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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pete Stark - Dedicating His Life To Demonstrating The Concept Of Unjustified Arrogance

In happier times, I would seriously consider sacrificing a television set or 3 to a "let's watch Pete Stark on youtube and throw things at the TV" party.

When you are filling your kids backpack with worthless dollar bills in an attempt to buy a gallon of milk before the price doubles again, think of Pete Stark. He is one of the people who put you in that absurd situation.

And, after viewing this video, I would say The University Of Puerto Rico is one darn fine institution.

Sign me,

Busy keeping track of the de-railers RH

PS anybody out there striving to be all moral and politically correct - where does starving the global masses fit in on your politically correct scale? Is it, Worst: "I sometimes get nervous when there are Arabs on my plane" and then Less than worst: Causing actual Arabs to go hungry by callously driving up world food prices.
If anything, QE is one of the primary forces driving up food and energy prices globally, contributing to extreme difficulty among the impoverished of the world, and adding to social tensions and resulting violence. John Hussman - Smart Guy with own "fund" and everything!


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I love your blog as well as your site! Keep it up!