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Friday, March 04, 2011

DROP PROGRAM - 5 Year Double Dip Then Up To $800,000 Lump Sum Plus Your Pension For Life

What is the DROP program?
The DROP program stands for Deferred Retirement Option Plan. It is a program that was instituted to keep firefighters from retiring too early and putting a strain on the city to hire and train new firefighters. When you enter the DROP program, you cease to accumulate length of service years toward your pension. You have actually "retired' and started drawing your pension. You continue to work and be paid your salary and overtime, but you are also paid your pension every month which is set aside in a separate account. This is known as your DROP account and is currently earning a rate of return of 5%. You can stay in the program for up to 5 years, but then at that point you must retire officially.

The average payout for the participants in the program is $350,000 - the biggest payout was $800,000 or thereabouts. This is in addition to their pension for life.

Governor Brown, How dare you. You lousy, scum sucking corrupt weasel. You want to squeeze more out of the people of California so that fireman can effectively be millionaires when they retire?

You make hyenas gorging themselves on the corpses of babies look good. Horrid, horrid man. A thousand curses on your house. You can't see me, but I am giving you the evil out of both eyes and am making a particular gesture with my middle finger.




His Ruin said...


My Husband is a Fire Fighter. He works harder in ONE HOUR than most people do in a YEAR! He just can off a 36 hour shift.

Most of those 36 hours where W/OUT sleep. More happens on their jobs then ANYONE KNOWS!

Who's job gets them SHOT AT while TRYIN to SAVE the life's of "gang bangers"? Or have to pull their DEAD co-worker out of

a STILL BURNING BUILDING? Or when they say good bye to their family be for work, KNOW there is a chance they will

NEVER see them again?

I'll tell you who! Guys that get $700,000 when they retired. Only IF they LIVE that long. The chances he'll died

of CANCER BEFORE THEN is a DAILY fear too. Folks bitchin about their retirement shouldn't worry too much

chances are they wont live long enough to see any of that money

You wanna retire as a "millionaire" too?


His Ruin said...

I think it's safe to say that you will NOT be posting any of my comments, but I don't care, just as long as y'all read them.

My Husband was recover the bodies at this fire:

Have you ever RAN into a BURNING home to find the bodies of you coworkers?

I hope that you are never in the situation when you need the help of a Fire Fighter.

But if you saw them doing EVERYTHING they can to rescue you, you would be singing a much diffident tune.

Instead of bitching about how much money they receive (Again, if they LIVE that long) maybe you should find out just how much Fire Fighters do & how many DIED because of it.

Retro Housewife said...

There is nothing wrong with people who work hard getting paid well. But there are plenty of people who work very hard and can never even dream of seeing that kind of money.

People in our military work hard and risk their lives, and I don't think they get million $ retirement packages. If they did, there wouldn't be so many homeless veterans on the streets of LA.

I work hard, and nobody will give me anything, and Social Security will be history by the time I retire. I am not saying your husband shouldn't have a pension - I think firefighters should be paid well, as should teachers. But $775,000 for five year's work and then a pension for life? You really believe that is justified?

Anonymous said...

Where I grew up, it was community volunteers, a few were full duty and paid a regular salary, a few as in maybe 2. The horns a ring and they come to the station or site, depending on level of "service", the kind that is a feeling of duty to keep their community. They do it for their neighbor and their neighbor is there for them. I live across the street from one of those, and they live very nicely, despite everyone around them cutting back. It very much Kept from the public, the extra perks we suffer for others.

Anonymous said...

So much for those that left negative comments for doing anything for honor. Thank you for putting it just the way the hollywood-lites do. I deserve because I .... well I probably taught your child something they will never forget as an under paid sub, or driving bus, with a knife pulled out. It is not all bad for them so get off the costly high horse. They can get off the job, no one wants a greedy tired hero, putting out the brush along the rich folks house that built it in a stupid place to begin with.

Anonymous said...

If it is hard to retrain because they are soooo well trained, then the risk is not so high is it? No. If they did not put out the kitchen fire or follow the ambulances around to do I don't know what, or go on practice drives. Forest fires should be left to forest fires and should not drag down the cost of communities.As for retirement, they are allowed 10 more years than I. I have kids, I work 24-7, and I will produce much more than putting a fire out.

