the drug cartels and their thugs on the Mexican government over the past several years reminds one that an unstable Mexico could represent a homeland security problem of immense proportions to the United States.  
There are entire areas in Arizona which are under effective control of the drug cartels. Our treasonous Department of Interior and BLM have forbid local law enforcement from entering those public lands out of "environmental concerns" - which is absurd given that the least of the concerns of the current occupiers of the public lands, the drug cartels, is the well-being of the environment.

Apparently, Janet Napolitano is not aware that signs have been placed on the edge of the US public lands warning would-be visitors to stay out of the area because the place is full of drug traffickers. One can only wonder about who Janet Napolitano is really warning:

Napolitano on Monday also warned Mexican drug cartels to keep violence on their side of the border. She said those who don't, "will be met with an overwhelming response."

By overwhelming response, does she mean really, really stern signs? Does she mean she will keep Americans out of the cartel controlled areas by force? Who does she think she is kidding? The only ones who have any reason to fear Janet Napolitano are American Citizens. We are paying her salary, folks. She is stabbing us in the back and treating us like fools.


PS - Perhaps if Ms. Napalitano finds it so difficult to build a fence on the border, she should enlist the help of a few of her comrades from the former Soviet Union, or North Korea even. They have no trouble whatsoever when it comes to fence building.

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