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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Intelligent Testimony Against Gay Marriage

Here in California, you will never get to see or hear arguments or testimony which refute the leftist derailer agenda - so I am posting this video of testimony before the Maryland state legislature because it is a very intelligent presentation of the cons associated with the government codifying same-sex unions.

The derailers would have it that nobody ever heard this point of view, so they could continue with their destruction of the social fabric which is currently holding us together in a more or less peaceful fashion.

Gay marriage is just one of the issues they are pushing to divide and conquer. (If you doubt this, consider how homosexuals are dealt with in ANY Muslim country in existence around the world and then try to reconcile the derailer agenda of pushing Muslim causes and homosexual causes in the same breath. At least one of those two groups is not going to like the outcome, n'est ce pas?)

I suspect, that while many are trotting along with the progressive movement because they genuinely believe themselves to be on the plus side of morality, the ones who steer the ship have no such illusions and are purposely heading for the iceberg. Once they have smacked into it, they intend to solidify their control over society during the resulting chaos, as most will be too busy just trying to survive that they will not notice, or will even welcome anybody who can restore order.

I personally do not want to be controlled by a bunch of progressive imbeciles who have succeeding in convincing themselves that they are superior to the rest of us and therefore are justified in imposing their own version of how things ought to be on society. Until we manage to wrestle our "free press" out of their hands, it is important that thinking people provide the contra. I am not saying I believe I am always right, or I know better, I am saying that in order to make decisions that are actually designed to benefit society, you need to consider the pros and the cons of any given issue. - There are always at least two sides to anything.

So, watch the video, or you're grounded.


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