His Ruin said...

I COMPLETELY agree that Veterans SHOULD receive the same retirement benefits that these men and woman who SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY get.

My husband was in the Navy, then was a police officer BEFORE joining the Fire Department.

The reason he went on to be a fire fighter WAS BECAUSE OF THE RETIREMENT BENEFITS.

First off, do you even know HOW LITTLE police and fire fighters make?

Some police departments in our area start out at TEN DOLLARS AN HOUR!

Are YOU will the risk YOUR LIFE for only TEN DOLLARS an hour?

But these men and woman ARE.

You are trying to make it sound like these guys are MILKING the community, but in REALITY, they are not paid very much to BEGIN WITH. They are WORKING for that retirement.

My husband works THREE jobs as a Fire Fighter & EMT to make the ends meet.

Our vehicles are USED (One being a Hand-Me-Down from a relative that passed on) We lost our home during Hurricane Ike, (My husband went over 48 HOURS WITHOUT SLEEP to save people like yourselves, while his wife a children where in his home while the roof was PULLED OFF. He got to listen to us screaming for help over the phone while that happened) what little savings we had left after Ike was used to buy a "new" home. Last year for Xmas we FINALLY had the money to buy a couch (Since we lost all of our Furniture to Ike in 2008) and we hope that in five years we could have the money to START fixing up the house we live in now. (Our home doesn't currently doesn't even have flooring. Just bare foundation)

Yes, we are just draining the tax payers dry!

And I don't care how freaking "HARD" you say you work, unless your job has ever required you to drag the DEAD BODY of your coworker out of a burning building, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THESE MEN WORK.

Even as EMTs they are SHOT AT while TRYING to SAVE the life's of "Gang Bangers". Again, DOES YOUR JOB REQUIRE THAT?

How high is your chances of DYING from cancer from just doing your job?

For the ignorant person that made the comment that he acts of feels like he "deserve because":

You have to be a real WASTE of a human to complain about people who serve us SELFLESSLY getting rewarded at the end of their services.

And YES, I do mean SELFLESSLY. Because before we lost our home, he also volunteered as a youth football coach. And NONE of our children play football! The team in out town could not meet the league requirements, and to keep all of the kids from not being able to play, he offered his OWN TIME to coach.

He is also trying to meet all of our areas qualifications to be a teaching sub.

And all those "MILLIONS" in retirement that y'all are so worried about, well he hopes to "spend" that teaching. He is trying to find the time to go back to school once again so he can hopefully teach Phys. Ed.

And this is the type of person that is causing "the extra perks we suffer for others"?

When the other kids at school ask our children "What does your Dad do?" they answer "Hero". What about yours?

Oh yeah!

I forgot!

Fire Fighters, Cops and Teaches are only heroes if they DIED and don't have to collect retirement.

Retro Housewife said...

Is your husband a fire fighter in Los Angeles? Or in California? I am wondering because I can't remember any Hurricane Ike and it seems to me I would notice that.

I think firemen, policemen, teachers should be paid well, and I do not mind at all if my taxes are spent on those services. They should make enough to support their family on one income.

We have to be able to afford it as a society - and in the case I am upset about they are earning 2 salaries, and 2 good ones at that. To accumulate $800,000 in 5 years we are talking circa $120K per year. Given the state of the economy in California, we have reported unemployment of 12% and real unemployment of around 20%.

They are going to raise taxes again, which is going to hurt the economy and those 20% of Californians with nothing can forget finding a job.

Furthermore, young fire fighters and policemen and teachers will be paid a pittance compared to what the Baby Boomers are socking away. They won't get any pension, but will end up with a 401K like the rest of us and a Social Security system that has been systematically looted by Baby Boomer politicians, of both persuasions.

We are in for some seriously hard times, and we need to be battening down the hatches and building up reserves - not paying over $1 billion to roughly 2000 people.

If there are no people left to protect, there will be no need for fire fighters.