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Monday, March 21, 2011

Public Schools Used As Battleground For Extremist Agenda

If I had young children there is absolutely, positively no way I would put them in public schools. Whatever your thoughts or beliefs on homosexuality are, it is safe to say that there are major disagreements on how the topic should be handled and since the current "progressive" mindset bucks thousands of years of human experience, a cautious approach would be in the best interest of the children.

Public schools are not the place for teachers to "come out", nor should any sort of homosexual behavior be presented as normal or healthy behavior. Common sense and a little knowledge of anatomy should be enough to tell you that much. Public schools should reflect and reinforce the values the children learn at home. School officials and staff have no business trying to dictate morality independently from the rest of society and more importantly, when their idea of morality differs from that of mainstream America and serves to undermine the values which the child is taught at home, the school is to defer to the parents.

This meeting of public school officials in Concorde, Massachusetts is outrageous. The whole lot of them should be canned forthwith and be permanently banned from working in education of minors. The arrogance on display is mind-boggling.

I don't know what is wrong with the people of Massachusetts to allow these types of dictators educate their children, short of something being in the water, it is hard to understand.

These school officials do not have the best interests of the children in mind, they are pushing an experimental social agenda of their own design and liking, and they are doing it on the backs of the children. It is reprehensible that those in authority allow it to continue or even allowed it to get started in the first place.

One seriously has to wonder about parents who permit their children to be used as guinea-pigs and allow them to be taught moral values that exist nowhere in the world successfully and which usually make an appearance in societies on the verge of collapse or periods of prolonged decline.

Oh, but what's that you say? You're much smarter than all the billions who came before you, and somehow, magically, you know better?

Prove it.


PS To those who would be offended by what I have written above, before you start to complain, I suggest you consider the "progressive" (Marxist or variation thereof) movement's ultimate goal and paint yourself a picture of their Utopian society. They know as well as I do that promoting the homosexual agenda is destabilizing for society, and once they have control, if you think there will still be room for GLBT, you have got another thing coming. You will be repressed like nothing you have ever imagined. They support you now for the divisiveness you bring to the table, not because they really care about your rights or lives.

They need you because their goal is to wean people off of religion (under their system, you worship the State), and since Christianity is the dominant religion in this country, anything that weakens Christianity is pushed for the time being. (Thus the sudden desire to import millions of Muslims and "tolerate" their medieval morality.)  Judaism, however, is not immune, either, and when it gets in their way, they have no problem attacking it, either - for example, by producing the play "Falsettos" in a public high school which has been criticized as follows: it obscenely mocks Jewish ethnicity and denigrates traditional Judaism.  I suspect the Muslims are also here to "put the Jews in their place" as well, since we all know how they get along in the Middle East.

Think about that. Not for my benefit, for your own.

The Progressives have now succeeded in kicking religion out of the US Military - they must choose between compromising their beliefs and being "separated" which will ultimately result in their exiting the service. This is a twofer - strike a blow against religion and weaken the US Military in one fell swoop.

This is their goal for society as a whole, by the way. It will soon be that anybody with any religious beliefs are "separated" from the rest of society - such that practicing a religion will make it extremely difficult for you to thrive in society. Most, will opt for thriving in society and will abandon their faith. I really hope there is a God, and that there is a special place in Hell for "Progressives". They are the closest thing I have ever seen to the definition of pure evil.


Liz said...

I can certainly agree that "coming out" is inappropriate for adult teachers in the general context. Sexuality should not be a topic of casual conversation in the classroom unless it is in a health or biology classroom. However, I suggest you reconsider your statements that (a) homosexuality leads to decline and (b) homosexual behavior is neither normal nor healthy.

First, homosexuality does not only appear in cultures on the verge of collapse or in periods of decline. Greek, Roman, African, South American, and even Western cultures have all effectively incorporated homosexuality into social norms. When any of these cultures have declined, it was not due to this behavior. Instead, their destruction was due to an outside force (invasion), misappropriation of resources (ineffective expansion), or natural disaster.

Second, homosexuality is only different from heterosexuality in the parts involved in the acts. I would refer you to Emily Nagoski's blog for further information from an expert in sexualities (

Finally, I would like to point out that in the past decades Americans have worked hard to establish laws protecting the rights of homosexuals to engage in sexual acts with their consenting partners. The closeness of the current debate (Prop 9, the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, e.g.) suggests that incorporating healthy discussion and acceptance of homosexuality is important to Americans. In other words, acceptance of homosexuality is not an "experimental social agenda."

(And, since DADT was repealed within one of the most conservative branches of American government - the military -, we cannot argue that homosexuality is entirely a progressive concept.)

Retro Housewife said...

"One seriously has to wonder about parents who permit their children to be used as guinea-pigs and allow them to be taught moral values that exist nowhere in the world successfully and which usually make an appearance in societies on the verge of collapse or periods of prolonged decline."

I didn't say homosexuality is the cause - I said it manifests concurrently as a result of societal fundamentals breaking down - one of which I consider to be the mother/father children family unit.

Please give me an example of a society which has effectively incorporated homosexuality. Be specific.

I would say the parts involved are secondary, however the male version is damaging physically. The purpose of sex is to produce offspring. That is a huge difference to homosexual acts which are for amusement only. Nature is not amused, nor inclined to tolerate such trivialities. It is all about next generation.

And don't start with the love stuff. That is a nice to have, but also secondary - which is why many cultures still have the arranged marriage. That is a recognition that a family is a brick in the wall and a device for optimizing offspring's chance at survival.

Finally, this country is about to experience some serious pain. It is a mistake to be pushing at the edge of acceptable societal norms because there is going to be a huge backlash, lots of anger and desperation. This is a group of people which may wind up being sitting ducks if a scapegoat is needed.

I am not for same sex marriage or trying to normalize homosexuality, but I sure don't want people to get hurt because of it, either.