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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sanctuary Cities In The US Help Carlos Slim Stay On Top - World's Richest Man

I wonder what would happen if the US stopped making life easy for the Mexican elite. If for example, Mayor Antonio Villarigosa of Los Angeles and Raza racist sent all of the Mexican citizens occupying Los Angeles packing back to Mexico.  For starters, the city would have over $1 billion more to spend on US citizens - bet you could buy a whole lot of pencils for the schools, or be 1/200th closer to paying for the cushy baby boomer pensions.

But that's the obvious part. If the 30 Million illegal alien Mexicans went back home, they might be somewhat unsatisfied with their prospects in Mexico - since the entire economy is effectively controlled by one man:

Carlos Slim Is The Richest Man In The World, With $74 BILLION
Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, Mexican, and most likely the biggest, individual shafter of the American public. If we actually had a free press in this country, one which partook in investigative journalism, they would probably take it upon themselves to do some research into which US politicians this guy has in his pocket.

Here in the US, we are paying to educate millions of Mexican children, so that Carlos Slim can continue to add billions to his balance and show up Bill Gates. We will be forced to cut the salaries of our teachers, firemen, policemen so the children of Mr. Slim can drop $125,000 on rounds of Champagne in a bar in Monaco. I wonder how many times La Raza has called him a racist for not wanting to kick in more money to take care of his fellow citizens - or even better - just loosening his stranglehold on the Mexican economy so that the little people can start businesses and become prosperous in their own right.

This may surprise a lot of you pity patty people (liberals in the US who pity the poor Mexicans while patting themselves on the back for caring about their inferiors), but the people of Mexico are not lesser human beings or inferior in some way to the American. They are shackled with a genuinely racist, and fabulously corrupt government and micro-thin mega-rich elite who are all just peachy with the status-quo.

And boy are they laughing all the way to the bank. Suckers.



Anonymous said...

LOL, fuck you. You're not somehow more entitled to enjoy life here, just because you were born here.

-Mexican American

Retro Housewife said...

Yes, I am.


Jane said...

Dear RH,
Agree with you. I was born here legally and so have all the rights of a legal citizen. Just like my friends who were born in other countries and became legal citizens the old-fashioned way, by following the law.
If you're not legal--too bad, you don't get any legal rights.