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Friday, April 22, 2011

Does Your Newspaper Tell You What George Soros Is Up To? Soros Attacks The Dollar And Those Who Use Them

George Soros is launching an attack on the Dollar because he doesn't like how the system works. In fact, he sees capitalism and the US as a hindrance to his plans for an open society. I am not going to go into detail, if you are interested you can read about George Soros' plan for you yourself.

He plans to have the US play "a less dominant role" in the grand scheme of global financial markets and the global economy. He and his gang think things are unfair and do not address inequalities.

In a nutshell, you are about to become a whole lot poorer and your way of life will change dramatically because one man with a ton of money wants it this way. He either controls the media, or they are on board with his plan, or they are just too stupid to recognize what is going on. I have no idea. Maybe they think you are to stupid to care, and maybe they are right because the same news media that failed to warn you about the events leading up to the financial crisis are now busy not warning you about the next disaster about to hit.

But you keep reading the same newspapers and listening to the same news programs anyway. They in turn have become adept in couching the news in a glorious shade of pink and making earth moving events seem harmless. Why did anybody even bother reporting what Standard & Poor said about the US Outlook? They are only 2 or 3 years late with that news, and I know this because I have been following the disintegration of the dollar and our way of life myself and watching very carefully who reports the truth and who ignores or trivializes key events.

Cancel your newspaper subscription and your cable TV. Darth Vader is here and busy setting in motion his evil plan, and he is doing it in complete obscurity and secrecy while you read about unimportant events in your stupidity papers. And by that I mean the New York Times, Los Angeles Times etc. Search those sites and see what you learn about what Soros is up to.

Soros held his little meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the same place similar talks were held in 1944 to hammer out the post-war financial system. Why is everybody just sitting back and letting one megalomaniac decide our future? Aren't we supposed to at least think we have a say in the governance of our future, or have we abdicated that now too?

Here is an ad for Safeway from 1944 - Look at what groceries cost back then . It is true you earned less, but when inflation hits, wages and salaries take years to catch up. Inflation is the secret tax - one which you will only see after the fact. The IRS publishes its tax rates for everyone to see. The Federal Reserve does not, and unless you analyze the reported data carefully, you have to rely on published statistics for measures of inflation. These are easily manipulated, to tell the story they want to tell. 

Front Page News In 1945 - A meeting of NATIONS - not billionaires with God Complex.

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rw kent said...

The man who still has the first gold filling taken from the first Jew taken by the Nazi. A self proclaimed God. And has in his possesion more than eleven tons of gold. This man should be excuted in front of a firing squad. assets frozen and accounts siezed. Let me tell you how I really feel. The antichrist with kinky ways. Totally twisted. And hates Americians but loves the land of freedom and liberty.