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Friday, February 18, 2011

Remember Chandra Levy?

I remember the summer that Chandra Levy disappeared - the media couldn't get enough of the story - it was everywhere you turned.  Now that her killer has been caught and sentenced, if you sneezed you would have missed that little report. It turns out that an illegal alien killed Chandra Levy.  This development makes a once national news making, headline grabbing story uninteresting to editors from sea to shining sea. Furthermore, the court transcript was heavily "redacted" before it was released.

We don't find out what happened then because the last 43 pages of Machen's 61-page sentencing memo are redacted. On the same day it was filed, Machen also filed a motion to seal Guandique's file. Why? What exactly does the U.S. attorney not want the public to know about Chandra Levy's killer? Read more at the Washington Examiner 

Why? Who knows. All I know is that we have a government that is not so much concerned with protecting the American people as they are with protecting themselves, and if they were doing their job, one of the few they actually have - protecting us from invasion, this girl would still be alive. So would Jamiel Shaw, and a growing list of other victims.

And don't forget to take note of the threatening letters being sent to legislators in Utah for trying to enforce the laws of this country. I wonder whether this will make national news? Doubtful. Now if the sender were a white guy who was once spotted drinking a can of iced tea...


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