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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Politically Correct Is Rotten To The Core - It Is A Farce - A Lie - It Can Kill You

Do you want to know what evil is? Here is an example. We all know what it means to be politically correct. In the beginning, some of the things made sense to me, and I admit, as a youngster many of the ideas put forth appealed to me - and still do - who wants to live in an unjust society, really, anyway?

So, when for example, the topic of affirmative action came up, I didn't protest because I thought to myself, well, it will help put blacks on more of an equal footing and hopefully make up for some of the lousy treatment they have received over the years. And they have received lousy treatment - if you doubt that go read some newspapers from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and even 1980s. Some of the articles I read hit me like a slap in the face - I could not believe that such was really the status quo.

I assumed that the liberals, the Democrats actually believed in what they are trying to do - that they were trying to right a wrong. I no longer have those illusions.

I was just over listening to blog talk radio for Althea Shaw - she is running for city council for district 10 in Los Angeles. Somebody made reference to a comment made by Sheriff Baca - the Sheriff of LA County:

Sheriff Baca: Yes, Latino gangs killing blacks
When I asked about it, somebody sent me a URL to this site where I read:

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, on April 4th, told a largely African-American audience in Compton that when Latino gangs are at war with black gangs over drugs and turf they are sometimes satisfied to kill any young black living in their rival's territory in order to flex their criminal muscle... 

That is April 4th of 2008. I never read about this in any newspaper, did you? Call me crazy, but if a certain group of people are in danger of being gunned down simply because of their skin color, we should be a) warning them to be on the lookout and b) putting together and all-out mega response to put a stop to it. I would expect to see it on the front page of the LA Times, and hear it discussed on the news until a solution was found.

Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is anybody? The Sheriff of Los Angeles County says blacks are sometimes targeted by Latino gangs - whether or not they are actually in a gang or not - but just because they are black.

This is worse than hypocrisy. Here in California, where we have nothing but so-called "bleeding heart liberals",  they are gunning down blacks in the streets of Los Angeles and nobody gives a damn. (Although, now that I think of it, Los Angeles is the same city that embraced a buggering Catholic cardinal for decades.)

I spit on political correctness.

Now, if anybody has an ounce of decency out there who is in a position to do something about this horrific situation, please do so. If you live in district 10 in Los Angeles, you can do something about this by electing a decent human being to represent you in the Los Angeles City Council - Althea Rae Shaw.

Pissed Off Again RH

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