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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The ITIN - An IRS Number Issued To Foreigners - Regardless Of Immigration Status

A friend of mine alerted me to some funny things going on around the issuance and use of the IRS ITIN number. While researching her claims, which I will discuss in a future blog once I have researched them, I came across a document on the site that is interesting in its own right as it gives us some idea of the magnitude of illegal immigration in the US - as of 2003.

ITIN Statistics According to the IRS:

  • 7 million ITIN’s had been issued as of 2003
  • 1.5 million ITIN’s issued in 2005
ITIN Statistics by State According to the IRS: As of 2003 States ranked by largest ITIN issuance:
  • California  2,112,586
  • Texas 776,932
  • New York 394,000
  • North Carolina 334,000
I have often wondered where the often cited number of "10 - 12 million illegal aliens residing in the US" came from. That number is as of 2006, and my guess it is using this ITIN number as its source. This is, of course, assuming that all illegal aliens are savvy enough to fill out form W7 and apply for it. Note that the ITIN number eliminates the need to use a fraudulent Social Security number, so that group of people would have to be added to the total.

If box C is checked on form W7, it means that a person is here unlawfully for a period longer than 187 days, or 6 months.

At any rate, as of 2003, California had at least 2,112,586 illegal aliens. Given that the population of California increased by 10,000,000 over the 10 year period ending with the last census, and occasional mentions of  "more US citizens leaving California that moving to California" - I have not been able to find actual numbers - one has to wonder whether the illegal population of California isn't closer to 10 Million people.


Additional Interesting Facts: 1099 Issues (Note - this is for the state of North Carolina)

  • 2003 - 4,197 records for a 1099 being issued to a payee using an ITIN resulting in over $140 million in untaxed income
  • 2004 - 5,829 records for a 1099 being issued to a payee using an ITIN resulting in over $208 million in untaxed income
  • One N.C. payee received $1.4 million in 1099 income using ITIN.
  • 90 payees were found to be in the $215,000 to $600,000 income range

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