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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

23 iMacs Stolen From Computer Lab At Buena High School

It seems that somebody helped themselves to 23 iMac computers belonging to Buena High School and actually being used to educate students. I don't need to belabor the point, this is really just an FYI. Spend some money on a little extra security because this sort of thing is going to happen more often.

This is the second time this year the computer lab was plundered. In the first heist, only two machines were taken. This time, they took it all. Filthy scumbags. Skunks.



Anonymous said...

Yeah! What a bunch of selfish punks! I start walking up to class and see my fellow classmates crowding the door, inspecting the bashed in glass that the thieves made to open the door and steal all those super nice Macs. I am soooo MAD! Not only did the class lose all those computers, but the students lost all there projects they'd been working on for, I would say, 3 weeks+? I had alot of photoshopped pictures that took alot of talent and effort to make! I brought a thumb drive to school this morning but unfortunatley the computers were stolen.... Hopefully the school could get new ones or, if were lucky, they find the computers! I'll be senior next year and I don't want my last year to be boring. I signed up for digital photography, computer graphics, and web design 2. All of them would look good on my transcript for college.
If anybody knows anything about this heartless crime, please say something and help the students and the school out. Thankyou,
Anonymous Junior

Retro Housewife said...

I agree and I hope the police take this seriously and track down the scoundrels. Stealing from schools is lower than a lizard belly.


Anonymous said...

They'll just have to pay to replace the macs in a year anyway, since technology since technology doesn't have enough durability or longevity for schools. Kids don't take care of things.

Schools spend money on crap XD Everyone's like DON"T CUT THE EDUCATION BUDGET. It's too high XD School's just need good teachers, not all the little crap they buy.

Dedrick said...

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