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Monday, February 14, 2011

South Carolina Lawmaker: Mexicans Work Harder Than Blacks And Whites

Robert Ford (D-Charleston), a black state Senator in South Carolina, argued last week against stricter immigration laws in his state saying that firmer laws would hurt South Carolina's economy because blacks and whites do not work as hard as Mexicans. The comments came during a state Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held last week on an Arizona-style bill making its way through the South Carolina legislature.  According to an audio recording of the hearing Ford said, "I know brothers, and when I'm talking about brothers I'm talking . . . about black guys and they're not going to do that work at Boeing with all that dirt and stuff to be hauled to build that plant. Ain't no brothers gonna do that. Not like a Mexican will."  He followed these comments with additional disparaging remarks: "Now you know my blue-eyed brothers, pale-skinned brothers ain't gonna do no work. They ain't gonna do that kind of work . . . Ever since this country was built, somebody came in and did the work for us. That's America. It's a country of immigrants."

Quit reading my blog you lazy blacks and whites and do some work already!


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1 comment:

Frustrated said...

While I can't agree with the *way* he stated his opinion I think in many ways he has a point. Immigrants do a lot of work that we don't want to do - working on farms, housecleaning, etc. I think they are more likely to take these "lower class" jobs because they are happy to have a job, any job, to help out their families. It hasn't changed any from 50 years ago. Then it was immigrants, African Americans, and poor white people.

Working class Americans who come from backgrounds of doing manuel labor is a diminishing work force and no one wants to take a step back. Somebody has to fill those jobs. The problem is more people are getting higher education and there are no jobs for them to take. How many college graduates are finding themselves out of luck? McDonald's and Wal-Mart are almost always hiring. But try finding a job where you can actually use that degree, especially in small towns and you're out of luck. Once you have that degree you really don't want to take that job doing manual labor or working at Wal-Mart.