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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Howard Kunstler - Don't Try To Put The Blame On X

I have a lot of hope for the millennials, the young people just coming up. They're going to get sick of living in an ethical vacuum and sick of political paralysis.Their brains are going through the final stage of development where it arrives at the ability to make judgments. They are going to judge the Boomers and their X'er successors harshly and they're going to remind us that Americans are capable of valiant action even without the trappings of jingoism and sports metaphors.
This is the first time I have read anything written by a Boomer that even acknowledges the existence of Generation X, but it does not surprise me one bit that the first reference I come across is a pathetic attempt to share the blame of the disaster which is currently unfolding before our eyes. On behalf of GenX, I politely decline your generous offer to serve as your generation's scapegoat; I believe one must give credit where credit is due, and this is unmistakeably your baby, Boomer.

Sign Me, X
I drink Tea, not KOOLAID.

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Mary R. said...

I guess it is always easy to blame a previous generation for the country's problems. Our Boomer generation gets blamed for everything, but when I did a little research, I found that the builder generation who gave us Leave It to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet also gave us the mini-skirt (Mary Quant was of my mother's generation), the birth-control pill (invented by scientists much older than we), abortion (Margaret Sanger was of a much earlier generation than mine), permissive child-rearing (Benjamin Spock was born in the early 1900's I believe), feminism (the Gloria Steinems, etc., were also of my mother's generation), LSD (Timothy Leary was a professor when my generation was in college), no-fault divorce (those lawmakers were old enough to be our parents), anti-war protesting (it existed during WWII), etc. The perpetrators of all of those things that most of us consider bad today were of the builder generation.

When my generation was young, it was older people of our parents' generation who gave us these things. I concede that we Boomers were stupid to accept them.