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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Truly Offensive Video - UCLA Chancellor

This is why we need to cut off funding to the UC System. This is the chancellor of UCLA getting his panties in a bunch and pitting the entire UCLA campus and weight of the office of the Chancellor against one girl who made a video rant about Asians on cell phones in the library and overprotective Asian relatives. I sincerely wish I could prevent even one of my tax dollars from being used to fund the sorry, pathetic nursery school for adults that we refer to as "higher education".

Are Asians really so fragile that they will melt if they see a video that mentions Asians as a group? Does this mean that Asians never refer to other groups and make some sort of commentary, whether positive, negative or neutral? It has nothing to do with Asians, really, it is quite normal and natural for people from different cultures to notice behaviors and customs which are different from one's own and to comment on them. Sometimes the commentary will be favorable, sometimes it won't be - but it will always be, because it is human nature. Out of his blow-hole, he spouts off about diversity, then stands waiting with his club raised and ready to pummel anybody who notices aloud.

So why the ridiculous reaction from the Nanny In Charge? Because he is the real racist and bigot. His implicit assumption is that Asians are in need of his protection because they are too weak and feeble to be able to handle comments made by a young, blond girl having a bad day. He also believes that whites are bad, and that when one of them does something human, they need to be severely punished for it - and the punishment must exceed the alleged "crime" - which speaking one's mind is now at UC campuses, by a factor of 100 or so. Is the Governor going to beat up on this girl, too? Maybe the President will make his own video commentary and then the UN will call an emergency session.

This creature which supposedly represents the epitome of knowledge and education shows absolute contempt for American society - everybody's culture is revered and respected but our own - the American culture is unworthy of the same protection and is to be attacked and ridiculed as often as possible. People like this blow-hard Chancellor will not be satisfied until white Americans are at the bottom of the barrel, destitute and dependent.

I am not willing to fund my own destruction, and this mentality is pervasive throughout the public school system. There need not be any hostility between Asians, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics etc, but there will always be some sort of friction - at least as long as they insist on fanning the flames with their maniacal obsession with diversity. I have come to absolutely detest that word, even though I actually like the real thing.

Our entire system of public education has become a cesspool of leftist propaganda and an engine of destruction for this country. It needs to be allowed to crumble under its own destructive and subversive agenda - and until it does, it is simply a waste of money because the least of what it is doing is providing an education, or encouraging critical thinking. It seeks only to indoctrinate and further the world view of the pathetic losers who would otherwise starve to death were it not for taxpayer money.


This is certainly OK with the UCLA Chancellor: They even have courses at UCLA to encourage racism against whites.

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Justin said...

It's "scholars" like the UCLA Chancellor here that are so concerned about promoting diversity and tolerance, that he feels the need to address injustice wherever he sees it. While his message may be positive, I agree with you that it's a bit off, in that he doesn't need to be the one speaking. Speeches like this don't have any emotion in them, so there's no real call to action or sympathy emitted, just blank statement of disappointment.