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Saturday, March 12, 2011

California - Chinese Style - California Considers Increasing Income Tax On The Rich

Here is an article about California I found in the English version of the People's Daily Online - (Everything in China is People's this and People's that - it's a Communist thing, err excuse me, "Socialist")


California Considers Increasing Income Tax On The Rich 10:25, July 19, 2008

Although having the nation's highest tax rate, California is considering raising the wealthiest Californians' income taxes to a level not seen anywhere in the country in years, it was reported on Friday. 

After years of income taxes steadily dropping elsewhere, California would raise the effective rate on those earning at least 1 million dollars to 12 percent, more than twice the rate inmost other states that have income taxes, the Los Angeles Times said. 

Although legislative leaders are weighing a plan to balance the budget in part by raiding transportation funds and local government accounts, many Democrats are still rallying around an income-tax increase as the best way to bring the budget into balance over the long term, said the paper. 

Economists and money managers, though, are wondering whether California would be returning to this well one time too many. There is, they say, a point at which the cash infusion is outweighed by damage done to the economy: Entrepreneurs get driven away. Profits get stowed in tax shelters. Companies shelve plans for expansion. 

"The more a tax sticks out like a sore thumb, the more taxpayers will look for ways to avoid it," said Robert Ward, deputy director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, N.Y. California's income tax on its highest earners "would be a significantly higher rate than in any other state." Rhode Island's is the next highest, at 9.9 percent. 

Proponents of tax hikes, though, say there is no evidence that meaningful numbers of high earners follow through on threats to leave. The number of wealthy Californians continued to swell after the last tax hike targeted at the rich, a 1 percent surcharge on income above 1 million dollars that was approved by voters in 2004,according to the California Budget Project, a think tank that advocates for low-income Californians. 

And a study by the Public Policy Institute of California concluded that the state's job growth typically keeps pace with the national average. 

People need not move away to avoid a tax increase. Those who handle money for the wealthy are already working on strategies, the paper said. 


And in a rather cruel and twisted irony, this article:

Higher Personal Income To Aid The Needy 

The needy will get higher personal income via a cut in their taxes, or as the lingo of the People's Republic, they will increase their Threshold Of Taxable Personal Income - which given the context of the article seems to be similar to our "standard deduction". They get a bigger one now. What does the Chinese government hope to achieve with this?

Experts believe that the move will act like hitting two birds with one stone: to aid average Joes combat rising inflation with a fatter income, and to help expanding domestic consumption and give a boost to China's economy at a time Beijing has implemented a spate of administrative measures to restrain a bubbling housing market. 

Ya don't say. How is that again? When you want to give the ol' economy a boost, you do what? cut taxes? Did the People's Republic Of China, aka Red China, aka Communist China just cut taxes to boost the economy?

I am going to cry myself to sleep now.

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