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Monday, February 07, 2011

Pick A Title - I Am At A Loss For Words

Al Gore's Montecito Estate courtesy of global warming. Actually modest by Montecito standards - I am sure he will upgrade once he has the US economy on the hook with the Cap and Trade scam he is heavily invested in. His company is based in the UK, did you know that? Yup. They have this funny law where foreign companies only have to pay a flat tax of  £50,000 - an especially good thing if you are planning on making a killing via forcing every business in the US to buy a license to hunt snipes. 

Camden New Jersey - Beneficiary Of Liberal Policies

Summer Home Of the Late Ultra-Liberal Ted Kennedy

Whatever happened to practice what you preach? I was no fan of Bush, but thank GOD neither Gore nor Kerry became President. I think we have had enough of the super wealthy trying to assuage their guilt by sticking it to the rest of us. I am not against rich people, but I loathe those who have it all and then demonize the process that got them all they have. Well, Kerry didn't make his money, nor did Kennedy. Gore made his by abusing his power. But it is Capitalism that is bad?


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