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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bill Monning and The Dodger Stadium Beating

The man who was beaten to within an inch of his life by gang members is apparently from Santa Cruz, California. Bill Monning, the California Assembly Member representing Santa Cruz, California, was one of the SIX Assembly members who do not think the topic of criminal illegal aliens and the havoc they wreak in California is a topic worth discussing. A good percentage of the gang members are in the country illegally, and they are some of the most violent criminals around.

Furthermore, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, reports on this brutal attack without even mentioning that the perpetrators were Hispanic gang members. Dodger stadium is a dangerous place. Wearing colors of the opposing team have far greater significance when you introduce the gang mentality. Instead of harmless rivalry, which many baseball fans are used to, wearing the wrong color can cost you your life, as it has Bryan Stow.

Rich, Liberal, and Unharmed by their own liberal policies such as supporting illegal immigration. Others, who are regularly victimized by the imported criminal element and would like something done about it, are derided as ignorant racists and scoffed at. 
It is conceivable, that the media's insistence on politically correct reporting, could be downright dangerous to the subscribers. The residents who rely on the Santa Cruz Sentinel for their information, will not be told the true nature of this attack. Perhaps somebody else from Santa Cruz will attend a Dodgers game, and assuming that this incident was just a freak occurrence of a fan gone haywire, and not an extreme example of regular hostile behavior by the gangs. In Los Angeles, wearing the wrong color can get you killed. It is a direct result of the tolerance of illegal immigration.

Supporters of Bill Monning are busy gushing about Bill Monning's "basic human decency and integrity". Of course, they are not being shot to death, or beaten to a pulp by the ramifications of Bill Manning's so-called "basic human decency and integrity". The neighborhoods in Santa Cruz, Carmel, Scotts Valley, Saratoga, Morgan Hill are clean, pristine, and safe. They don't really think too much about what happens to the people who don't have $600 + to buy themselves the safety which they deny others and call it a sign of integrity.

Not the definition of integrity I learned - sounds more like hypocrisy, to me. (There was a time when people like these would be honest and join the Republican party and vote for law and order - instead of carving out a bit of the state for themselves that is kept nice and peaceful, while pretending they care about liberal ideals - which they probably theory. In practice, they quickly join the NIMBY party.) Perhaps this is why it says in the Bible that God can forgive anyone but hypocrites - they burn in HE double L.


Each year, California households alone pay an average of $1,183 EACH to provide health care, education, and incarceration to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. MinutemenHQ

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