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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Goldman Sachs Should Be Burned To The Ground

Look folks, there are more of us than there are of them. Everything is corrupt and rotten to the core. Academia and politicians are whores, we have this thief Bernanke lying through his teeth to us every day as he destroys, devalues and debases the dollar and a media that is in collusion with the crooks.

We have Paulson, Geithner, Summers, Berquacky and the rest of the gang still running the financial system. They should all be in jail. We need to take back all of the money they stole, because they did steal it. I believe it is called fraud - so maybe it is more accurate to say they frauded it. They need to be prosecuted, relieved of their loot, and forbidden from having anything to do with money or finance for the remainder of their earthbound days.

If they need stuff to live on, they can try their luck at the swap meet on Saturdays. Every single Goldman Sachs office should be leveled. (After everybody is safely outside and care has been taken that nothing else gets damaged - they can do this, I saw it in Ocean's 11.)

Finally, unions in this country behave like no other unions I've ever encountered. I lived in Munich for several years where BMW rules supreme. BMW, the car company that makes the ultimate driving machine and whose entire work force is unionized. For some reason, the unions were able to get generous pay packages for their members without destroying the company that paid them. You would catch them lobbying the government to grant access to the labor market massive amounts of cheap labor when pigs fly.

We need to demand that heads roll down wall street. Because I swear to you they are in the process of doing it again.

Ugh. Boomers. What a mess.


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