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Friday, April 15, 2011

California Puts California Truckers Out Of Business & Obama Lets Mexican Truckers In?

Let me see, we have an enormous problem keeping Mexican drugs and Mexican illegal aliens out of the country, so the government decides to allow Mexican trucks transport goods from Mexico to destinations in the US? Not to mention that trucking is one profession which can't be exported to China, so instead our government - again "the party of the working class" finds cheap labor to bring here.

Meanwhile, here in California, stringent new environmental laws are forcing expensive retrofitting which will drive some California truckers right out of business. The Mexican trucks will not need to spend a dime on retrofitting their trucks - any improvements will be paid for by you and I, the US taxpayers, courtesy of our Federal government. That doesn't sound fair to me, and I know our Federal government can't afford it - not that this has ever stopped them before. Given the state of the economy, which is going from bad to worse:
Real Monthly Retail Sales Fell by 0.2% in March -  Fed’s Dollar Debasement Has Boosted Quarterly CPI Inflation to More than 5% - March Year-to-Year Consumer Inflation: 2.7% (CPI-U),  - 3.0% (CPI-W), - 10.2% (SGS) Source: Shadow Stats
Finally, Is this going to be another way American citizens can be victimized due to trucks in poor condition spewing exhaust all over the place and making the roads more dangerous? What happens when they cause accidents? High-tail it back to Mexico?

Stuff like this is why I joined the Tea Party, the other two parties just don't have the citizens in mind when they come up with their brilliant ideas.

Keep On Truck'n


PS - If Gavin Newsom wants to help California create jobs, he should stay in Texas. That should scare a few businesses back to California.

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Mary R. said...

Sorry state of affairs, indeed.