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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

82% Of Illegal Alien Households In Los Angeles Get Some Sort Of Public Assistance

There is absolutely no way this state has a future if we do not get rid of the illegal aliens. If we do not, California will turn into Mexico, which most of Southern and Central California already are. For the sake of the state, I will never even consider voting for another bond, fee increase or tax increase, until the incompetent, cowardly, irresponsible to the point of negligent politicians step up and enforce the law and remove those with no right to be here, and severely punish those that hire them. I am sick of subsidizing the businesses that hire illegal aliens. I do not care if you have a business or not. In fact, I hope you  go bankrupt. You deserve it.

I will vote to put you in jail, and I will vote for anybody who is willing to stand up for law and order, our democracy and general fairness. We have laws for a reason. They are there to protect people, especially those people who do not have the financial resources to buy themselves the cushy coastal safety the constituents of  NIMBY politician Bill Monning have purchased for themselves. The poor, legal residents of California no longer have anybody to represent them in government. Once the purview of the democratic party, they have been utterly abandoned by the party which now caters to the liberal elite who have plenty of money, much of it inherited from mom and dad, (the biggest wealth transfer in world history occurred when the Great generation left their wealth to their baby boomer children).

Their concerns are not the same as those of the working class and the poor. They need to appear "socially conscious" which is the hot item to impress their friends and neighbors, but they are socially conscious in ways that do not adversely affect them, and which often involve exotic travel or keeping their immediate surroundings pristine (supporting environmental laws no matter the economic cost while hiring an illegal alien to clean their house and maintain their gardens). Their children do not attend public schools with metal detectors; they could pay the housing premium to get their children into the good public schools, or they sent their children to private school.

There are four boarding schools in Santa Barbara county with tuition of $40,000 per year or more and about half of the student population are local, yet Santa Barbara is one of the most liberal places around. See, the cost of real estate keeps the riffraff out and they do not care much about how many little black children die in Los Angeles because somebody forgot to turn the metal detector on.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know all about "keeping the riff-raff out" -- these liberals are hypocrites. Mary R.

Textbook Buyback Comparison said...

I totally agree with you. Hope the law still prevails. Please keep us posted about this.