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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rethinking Giving ANY Taxpayer Money To The UC System

The Cruel Irony Of Being Forced To Pay For Your Own Destruction
I just got an email with the title: March 2011 News from UC Santa Cruz. The top story of this month's newsletter is: State budget cuts: ‘We are at the point of compromising quality’ and then to the left of their little tale of woe:

This is the conclusion that our supposed learned thinkers have drawn. It really calls into question whether our "investment" in this farce of a higher education system has a positive net present value. This after the results of the grand, progressive social experiment are in. We can refer to this failed experiment as the Soviet Union and friends - it was a dismal failure. The true costs of it, however, will never be known. Immeasurable human suffering, wasted lives and resources - and failure to even accomplish its own basic goals. It did produce some effective nuclear weapons, though.

Let's do ourselves a favor, pat the UC Chancellors on the head, and send them off to play in "Happy land". I wonder if the Russians would let us borrow Siberia for this purpose?


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