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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Schools And Leftist Indoctrination - As Pointed Out By Glenn Beck

Who thinks the founding fathers had big government in mind when they wrote the Constitution? Raise your hand! How many of you think Ben Franklin wanted to make sure you went to the doctor to get your annual check-up or that Thomas Jefferson wanted to confiscate one horse from each household and add them to the public domain in the name of transportation policy?

Don't look now, but your local public school is trying to put some pretty funny ideas into your children's heads. Good Glen Beck featured the headline Socialist Mantra Inserted In Grade School Lesson in today's Glenn O'Gram which of course made me very curious to read his newsletter and learn whether this was just so. As it turns out, the pinkos have inserted what can only be called a perverted interpretation of the Constitution into a book put out by Teacher Created Materials called Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance  - here is the full page cited on Glenn Beck's site the Blaze: (I yanked it from Amazon and took a screen shot - shown below.)

As it turns out, school children are learning that the Constitution says the government oversees the public's need for housing, education, transportation and health care - right after stating that people's basic needs must be met.

Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance

The message is clear. Need something? The government will take care of you and all your basic needs. We dont gotta do nothing, 'cause the feddies'll take care of us.


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